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Graham Salisbury's EYES OF THE EMPEROR (0385729715, $15.95) tells of a boy who lies about his age and joins the Army in Honolulu in 1941. When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Eddy Okubo finds he's viewed as the enemy by even the army. He and other Japanese American soldiers are given a terrifying job on a remote island where the meaning of courage and duty are sorely tested in this fast-paced story. Libba Bray's REBEL ANGELS (0385730292, $16.95) continues the story begun in A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY and is recommended for advanced young adult fans of the prior story. Set in Victorian times at a boarding school, it tells of Gemma's visions around Christmas time which predict danger in both enchanted realms and real world. Can she prevent disaster? High drama and complex fantasy create an involving continuation for older readers. Shelley Pearsall's CROOKED RIVER (0375823891, $15.95) is set in 182 when a white trapper is murdered and a young Indian is accused. Indian John awaits trial while teen Rebecca sleeps in the same house, afraid of the captive Indian in her own home: a fear which changes as she grows to understand the community's wrath and possible injustice. Laura Peyton Roberts' THE QUEEN OF SECOND PLACE (0385731620, $15.95) introduces Cassie, a sophomore who is tired of feeling second to every girl in school. Her determination to win newcomer Kevin will place her above many others--if she can compete with Sterling, who is used to getting her way. Alan Armstrong's WHITTINGTON (0375828648, $14.95) tells of a duck who runs a barn full of useless animals, a cat, Whittington, who seeks to join the crowd, and two orpaned grandkids who begun a daily reading tutorial led by cat Whittington, who provides installments of a legend begun in the times of the Black Death. A fun story evolves.
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Title Annotation:Eyes of the Emperor; The Rebel Angels; Crooked River; The Queen of Second Place; Whittington
Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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