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Raising the bar. (President's Message).

Since this issue profiles over 20 Appraisal Institute members who have raised the bar in business, volunteering, politics, innovations or in promoting the Appraisal Institute and the profession itself, I'd like to outline how the Appraisal Institute as an organization is setting trends and blazing trails.

Through new technology initiatives we have established a cutting-edge GD Directory of Members, enhanced our residential and commercial databases, and established Al DirectConnection, a member benefit that redefines what an appraisal management company can be.

The new Directory of Members allows clients to search for our members in ways they could not with the printed directory. Members can now be located by county, metropolitan statistical area, city and state. Also, the Internet version of the membership directory, find an appraiser, is accessible for round-the-clock updates ensuring that your contact information is always current This can be done by logging onto the members only side of the Web site at

The directory, which was mailed to thousands of potential clients and users of appraisal services-financial institutions, relocation companies, law firms and numerous other property-investment entities-demonstrates that we are leading the way in providing quality services across the country and internationally.

The residential and commercial data-bases, in conjunction with ENG and LopNet, continue setting the pace for comparables and workflow efficiency. The commercial database received enhancements in May that increases access to valuable market data including more detailed access to LoopNet listings and NRB Shopping Center Directory data.

Other initiatives include our work on the international standards, mark to market for financial reporting, establishment of the Centre for Advanced Property Economics and our work with the Strategic Alliances project team. The team, comprised of representatives from the major appraisal organizations, recently met in Denver to discuss ways the organizations can work together to strengthen the voice of the industry and reduce overlaps in services and products.

One step in increasing the voice of appraisers on Capitol Hill is the recent agreement between the Appraisal Institute and the American Society of Appraisers to share advocacy resources.

In the agreement, signed late-March, the Appraisal institute pledged to use its Washington, D.C., resources to provide representation on real estate issues the American Society of Appraisers is also interested in advocating. The Appraisal institute will keep the American Society of Appraisers involved in its monitoring of real estate-related federal agencies and legislative bodies in exchange for the American Society of Appraisers involving the Appraisal Institute in its ongoing dialogue with its various agency contacts, including the internal Revenue Service.

This is but one example of the synergies that can provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness for the industry.

By taking the lead in terms of technology advances, promotion of the designations, and using our resources in Washington, D.C., to advance the profession, the Appraisal institute is doing its part to define its members as the foremost source for real estate solutions in an increasingly complex world.

I am proud of the steps we've taken and of the members profiled herein. I wish you the best of luck in following their lead, or forging your own and I look forward to seeing you in Hawaii.
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Date:Mar 22, 2002
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