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Etihad Rail completes excavation of all rail tunnels of Package D of Stage Two of rail network. Gavin Davids Nov 22, 2021 357
Etihad Rail completes tunnelling works for UAE rail network. Nov 21, 2021 433
5 THINGS OF INTEREST IN THE COLINTON VILLAGE; A slice of capital life.. every day in Scotland's favourite paper. Nov 9, 2021 175
Tavistock rail plans are given fresh impetus; GOVERNMENT FUNDING FOR BUSINESS CASE. DANIEL CLARK Nov 3, 2021 486
Rail station car-park plan approved. Oct 30, 2021 204
Pair of mentor and protege compete in building China-Laos Railways cross-border tunnel. Oct 22, 2021 718
Could underwater project connect the UAE and India? Oct 1, 2021 330
Tram route to close while old tunnel is fixed. NEAL KEELING @NEALKEELINGMEN Sep 1, 2021 415
The 'miracle' tunnel hit by disaster and tragedy. CHRIS PICKLES @examiner Aug 10, 2021 450
Grounded in truth: With elements of magical realism and even science fiction, The Underground Railroad paints a picture of slavery with historical roots. Collum, Danny Duncan Jul 30, 2021 895
CCECC completes rail tunnel excavation work linking Dubai and Fujairah. Jason Saundalkar Jul 29, 2021 230
CCECC completes rail tunnel excavation work linking Dubai and Fujairah. Jason Saundalkar Jul 29, 2021 211
Work completed on 1.8-km-long Dubai-Fujairah rail tunnel. Jul 28, 2021 214
Bid to use relief lines to boost train services. Sion Barry Business editor Jul 2, 2021 1047
Kaliwa Dam excavation to start in December. Jun 7, 2021 753
The 'secret' underground tunnels beneath our feet. ALEX GREEN Jun 3, 2021 821
ECRL Terowong Dungun breaks through six months ahead of schedule, says Malaysia Rail Link chairman. Jun 2, 2021 330
Israel intensifies assault on Gaza 'metro' tunnels. May 14, 2021 234
Turning Alexandria's Abou Qir rail line into underground metro line to begin in 2022. Egypt Today staff May 14, 2021 200
HS2 rail tunnels get under way. May 13, 2021 347
Huge tunnelling machine ready to begin HS2 work. JOHN CORSER May 13, 2021 287
Approval for shelter to protect coastal railway line. May 6, 2021 432
Malaysia-China joint train project sees 1st tunnel breakthrough. Apr 9, 2021 197
ECRL: First tunnel breakthrough six months ahead of schedule, says chairman. Apr 9, 2021 335
50 killed in train tunnel horror. ANN WANG Apr 3, 2021 184
At least 48 dead as Taiwan train derails in tunnel. Apr 2, 2021 658
PS37.4m backing for latest part of plan to protect coastal line. Mar 25, 2021 399
Egypt to launch global tender to implement 1st metro project in Alexandria. Egypt Today staff Mar 22, 2021 363
Construction on underground section of Nhen-Ha Nei Station railway to start in May. Mar 16, 2021 311
Tunnels could reopen with cycle path plans. SAM JONES @SJONESREPORTER Mar 12, 2021 520
Boris Johnson unveils air duty and Irish Sea tunnel plans. Mar 11, 2021 333
FECON kicks off tunnel boring for Ha Nei railway project. Mar 8, 2021 243
Call to ditch Ireland rail tunnel plan. Mar 6, 2021 223
Call to ditch Ireland rail tunnel plan. Mar 6, 2021 223
Plan to protect rail line from rocks will add to sea defence. DANIELCLARK Local Democracy Reporter @HEDANIELCLARK Mar 4, 2021 560
Boris Johnson to announce plans to upgrade Scottish port route and cut UK air passenger duty; Boris Johnson is set to unveil a major plan to boost transport links all over Scotland, with a proposal to improve rail links and cut UK air passenger duty. Alexander Brown and Alastair Dalton Mar 3, 2021 923
Swampy leaves HS2 Euston tunnel protest. Feb 26, 2021 199
Swampy and two HS2 protesters leave tunnel network. Feb 26, 2021 292
HS2 activist removed from tunnel. PIPPA ARMSTRONG Feb 23, 2021 383
HS2 activist removed from tunnel. PIPPA ARMSTRONG Feb 23, 2021 383
PROPOSAL FOR NEW IRISH SEA RAIL LINK; Plans for trains direct to Northern Ireland. STUART GILLESPIE Feb 19, 2021 671
Ice work if you can get it ... Network clear the locomotive pass Standedge; rail engineers remove potentially dangerous icicles from historic tunnel. NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9 Feb 12, 2021 437
Government officials witness the arrival of the Cutter Head of KAUNLARAN Tunnel Boring Machine No. 1 that will be utilized for the Metro Manila Subway Project. Feb 8, 2021 1044
Lego? Nah, they're tunnel borers for your Metro Manila Subway. Feb 5, 2021 203
