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Random House/Delacorte/Knopf.

Random House/Delacorte/Knopf

1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

For summer leisure reading, Random House's group holds an impressive list indeed, packing in everything from mysteries to historical fiction and more. The modern covers of the reissued Trixie Beldon series will attract new audiences to books such as Trixie Beldon: The Msytery At Bob-White Cave by Kathryn Kenny (0375830510, $6.99), while the affordable price for a hardcover encourages library acquisition. Trixie and her Bob-White group find themselves deep in an Ozark cave searching for rare fish and even a real ghost. Jeff Stone's Tiger (0375830715, $15.95) is the first book in a projected 'Five Ancestors' series, so be forewarned. Kung-fu fans will find a welcome hero in young Fu, a pre-teen kung-fu master and one of five orphan monk brothers searching out the secrets of their past and a vanished scroll. Andreas Steinhofel's The Center Of The World (038572943X, $16.95) presents mature teens with the story of seventeen-year-old Phil, who has never known his own father and who is gay. Love, uncertain family ties and pressures, and betrayal are strong themes. Julie Shumacher's The Chain Letter (0385731-698, $15.95) tells of a girl who tears up a chain letter only to find her life faced with a series of disasters, from humiliation to the unwelcome new boyfriend of her mother. Her determination to break her run of sudden bad luck leads Livvie to investigate the originator of the chain letter in this absorbing story. Fans of fantasy will welcome the companion to Victoria Hanley's prior The Seer And The Sword and The Healer's Keep in her latest The Light Of The Oracle (0385750862, $15.95), which requires no prior familiarity with the others to prove satisfying. Bryn, a stonecutter's daughter, has visions nobody else can see: she enters a famous temple only to find her gifts make her a threat to those who abuse the Temple's purposes. A complex fantasy of good versus evil evolves. Lurlene McDaniel's Angels In Pink: Raina's Story (0385731674, $10.95) tells of friends who volunteer at a hospital and face changes in romanc and family ties as a result. Health issues blend more naturally with coming-of-age and life issues in McDaniel's latest. Melissa Lion's Upstream (0385746431, $15.95) tells of a small-town Alaska girl who must begin senior high by herself when something happens to her boyfriend Steven. A town secret threatens to explode in this riveting tale. Robert Newton Peck's Weeds In Bloom: Autobiography Of An Ordinary Man (037582801X, $15.95) will appeal to a vast audience of young adults who have enjoyed Peck's novels over the years and want to know more about the writer himself. Peck grew up on a small Vermont farm: his autobiography tells of his journey from Vermont to fighting in World War II, then to Florida where he searched out plain people and a simpler life. Joining others in the Edge Chronicles and recommended for prior fans if Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's latest Curse Of The Gloamglozer (0385750765, $12.95). Fantasy fans are introduced to Quint, son of a sky pirate captain who finds himself involved in his own adventure thriller. A fast-paced journey of discovery evolves as quickly as in the other Edge Chronicles adventures. Mark Peter Hughes' I Am The Wallpaper (0385732-414, $15.95) presents the frumpy younger sister of a very popular girl. Floey has always been in the background, but when her sister is suddenly married and out of the house, Floey decides a makeover is in order, seeking to change her personality and appearance--until problems arise. Hailey Abbott's The Bridesmaid (038573-2201, $7.95) also tells of marriage: this time it's the family's wedding planning business, and Abby wants no part of it until her sister Carol announces her marriage and wants Abby to be maid of Honor. Can Abby handle it? Iain Lawrence's The Convicts (038573087X, $15.95) is set in London's underworld and tells of a father in debtor's prison and a teen who sets out for revenge. Tom falls into bad ways and is accused of a murder he didn't commit in this engrossing story of London's dark past. Adele Geras' Other Echoes (0385750544, $15.95) comes from one Flora, convalescing in her English boarding school and writing of her childhood years in North Borneo. Her memories of an exotic place brings to life an unusual world and helps Flora come to terms with her new world. Julie Gonzalez's Wings (0385-732279, $15.95) tells of a teen who has always been convinced someday he'll fly. He can feel his wings wanting out--but when will they emerge? His faith in his flying abilities brings him into conflict with his family and the world.
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Title Annotation:Trixie Beldon: The Msytery At Bob-White Cave by Kathryn Kenny; Tiger; The Center Of The World; The Chain Letter; Keep in her latest The Light Of The Oracle; Angels In Pink: Raina's Story; Upstream; Weeds In Bloom: Autobiography Of An Ordinary Man; Curse Of The Gloamglozer; I Am The Wallpaper; The Bridesmaid; The Convicts; Other Echoes; Wings
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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