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Ramp installation proves fruitful.

Summer Berry Company, a farming group renowned for its nurturing approach to growing and harvesting soft fruits, has become among the latest enterprises to improve it ogistics with the addition of THORWORLD INDUSTRIES' loading equipment Sourced via agent, _oading Bay Service, Summer Berry has bettered loading function at two of its locations; Kives Farm and Manor Farm in Chichester, West Sussex - in time to gather its propagated raspberry cane crop for over-winter protection. The annual process had room for improvement, as moving the delicate canes was considered time consuming with the potential for accidents, senior team leader, Ivo Spasov found a website for Thorworld Industries and contacted the manufacturer through its agent

From Ivo's requirements, Thorworld suggested the implementation of two, type 10, 7tonne mobile yard ramps.


Annual Buyers' Guide 2020

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Title Annotation:Industry Update
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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