Works for Metro Manila Subway may start soon as 74-ton cutter head from Japan arrives. Feb 5, 2021 331
'Drop dead,' Roque tells Duterte critics, as tunnel boring machine for subway arrives. Feb 5, 2021 505
British Steel claims two world firsts as revolutionary rail follows huge investment; WONDER PRODUCT ZINOCO UPGRADED FIVE YEARS ON FROM INITIAL RELEASE. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister Feb 3, 2021 329
OUR AIR SUPPLY IS RUNNING OUT; SCOTS CAMPAIGNERS 'IN DANGER' Dad fears HS2 workers' eviction tactics could kill his kids in tunnel ??Activist warns that the oxygen levels are low as stand-off goes on. MOIRA KERR Feb 1, 2021 660
OUR AIR SUPPLY IS RUNNING OUT; Fear of HS2 protesters in tunnel. MARTIN FRICKER and MILO BOYD Feb 1, 2021 431
'Britain's Greta Thunberg' -- teenage HS2 tunnel protester is Scottish laird's daughter; Blue Sandford, 18, is currently 'on strike' from her studies as she protests the high-speed railway line from an underground tunnel beneath London's Euston Station. By, Martin Fricker & Martin Fricker Jan 31, 2021 637
100ft tunnel dug under HS2 rail line. Jan 28, 2021 170
Tunnel toll freeze likely, leaders say; COVID 'UNKNOWNS' MAKE IT BEST OPTION. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Jan 14, 2021 497
Forth rail tunnel idea should not be dismissed out of hand - Scotsman comment; It's an idea that may strike some as comically grandiose: a railway tunnel under the Firth of Forth to link Fife with Leith. Scotsman comment Jan 13, 2021 359
[pounds sterling]6 billion Forth rail tunnel between Kirkcaldy and Leith proposed by Greens; Plans for a nine-mile "game changer" tunnel under the Forth have been announced by the Scottish Greens as part of a [pounds sterling]22 billion scheme to transform the country's rail network. Alastair Dalton Jan 12, 2021 1083
ARCH VILLAINS; Fury as 480 historic railway structures face wrecking ball. EXCLUSIVE BY JOHN SIDDLE Jan 10, 2021 394
FROZEN 2 Tax and tunnel fees to remain the same; METRO MAYOR HOPES TO GIVE STRUGGLERS A CASH BOOST. LIAM THORP Political Editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Jan 7, 2021 409
Down below Leigham; LOOTURNING THKE BIACKN PLYMOGUTH BACK A long-abandoned city railway tunnel could be restored, as CHRIS ROBINSON explains. Jan 5, 2021 457
Experimental Study on Stiffness Softening of Soil-Rock Mixture Backfill under Metro Train Cyclic Load. Zhong, Zuliang; Zou, Hong; Hu, Xiangxiang; Liu, Xinrong Report Jan 1, 2021 5151
Development and Application of the 3D Model Test System for Water and Mud Inrush of Water-Rich Fault Fracture Zone in Deep Tunnels. Guo, Yanhui; Kong, Zhijun; He, Jin; Yan, Ming Jan 1, 2021 9211
Analysis of Propagation Characteristics for Various Subway Tunnel Scenarios at 28GHz. Wang, Chengjian; Ji, Wenli; Zheng, Guoxin; Saleem, Asad Jan 1, 2021 6547
Pasternak Model-Based Tunnel Segment Uplift Model of Subway Shield Tunnel during Construction. Tao, Xiang-Ling; Su, Yun-He; Zhu, Qi-Yin; Wang, Wen-Long Jan 1, 2021 5068
Field Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Train-Induced Vibration from a Metro Tunnel in Soft Deposits. Huang, Qiang; Li, Pan; Zhang, Dongming; Huang, Hongwei; Zhang, Feng Jan 1, 2021 8898
Analysis of Three-Dimensional Vibration Characteristics of Single-Circle Double-Track Subway Tunnel under Moving Load. Dai, Chunquan; Yang, Mengying; Wang, Quanlei; Yang, Tingzhi; Jiang, Kun Report Jan 1, 2021 6377
Study on Sensitivity Parameters Analysis of Grouting Reinforcement Underpassing Existing Subway Tunnel by Numerical Modeling. Hu, Zaiqiang; Ma, Bin; Chen, Xingzhou; Chen, Lili Jan 1, 2021 5532
Study on Deformation Law of Subway Construction under Passing Existing Line in Short Distance. Luo, Cong-Shuang; Cheng, Yi-Hong; Bai, Zhe; Shen, Tong; Wu, Xu-Yang; Wang, Qing-Guo Report Jan 1, 2021 5188
Intelligent Early Warning System for Construction Safety of Excavations Adjacent to Existing Metro Tunnels. Tian, Wei; Meng, Jiang; Zhong, Xing-Ju; Tan, Xiao Jan 1, 2021 5662
Stability Analysis of TBM Tunnel Undercrossing Existing High-Speed Railway Tunnel: A Case Study from Yangtaishan Tunnel of Shenzhen Metro Line 6. Zhao, Mingji; Cheng, Yun; Song, Zhanping; Wang, Tong; Zhang, Yuwei; Gong, Yitong; Song, Yuncai Case study Jan 1, 2021 8877
