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Ralston fought well on a Black Knight for Celts.

Byline: Micheal Gannon @SUNDAYMAILSPORT

There were two young lads who faced judgment this week. One ended up bubbling like a bairn in the dock, the other ended up laughing at the most expensive player in the world on the pitch.

Talk about a contrast.

A blootered 21-year-old heid-the-ball went in front of the beaks for stumbling on to the park and hopelessly attempting to boot Kylian Mbappe. The Tesco worker from Northern Ireland got the punishment he deserved.

But it would be extremely harsh to judge Anthony Ralston after PSG dished out the justice at Parkhead.

There has been plenty said about the eejit fan but also a fair amount of guff spouted about the Hoops prospect as well.

He shouldn't have grinned in Neymar's face, the po-faced brigade claimed. He's not done enough in the game to give it the Charlie Big Potatoes apparently.

Ralston should have been keeping his head down rather than trying to rouse the crowd.

That's not the punters saying it, that's the view from plenty of ex-players. They reckon you need to earn your stripes.

Gie's peace. Yes, the kid had a tough night.

Of course, Neymar won the battle. But Ralston is not the only full-back to feel the force of the Brazilian's ability and won't be the last.

Neymar chopped What was clear though, was he refused to hide. Unlike a few of his team-mates.

limbs came for more...

Fair play to the kid. There were times he was like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

'Tis flesh Neymar kept chopping limbs off and he kept coming back for more. 'Tis just a scratch, when an arm goes. Merely a flesh wound, when a leg is lopped off.

Come back here, I'll bite your legs off, when the lot were gone. All right, we'll call it a draw...

You can't fault Ralston's fighting spirit. Did the game come too soon for him? Probably. Will he be a better player for it? Too right.

Brendan Rodgers was right.

Neymar refusing to shake his hand at the end might have lacked class but it was a backhanded compliment. He knew he'd been in a game.

Ralston might one day look back and cringe a bit as there was no doubt there were times when he got a bit excited. But he will also be able to point to Tuesday night as the making of him.

The 18-year-old could play for another 18 years and not have a test like that. Every other game will be a breeze compared to the night PSG ran amok. The great thing about him though is he didn't look shellshocked after it. He felt like he belonged.

It might still be a while before he's a regular but Ralston's time will come. He's built like a bull and works like a Trojan.

He's like Kieran Tierney's angry wee brother. Unlike the grunt who embarrassed himself on the pitch, who was more like the halfwit cousin.

That stoater has landed his club in bother yet again and it's going to be a nervous wait to face the UEFA judges. Celtic are on thin ice with the powers that be and putting players in jeopardy is a whole new level of trouble. It's a good few levels above nasty banners in the crime stakes.

The constant stream of complaints coming out of Celtic games is eventually going to force UEFA into doing something drastic.

Peter Lawwell chose to shut the standing section before the beaks ordered it last time. He'll be hiding behind the couch this time, especially with Bayern Munich in town and the place already sold out.

The Parkhead chief has to hope the latest act of brazen stupidity is a penny-dropping moment.

The rest of the ground booed the clown as he got huckled away. The old boy who scudded him on the way out might not have made the smartest move either but it was a sign a lot of punters are fed up with the behaviour of some of their own.

Lawwell is fighting a losing battle with the neds who seem to take great delight in causing offence.

But the majority of fans don't want to be jeering or banjoing blootered buffoons. They want to be cheering for the young lad who gets knocked down by the world's best but picks himself up and gets back in the fight.

ice Neymar chopped limbs off, he came back for more... 'Tis merely a flesh wound


RALSTON gave Neymar game
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