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Raining blood.

At the height of Slayer's popularity in 1991, America's George Senior started a war in Iraq-Operation Desert Storm. After weeks of build-up on the Kuwaiti border, our boys were sent into the desert (and the history books) as the only country to invade another country just to get one guy. It seemed so moronic. But all the posturing aside, what tape did General Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf crank to get the troops ready to meet the Promised Land?

Slayer. Kill or be killed.

Years later, another George is re-naming his dad's misdeed, but the music's probably techno this time around (more bpms). We're at war with an unknown enemy. Slayer is both Life and Death, and there's no wonder why their polished precision has stoked the embers to get the job done, whether it's some shitty mini-ramp in the middle of nowhere or back-lipping a whopper rail.

I like it early in the morning in distant lands, on late-night drives to far-away dreams. Slayer is a dark and bitter wine that gets more evil with age. Spirits in black 'til the end.
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Author:Phelps, Jake
Date:Feb 1, 2004
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