Construction Sequence Optimization and Settlement Control Countermeasures of Metro Tunnels Underpassing Expressway. Zhang, Chengzhong; Zhang, Qiang; Pei, Ziming; Song, Zhanping; Wang, Junbao Jan 1, 2021 8659
The Environmental Effects Induced by a Metro Shield Tunnel Side-Crossing on Adjacent Pile Foundations and Its Impact Partition. Hu, Hui; Zhu, Yimo; Zhang, Gang; Zhang, Heng; Tu, Peng Jan 1, 2021 6521
Characteristics of Karst Cave Development in Urban Karst Area and Its Effect on the Stability of Subway Tunnel Construction. Xue, Fei; Cai, Minjun; Wang, Tianzuo; Zhao, Tongyang Jan 1, 2021 6769
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Tunnel Face Based on Multiple Images. Qiu, Wenge; Jian, Liao; Cheng, Yunjian; Bai, Hengbin Jan 1, 2021 6050
Optimization of Construction Parameters and Deformation Characteristics of Large-Section Loess Tunnel: A Case Study from Xi'an Metro. Zhao, Mingji; Cheng, Yun; Song, Zhanping; Wang, Tong; Zhang, Yuwei; Liulian, Baichao Case study Jan 1, 2021 11762
Characteristics of the In Situ Stress Field and Engineering Effect along the Lijiang to Shangri-La Railway on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau, China. Chai, Chunyang; Ling, Sixiang; Wu, Xiyong; Hu, Ting; Sun, Dai Jan 1, 2021 6893
Numerical Analysis of the Mud Inflow Model of Fractured Rock Mass Based on Particle Flow. Pan, Yongjian; Wang, Huajun; Zhao, Yanlin; Liu, Qiang; Luo, Shilin Jan 1, 2021 5470
Analysis on Treatment Effect of Mine Tunnel Construction Spring in Karst Area. Liu, Bocheng; Ye, Wenlong; Zhu, Chunming; Chen, Ran; Huang, Songxian; Ni, Xiaodong Jan 1, 2021 5325
Deformation Characteristics of Existing Twin Tunnels Induced by Double Shield Undercrossing with Prereinforcement: A Case Study in Hangzhou. Wei, Xinjiang; Zhang, Mobao; Ma, Shaojun; Xia, Chang; Liu, Xingwang; Ding, Zhi Case study Jan 1, 2021 7921
Influence of Utility Tunnel on the Lower Part of the Existing Double-Track Shield Tunnel in Loess Soil. Yang, Min; Li, Hongru; Li, Ning; Yang, Shun Jan 1, 2021 7005
Health Monitoring System with Hybrid Laser Sensor Networks and Cloud Computing for Subway Tunnels. Zhu, Fu-guang; Xu, Dong-sheng; Tan, Rui-shan; Peng, Bin; Huang, He; Liu, Zhuo-wen Jan 1, 2021 6919
Performance of a Large-Scale Excavation by Bottom-Up Technique in Hangzhou Soft Clay. Xu, Ri-qing; Zhu, Yi-hong; Ding, Pan Jan 1, 2021 4877
Development of Optic-Electric Hybrid Sensors for the Real-Time Intelligent Monitoring of Subway Tunnels. Zhu, Fu-guang; Xu, Dong-sheng; Tan, Rui-shan; Peng, Bin; Huang, He; Liu, Zhuo-wen Jan 1, 2021 4813
Analysis of the Mechanical Characteristics of Different Track Bed Types in Heavy-Haul Railway Tunnels. Li, Ziqiang; Huang, Weiwei; Xu, Zhifan; Tang, Xiao; Wang, Mingnian; Yu, Li; Li, Zheng Jan 1, 2021 6849
Research on the Mechanism of the Influence of Earthquake-Induced Landslides on the Stress and Deformation Characteristics of Tunnel. Zhang, Yufang; Liu, Hongyu; Li, Jian; Huang, Qidi; Ma, Xianjie; Li, Wei Jan 1, 2021 4523
Stability Assessment of Ground Surface along Tunnels in Karst Terrain Using Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation. Zhang, Kai; Zhou, Zelin; Chen, Shougen Jan 1, 2021 7251
Fire Propagation in Rail Environments. Persson, Emil; Liu, Xinhe (Lily) Jan 1, 2021 3500
Fire Detection and Ventilation Response in Rail Tunnels. Calado, Andre Jan 1, 2021 4178
Light at end of tunnel after tumultuous year for Metro? From new fleet joy to mothballing talks - local democracy reporter DANIEL HOLLAND on how the Metro's 40th birthday became its most dramatic. Dec 31, 2020 995
Scotland-Ireland link ridiculed as 'fantasy tunnel across an unexploded ammunition dump'; The SNP has rubbished the High Speed Rail Group (HSRG) backing a proposed Scotland-Ireland link as "a fantasy tunnel across an unexploded ammunition dump". Alastair Dalton Dec 31, 2020 638
First tunnel boring machine for metro line construction installed. Dec 30, 2020 421
Forgotten story of the first Severn Tunnel - a tale of disaster and attempted murder. Dec 16, 2020 1666
Incredible story of the the first Severn Tunnel - which ended in disaster. JANET HUGHES Dec 15, 2020 1727
Work on Midland HS2 tunnel well under way. Dec 10, 2020 352
Monster tunnelling machines arrive to dig out HS2 line. Dec 8, 2020 327
Monster tunnelling machines arrive to dig out HS2 line. Dec 8, 2020 327
Border trade to boost country's economy: minister. Dec 6, 2020 271
