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Raison D'etre. (Poetry).

Raison D'etre

'Tis our right'
to trod in public place,
judge you not 'our presence mal intent,
who casts remarks
disparaging and in vain,
grave implications rise
'mid heat and froth.

'Tis our will
to raise the status quo,
fend you not against prevailing view,
who stands betwixt
predestiny and faith,
grave condemnation stems
from patience end.

'Tis our pride
to strain for parallels,
dare you not
our quest for parity,
who strikes afoul
belligerent and rash,
grave altercation serves
to match resolve.

George Borden (Nova Scotia) is a previous winner of the Canadian League of Black Artists' poetry competition (1996-97), and has been writing for several years. His poems have appeared in several publications and anthologies including Fire On The Water, edited by George Elliott Clarke.
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Author:Borden, George
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 1999
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