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Rainbow scarf: nothing feels as good as luxurious silk!

A hand painted silk scarf is something you will enjoy wearing or it will make a great gift for someone special.

Imagine it took twelve pounds of cocoons to produce one pound of silk! Silk scarves can be ordered easily and come pre-hemmed in either square or rectangular shapes and different sizes. White silk scarf blanks cost around one dollar, so don't let the word silk scare you and give it a try!


You will need an adult to help with some of this like ironing the silk to a piece of freezer paper to stabilize it while it is being painted.

Pre-hemmed white silk scarf
blank (9"X 54" is a good size to
start with)


Dye-Na-Flow fabric paint


Assorted brushes


Freezer paper slightly longer
than the scarf


Roll of paper towels



1. Iron wrong side of scarf to the shiny side of
freezer paper. Freezer paper has a plastic like
coating and when it is heated the scarf will stick
to it, making it easier to paint.


2. Lay the scarf on a flat surface making sure
that the surface is protected with a plastic drop


3. Dilute paint with water (about 50% paint to
50% water). You are making a wash for the
first layer of paint. You can use more or less
water to get the shade you want. NOTE: It's a
good idea to test your colors on a scrap piece
ric before you begin painting your scarf. Keep in mind that colors
appear to be several shades darker when they are wet.

4. Line your paints up placing them in order from light to dark.
For example start with yellow, orange, magenta, purple, and
blue. Start at one end of scarf and paint bands of each color
across the width of the scarf. Apply paint to silk with larger
brushes using broad sweeping strokes intentionally overlapping
the colors as you paint. When you overlap two colors, you create
a third color!

5. Once you have
painted your scarf, let it
dry completely. If you're
in a rush you can use a
hair dryer ... but not too

6. Mark making: Now
you are ready to paint
darker accents on top of
the dried surface. Using
a smaller brush and full
strength paint, add lines,
squiggles, dots, zig
zags, squares and any
kind of mark you can
think of.

7. Once you're finished, let
scarf dry before heat setting.

8. Have an adult iron the
back of your scarf for ten minutes
to heat set the colors.

You're done!

Product Information:

Dye-Na-Flow fabric Paint,

Jacquard Products

Telephone: 800 442-0455
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