Israeli project wins big at ITA Tunneling award. Dec 5, 2020 416
Orascom-Mitsubishi consortium wins $800m Cairo metro contract. Dec 1, 2020 356
Ghost line reborn as light rail test tunnel. JORDAN COUSSINS News Reporter Nov 30, 2020 396
Pioneering rail project on track as work gathers pace. Nov 25, 2020 187
Modernisation of historic Glasgow Subway boosted by new five-year contract; A five-year contract has been awarded as part of the modernisation of Glasgow's subway system. Scott Reid Nov 18, 2020 386
Bangladesh seeks Korean finance for its 1st subway. Nov 14, 2020 1060
Early in 2021: Alexandria's tramway to be transformed into metro line. Egypt Today staff Nov 9, 2020 189
Egypt, France mull boosting transport cooperation. MENA Oct 14, 2020 560
ACCIONA explains how TBM's will change the industry. Sep 10, 2020 1155
VIDEO: Work progresses on Package D & A of Etihad Rail project. Disha Dadlani Sep 8, 2020 387
DOTr accepts first 2 tunnel boring machines for P355-B Subway Project. Sep 6, 2020 345
Metro Manila subway project 'early Christmas gift' to Filipinos - Tugade. Sep 5, 2020 648
Switzerland opens link from northern Europe to the Med via Alps tunnel. Reuters News Service Sep 4, 2020 349
Experimental Study on Characteristics of Seismic Damage and Damping Technology of Absorbing Joint of Tunnel Crossing Interface of Soft and Hard Rock. Wang, Dao-yuan; Yuan, Jin-xiu; Cui, Guang-yao; Liu, Jia; Wang, Hong-fan Aug 31, 2020 6359
Seismic Response Study of Tunnels Running underneath a Subway Station in Parallel. Sun, Fuxue; Wang, Guo-bo; Peng, Xiang-jun; Jin, Zhou-zhou; Li, Xiao-chun; Zhao, Jie-lin Aug 31, 2020 6749
Study of the Construction Sequence of Overlapping Tunnels by the Shield Tunneling Method: A Case Study of the Longest Overlapping Tunnel in China. Yang, Zhiyong; Ding, Yaowen; Jiang, Yusheng; Fang, Kuanda; Dong, Linwei; Qi, Weiqiang; Wei, Zheng Case study Aug 31, 2020 4974
Risk Mitigation and Construction Control for Effective Underwater Recovery of an EPB Shield: A Case Study of the First Metro Tunnel in Tel Aviv. Qi, Weiqiang; Yang, Zhiyong; Jiang, Yusheng; Liu, Zhiyong; Guo, Yinxin; Yang, Xing Case study Aug 31, 2020 8191
3rd batch of new air-conditioned metro trains to arrive in Sept. from South Korea. Egypt Today staff Aug 27, 2020 208
Egypt raises metro ticket prices to cover commute deficit. Egypt Today staff Aug 18, 2020 547
HS2 machines Cecilia and Florence will excavate deep underground to dig 10-mile tunnel for railway; The 2,000-tonne contraptions have been built by specialist firm Herrenknecht in the small town of Schwanau, south-west Germany. By, Neil Lancefield, PA & Brett Gibbons Aug 11, 2020 492
1958 AUGUST; Lone Ranger rides in to traffic chaos, railway posters prove too steamy, boy's tunnel walk terror and much more made the news 62 years ago this week. Aug 10, 2020 863
Egypt plans to invest LE3.5B in Cairo 4th metro line construction in FY2020/21. Egypt Today staff Aug 4, 2020 154
Estimation of Rock Burst Grades Using Rock Mass Strength. Wang, Yalei; Xu, Jinming; Xu, Junshuai; Zhong, Chuanjiang Jul 31, 2020 8703
Deformation Characterisation and Distress Diagnosis of a Metro Shield Tunnel by Adjacent Constructions. Liu, Ting-jin; Chen, Si-wei; Liu, Hong-yuan Jul 31, 2020 7694
Phenomenon and Critical Conditions of Chamber Soil Sliming during EPB Shield Tunneling in Water-Rich Weathered Diorite: Case Study of Jinan Metro, China. Wang, Lu; Zhu, Wei; Qian, Yongjin; Xu, Chao; Hu, Jiannan; Xing, Huitang Jul 31, 2020 9511
Properties and Applications of a New Chemical Grouting Material. Yang, Xiaohua; Zheng, Kunlong; Xu, Lixiao; Liu, Nieyangzi Jul 31, 2020 6902
Bayesian Approach for Sequential Probabilistic Back Analysis of Uncertain Geomechanical Parameters and Reliability Updating of Tunneling-Induced Ground Settlements. Li, Cong; Jiang, Shui-Hua; Li, Jinhui; Huang, Jinsong Jul 31, 2020 7402
Distribution Features of the Minimum Rock Cover Thickness of the Surrounding Rock Self-Stability of the Metro Tunnel in the Soil-Rock Dualistic Stratum. Zhang, Ziguang; Xu, Tao; Cao, Guangyong; Liu, Xiaofeng Jul 31, 2020 6833
Dynamic Response of Composite Steel Lining Structure under Blast Loading. Desen, Kong; Yu, Xu; Cheng, Song Jul 31, 2020 5089
Study on Long-Term Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Degradation Law of Sandstone under Freeze-Thaw Cycle. Qingsong, Pu; Junhong, Huang; Fuling, Zeng; Yi, Luo; Xinping, Li; Jixue, Zhou; Shilong, Zheng Report Jul 31, 2020 4994
