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Ramadan is not an excuse to overindulge.

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Ramadan is not an excuse to overindulge

It is disconcerting and sad to see misleading writeups on Ramadan suggesting that it is a month of excessive food consumption

and feasting. Nothing could be farthest from the true spirit of fasting during the Holy Month.As one of the five pillars of the Muslim Faith, Fasting has been mademandatory by the Almighty Allah to ensure that the every Muslim experiences and appreciates the plight of those who are less endowed and hence encourages fellowship and piety towards them in sharing prosperity for the common good by the compulsory 2.5 per cent Zakat and other forms of charity and aid in cash and kind.It is an annual refresher course toAa ingrain the importance of prayers, to register our gratitude for all the bounties we are blessed with and remember that this life is just a temporary abode before the final destination of the Hereafter. It was during this Holy month of Ramadan that the message of the Holy Quran was completed. I wish everyone the Blessings of the Holy Ramadan.

Hamza Mukhtar


This is the time of the year when the Holy month of Ramadan begins with great devotion and joy. Also this has been a constant debatable topic regards to Ramadan timings followed in this country.Aa Can anybody enlighten me on the timings, etc ;

In case of non-adherence to the timings, which department should we approach and complain ; This is a request, if anyone knows about these (for all Emirates), please send your comments.

Timings seeker


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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Aug 31, 2008
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