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Rancho releases 16-bit Plug and Play SCSI-2 adapter.

Rancho Technology, Inc., has released a new 16-Bit Plug and Play SCSI host adapter for the ISA bus, the RT1600E. This SCSI host adapter performs two modes of high-speed data transfers, one in PIO, the other in DMA. High speed is achieved using a 128-byte FIFO with string 1/0 commands. An EEPROM on the RT1600E retains the user's adapter configuration setup. Up to seven SCSI devices can be connected to each RT1600E host adapter.

The RT1600E host adapter includes peripheral support for fixed, Floptical, and removable disk drives. Operating system support includes MS-DOS, Windows, Chicago, Windows NT, OS/2, Novell NetWare, and SCO UNIX. An ASPI manager is provided for CD-ROM, Optical WORM, Magneto Optical, tape, and other peripherals. The RT1600E comes with automatic installation and configuration software. A configuration utility allows the user to manually change the host adapter setup.

The RT1600E has a single quantity price of $98 each. The RT1600E is available in a Multimedia CD-ROM Connection Kit, the RTKCD-16E, at a single quantity price of $108 each. The RTKCD-16E includes CorelSCSI! CD-ROM software. A full CorelSCSI! Version 2 kit, the RTKCS-16E, has a single quantity price of $119. Also, an All-In-One Kit version, the RTKAL-16E, is available at a single quantity price of $198. The All-In-One Kit includes full CorelSCSI! Version 2 and supports most SCSI peripheral types. Support is also included for Novell 3.x and 4.x, OS/2, and SCO UNIX. All of these kits include an RT1600E SCSI host adapter and a SCSI cable. All Rancho products feature a five year warranty.

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Title Annotation:Rancho Technology Inc.
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Date:Dec 1, 1994
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