This could be light at end of the tunnel - at last - for our rail woes; More cordial relations and PS600m towards Transpennine upgrade bode well for future. WILLIAMS ON SUNDAY JENNIFER WILLIAMS THE M.E.N.'S AWARD-WINNING POLITICAL AND INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR Jul 26, 2020 936
MWSS completes new Angat tunnel to improve metro water supply. Jul 6, 2020 386
MWSS reports completion of P3.29-billion Angat tunnel project. Jul 6, 2020 428
New Angat tunnel improves metro water supply, says MWSS. Jul 6, 2020 497
Treatment and Effect of Loess Metro Tunnel under Surrounding Pressure and Water Immersion Environment. Wang, Lixin; Li, Chenghan; Qiu, Junling; Wang, Ke; Liu, Tong; Li, Heng Jun 30, 2020 8451
Structural Damage of Subway Tunnel Buried Shallowly in Silt Layer under Soil Mound Loading. Liu, Xue-Zeng; Sang, Yun-Long; Xin, Li-Min; Shi, Gang; Wu, Jian-Xun Jun 30, 2020 4591
Correlation Effects of Near-Field Seismic Components in Circular Metro Tunnels: A Case Study--Tehran Metro Tunnels. Amrei, Seyed Amin Razavian; Vahdani, Reza; Gerami, Mohsen; Amiri, Gholamreza Ghodrati Case study Jun 30, 2020 6832
Dynamic Analysis of Metro Train-Monolithic Bed Track System under Tunnel Differential Settlement. Jiang, Jiqing; Dong, Beibei; Ding, Zhi; Wei, Gang; Zhang, He; Liao, Juan Jun 30, 2020 6206
Faro 3D scanner accomplishes detailed urban tunnel monitoring. Jun 8, 2020 1323
Homeowner loses court battle over scheme to build tunnels for HS2. ALISON KIRSHAW Jun 6, 2020 509
Homeowner loses court battle over scheme to build tunnels for HS2. ALISON KIRSHAW Jun 6, 2020 509
Siemens Energy to power Cairo Metro Line 3 expansion. Jun 4, 2020 477
Experimental Study on Deformation Mechanism of a Utility Tunnel in a Ground Fissure Area. Zhang, Dan; Hu, Zhiping; Lu, Ganggang; Wang, Rui; Ren, Xiang May 31, 2020 5881
Geological Type Recognition by Machine Learning on In-Situ Data of EPB Tunnel Boring Machines. Zhang, Qian; Yang, Kaihong; Wang, Lihui; Zhou, Siyang May 31, 2020 6531
Breathtaking stretch of elevated railway in E. Taiwan completed. May 28, 2020 216
PARK AND HIDE; End of the road for classic cars when tunnel fall ruined garage. Aaron Sharp FEATURES EDITOR EXCLUSIVE May 17, 2020 475
Classic cars destroyed as Victorian rail tunnel collapses on rare vehicle collection; EXCLUSIVE Photos of the graveyard for motors reveal at least ten classic vehicles left to rust away after disaster struck. By, Aaron Sharp May 16, 2020 551
Disinfectant tunnel unveiled at Nairobi Railway Station. Apr 30, 2020 315
Key tunnel of China-Laos railway drilled through: constructor. Apr 29, 2020 259
Cuomo hails opening of the L train tunnel amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Apr 29, 2020 373
Housing plans turned down over train vibration concern; Noise from railway could have "significant impact on residents", council officers say in report. Apr 20, 2020 321
Hundreds back plan to reopen railway tunnel. SARAH HUGHES Apr 20, 2020 665
Tunnel on China-Laos railway completed. Apr 19, 2020 173
Hundreds take part in tunnel consultation. SARAH HUGHES Reporter Apr 13, 2020 666
All 47 tunnels completed on 435-km Lhasa-Nyingchi railway. Apr 7, 2020 186
Observed Ground Pressure Acting on the Lining of a Large-Diameter Shield Tunnel in Sandy Stratum under High Water Pressure. Li, Xue; Zhou, Shunhua; Di, Honggui Mar 31, 2020 5217
Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Ground and Subgrade Vibrations of Beijing Urban Rail Line 13. Wang, Futong; Yan, Leilei; Jiang, Qi; Tao, Xiaxin Mar 31, 2020 7701
Modelling Ambient Vibration Responses Induced by Operation of Metro Train on Curved Rail Segment with Small Curvature Radius. Pan, Bo; Zhang, Wei; Zheng, Shuai; Zhou, Ming-liang; Zhao, Chun-fa; Spencer, Billie F., Jr. Mar 31, 2020 6715
Study on Construction Influence of Shield Tunnel of Urban Rail Transit on Large-Section Mining Tunnel. Zhang, Junru; Ye, Lun; Yan, Congwen; Yan, Bo; Wei, Pengru; Feng, Jimeng Mar 1, 2020 9254
A Comparative Study of Protective Schemes for Shield Tunneling Adjacent to Pile Groups. Li, Penglin; Lu, Yuquan; Lai, Jinxing; Liu, Houquan; Wang, Ke Report Mar 1, 2020 8542
Subway works delayed again by 10 months. Feb 25, 2020 1262
Philippines' 1st subway system 'on track'. Feb 25, 2020 459
