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Rancidity in Foods, 2d ed.

Rancidity in Foods. 2nd edition

The first edition was based on a Society of Chemical Industry symposium on rancidity that was held back in 1982. The aim of this present volume is to provide an up-to-date version of that text to be helpful to those involved in this field. This enlarged version covers industrial applications and provides information on the latest understanding of the mechanism of rancidity.

Like the last edition, this one divides into two parts and a couple of chapters have been added. Early chapters deal with the principles of rancidity, its assay, effects and prevention, whilst the later ones deal with rancidity in certain food-stuffs.

Besides the two editors, a further dozen contributors helped to update this text and each one has particular knowledge to impart. The actual titles run: The chemistry of rancidity in foods; Measurement of rancidity; Evaluation of oxidative rancidity techniques; Practical measures to minimise rancidity in processing and storage; The use of antioxidants; Natural antioxidants; Nutritional aspects of rancidity; Rancidity in cereal products; Rancidity in snack foods; Rancidity in creams and desserts; Prevention of rancidity in biscuits - some practical considerations; Rancidity in dairy products; Rancidity in confectionery products; and Rancidity in meats.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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