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Raising Bilingual-Biliterate Children in Monolingual Cultures.


Raising bilingual-biliterate children in monolingual cultures.

Caldas, Stephen J.

Multilingual Matters Ltd.


231 pages



Bilingual education and bilingualism; 57


Caldas (education, U. of Louisiana) presents a detailed case study of the French/English bilingual and biliterate development of his three children, from birth to late adolescence. Data were gathered over 19 years by the author--a French/English bilingual American--and his French Canadian wife, as the family shifted between academic years spent in Louisiana and summers in Quebec. The study offers significant coverage of the adolescent years--a period that has generallyreceived less attention in the literature on bilingualism--and adds to the body of knowledge about the role of language in the identity of children raised bilingually, how this compares for adolescents from minority and majority communities, and the construction of cultural identity in different language communities. For scholars, researchers, and interested parents. Distributed in the U.S. by UTP Distribution.

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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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