Metro subway drilling set to start in Q3. Feb 25, 2020 367
Light at end of the tunnel in Metro dispute; BOSSES AND UNIONS ARE CLOSE TO A DEAL - AGAIN. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Feb 20, 2020 440
Subway works at standstill since realigned to fault line. Feb 14, 2020 933
No light at the end of disused railway tunnel; 550-yard stretch under town was bricked up after closure in 1960s. TOBY NEAL Feb 3, 2020 579
No light at the end of disused railway tunnel; 550-yard stretch under town was bricked up after closure in 1960s. Feb 3, 2020 576
Underworld; 4,300ft 'El Chapo' drug tunnel into US with railway, drains & ventilation. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jan 31, 2020 252
A DRUG-smuggling tunnel nearly a [...]; 4,300ft 'El Chapo' drug tunnel into US with railway, drains & ventilation. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Jan 31, 2020 252
US officials find longest Mexico tunnel. Reuters News Service Jan 30, 2020 406
UK in slow lane of major rail schemes; LETTERS. Jan 28, 2020 232
China completes longest undersea subway tunnel. Jan 21, 2020 137
Blow to hopes of bigger trains on Six Nations days. rhodri clark Reporter Jan 20, 2020 702
Electrified line delays hit plans for Six Nations trains boost. RHODRI CLARK Reporter Jan 20, 2020 701
Talk on Standedge tunnels. Jan 15, 2020 163
Revised estimate puts cost of new Gateway Tunnel at $9.5 billion. Jan 15, 2020 517
RTA drones to inspect Dubai Metro tunnels. Jan 12, 2020 405
RTA starts trialing drones to inspect Dubai Metro tunnels. Giorgia Guantario Jan 12, 2020 465
RTA starts a trial-run of drones, nanotechnology at Dubai Metro. Anup Oommen Jan 12, 2020 428
Perle Launches IRG5000 LTE Routers for Railway Deployments. Jan 11, 2020 476
RTA starts drone trials to inspect Dubai Metro tunnels. Staff Report Jan 11, 2020 473
Metro Mayor to freeze tunnel tolls. Jan 9, 2020 480
Dynamic Responses of Soils around a One-Hole Double-Track Tunnel with the Metro Train Meeting. Pan, Bo; Zhang, Wei; Cao, Jianqiu; Ma, Xueyong; Zhou, Mingliang Jan 1, 2020 5523
Prototype Experimental Investigation of the Failure Mechanism and Crack Propagation of Segment Lining for Staggered Jointed Assembly. Cao, Songyu; Feng, Kun; Liu, Xun; Xiao, Mingqing; He, Chuan; Li, Ce Jan 1, 2020 7834
Seismic Acceleration Spectrum of Ground Surface under Urban Subway Tunnels with Circular Cross Sections in Soil Deposits Based on SSI. Fakhriyeh, Hamed; Vahdani, Reza; Gerami, Mohsen Dec 31, 2019 8984
Field Experimental Study on the Broken Rock Zone of Surrounding Rock and the Rock Borehole Shear Tests of the Large Deformation Tunnel. Han, Guansheng; Meng, Bo; Jing, Hongwen; Wu, Jiangyu Report Dec 31, 2019 4438
Research on Coupling Degree Model of Safety Risk System for Tunnel Construction in Subway Shield Zone. Pan, Haize; Gou, Jing; Ren, Zihong Wan Chuxuan; Chen, Mengjie; Gou, Tangqiao; Luo, Zhenhua Dec 31, 2019 12431
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 237
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 237
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 233
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 237
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 237
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 237
Here is the story of the first London Underground line; It still exists to this day. Lea Nakache Dec 28, 2019 233
The story of the 150-year-old abandoned London Underground Tube line; The Tower Subway runs under the Thames by the Tower of London and still lies abandoned underneath the city. nechronicle Dec 20, 2019 367
Rail Baltic reveals first visuals of future infrastructure. Dec 9, 2019 418
Influence of Water Inrush from Excavation Surface on the Stress and Deformation of Tunnel-Forming Structure at the Launching-Arrival Stage of Subway Shield. Lv, Shusheng; Liu, Wen; Zhai, Shihong; Chen, Peishuai Nov 30, 2019 9900
Physical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of the Seismic Responses of Metro Tunnel near Active Ground Fissures. Liu, Nina; Lu, Quanzhong; Li, Jun; Peng, Jianbing; Fan, Wen; Liu, Weiliang Nov 30, 2019 5643
West End could still get Metro link, says Nexus. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Nov 12, 2019 492
Cranfield and Network Rail launch supply chain and logistics educational partnership. Nov 12, 2019 818
Metros may still be on track for city's West End; ...despite fears new scheme could scupper it. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter @danhollandnews Nov 12, 2019 523
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Market Growth Propelled By Increase In Expenditure On Railway And Road Infrastructure Till 2028 / Million Insights. Nov 11, 2019 818
Safety Distance of Shotcrete Subjected to Blasting Vibration in Large-Span High-Speed Railway Tunnels. Li, Ao; Zhang, Dingli; Fang, Qian; Luo, Jiwei; Cao, Liqiang; Sun, Zhenyu Oct 31, 2019 7323
Model Test Study on the Antibreaking Technology of Reducing Dislocation Layer for Subway Interval Tunnel of the Stick-Slip Fracture. Cui, Guang-Yao; Wang, Xue-Lai Report Oct 31, 2019 3875
Metro passengers will have to wait for underground 4G connection as Nexus confirm delays; Nexus is working with EE to roll out 4G across the network but it is going to take longer than expected. Sean Seddon Oct 24, 2019 231
Hyundai Rotem to deliver train sets for Cairo Metro in June 2021. Hagar Omran Oct 12, 2019 896
'Partial operation' of subway won't work, experts say. Oct 10, 2019 1126
Israel removes border camera after UNIFIL intervention. Oct 3, 2019 367
Tenenti: Israeli camera removed from entrance of railway tunnel in. Oct 2, 2019 126
Station upgrade and hourly link to London among railway proposals. rhodri clark Reporter Sep 23, 2019 578
Korat residents call for repair of flooded tunnel under railway. Sep 23, 2019 267
Underground Transportation Systems (Underground Worlds). Book review Sep 22, 2019 102
LS Cable develops rigid bar for high-speed railways. Sep 19, 2019 263
Western Sydney Airport to rescue sandstone from metro tunnels to build new airport. Sep 18, 2019 131
Western Sydney Airport to rescue sandstone from metro tunnels to build new airport. Sep 18, 2019 147
Mumbai: Man dies in accident in under-construction Metro line. Sep 14, 2019 259
$1.4B Labor Day savings plan for Gateway project. Sep 4, 2019 693
Provision for providing houses to those who lost their homes approved: WB CM. Sep 3, 2019 387
Improving safety and security on railways: apply for contracts. Sep 3, 2019 531
New underground tunnel under construction in Azerbaijan. Aug 29, 2019 260
Edinburgh rail tunnel to close during [pounds sterling]1 million upgrade. Aug 29, 2019 238
Implementation of Heliopolis metro station completed: NAT. Aug 23, 2019 435
Huge boulders shut railway line. Aug 22, 2019 214
Brexit protester who caused PS1m worth of rail chaos jailed. Aug 16, 2019 155
Flooded tunnel causes chaos for rail travellers. Aug 9, 2019 166
Predictive Analysis of Settlement Risk in Tunnel Construction: A Bow-Tie-Bayesian Network Approach. Liu, Wen; Zhai, Shihong; Liu, Wenli Technical report Jul 31, 2019 11999
Construction of Makati subway to start in December. Jul 30, 2019 393
Siltbuster to assist Swedish metro system construction. Jul 24, 2019 387
Blue Star wins Rs 253 crore order from Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation. Jul 23, 2019 305
Vinci Wins EUR970 Million Rail Contract In New Zealand. Jul 19, 2019 208
Major power blackout hit Yerevan, telephone and internet cut off, people trapped in the subway. Jul 10, 2019 227
4 unsolved Surrey mysteries that made our heads spin; From a mysterious 'puma' to a grizzly murder in a train tunnel, there are some cases that have become local legends. Jul 7, 2019 940
Soil Improvement of EPBS Construction in High Water Pressure and High Permeability Sand Stratum. Wang, Shimin; Lu, Xixi; Wang, Xianming; He, Chuan; Xia, Xin; Ruan, Lei; Jian, Yunqi Jun 30, 2019 5197
Site Measurement and Study of Vertical Freezing Wall Temperatures of a Large-Diameter Shield Tunnel. Hu, Jun; Liu, Wenbo; Pan, Yutao; Zeng, Hui Jun 30, 2019 6440
PS120m plans for flyover or tunnel at town's rail station. Jun 27, 2019 352
The secret tunnels under Cardiff that no one uses; From former canals and closed subways to mysterious tunnels there's a lot of history under the capital. Steffan Rhys and Joshua Knapman report. Jun 20, 2019 1001
9 hospitalized when subway car derails in Boston. Jun 9, 2019 173
Nine Hospitalized when Subway Car Derails in Boston. Jun 9, 2019 154
A Neoteric Three-Dimensional Geometry-Based Stochastic Model for Massive MIMO Fading Channels in Subway Tunnels. Jiang, Yukang; Guo, Aihuang; Zou, Jinbai; Ai, Bo Jun 1, 2019 5251
Concrete Spalling Detection for Metro Tunnel from Point Cloud Based on Roughness Descriptor. Wu, Hangbin; Ao, Xingran; Chen, Zhuo; Liu, Chun; Xu, Zeran; Yu, Pengfei May 31, 2019 6957
Modeling of Loess Soaking Induced Impacts on a Metro Tunnel Using a Water Soaking System in Centrifuge. Zhang, Yuwei; Weng, Xiaolin; Song, Zhanping; Sun, Yufeng May 31, 2019 6779
US DOT refutes Gateway local partners' characterizations. May 16, 2019 560
Slovenia's $1.12bn railway line under construction. May 15, 2019 211
Slovenia's $1.12bn railway line under construction. May 15, 2019 211
Period for completing construction of Laki-Gabala railway in Azerbaijan revealed. May 1, 2019 340
Safety Risk Analysis and Protective Control of Existing Pipelines Affected by Deep Pit Excavation in Metro Construction. Hu, Bin; Li, Xiaoqing; Huang, Dan Apr 30, 2019 9425
Study of the Influence of Train Vibration Loading on Adjacent Damaged Tunnel. Zhao, Yiding; Shi, Yao; Yang, Junsheng Report Apr 30, 2019 4108
A Numerical Analysis of Ground Vibration Induced by Typical Rail Corrugation of Underground Subway. Xing, Mengting; Zhao, Caiyou; Wang, Ping; Lu, Ju; Yi, Qiang Apr 30, 2019 8406
Dynamic Characteristics of Metro Tunnel Closely Parallel to a Ground Fissure. Liu, Nina; Lu, Quanzhong; Feng, Xiaoyang; Fan, Wen; Peng, Jianbing; Liu, Weiliang; Kang, Xin Apr 30, 2019 5031
PS10bn PLAN TO PUT CITY BACK ON TRACK; investment could transform glasgow Driverless trains at heart of transport system upgrade. Apr 29, 2019 348
Tunnel tells tale of city's subterranean past; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Apr 26, 2019 891
Rail disruption on London routes; NEWS IN BRIEF. Apr 26, 2019 164
Uncovered tunnel offers a trip back into the past. Apr 24, 2019 219
Hyundai Rotem to supply tunnels authority in Egypt with metro trains. Apr 24, 2019 136
Tunnel work will disrupt Easter trains. Apr 13, 2019 183
Doha Metro tunnelling soil tested for farm use. Mar 26, 2019 602
QU-Qatar Rail study: Tunnelling soil suitable for agriculture. Mar 26, 2019 451
Completion of Sumag River Diversion Tunnel eyed to help resolve metro water crisis. Mar 21, 2019 479
New railway opens in Istanbul. Mar 12, 2019 230
Impossible dreams of Iranian gas transit through Armenia. Mar 12, 2019 706
Bipartisan bill demands contingency plan for Hudson River rail tunnels. Perry, Jessica Brief article Mar 12, 2019 269
Russian scientists to make metro tunnels more reliable. Mar 4, 2019 358
Gateway Development Corp. supports Gottheimer and King Legislation. Perry, Jessica Mar 1, 2019 389
Mayor of Sofia: 8 Metro Stations from the Third Line to be Ready by the End of the Year. Feb 28, 2019 204
DOTr inks deal for Metro Manila subway's first 3 stations. Feb 25, 2019 214
UAE group mulls Fujairah-Mumbai subsea tunnel project. Feb 20, 2019 593
Working to advance progress at a Federal level. Jan 16, 2019 511
Taylor Avenue tunnel project in Glen Ellyn is on schedule. Dec 12, 2018 472
Taylor Avenue tunnel project in Glen Ellyn progressing on schedule. Dec 12, 2018 482
France's Vinci officially offers to construct metro tunnel. Nov 19, 2018 278
Tutor Perini awarded $799.5M contract for Southwest Light Rail Transit project. Nov 19, 2018 168
Tunnel option for Metro extension. Nov 16, 2018 250
Gateway poll Overwhelming support for adding second rail tunnel under Hudson. Hutter, David Nov 12, 2018 385
Disabled Amtrak train in Hudson Tunnel snarls NJ Transit trains. Hutter, David Nov 2, 2018 331
Metropolitan Subway Won't Work During the Weekend. Oct 31, 2018 111
NBE, NAT, Metro Management sign protocol to develop e-payment system for Cairo Metro. Oct 21, 2018 187
This is when reduction in Mersey Tunnel tolls could FINALLY happen; Metro Mayor made pledge to bring all fast-tag tolls down to [pounds sterling]1 in manifesto. Oct 7, 2018 540
Mind the gap, lorry drivers... Oct 6, 2018 317
China, Uzbekistan to sign memo of cooperation in railway transport. Sep 26, 2018 130
Port Authority to feds Let's get started on tunnel. Munoz, Daniel J. Sep 10, 2018 299
Construction completed on Taiwan's first tri-corridor tunnel. Sep 3, 2018 298
Kerung-Kathmandu railway estimated cost Rs. 257 Billion. Aug 29, 2018 265
Howard Street tunnel key to Baltimore's trade future. Aug 20, 2018 924
This high speed rail line would link Heathrow Airport to Gatwick Airport in 15 minutes; The proposed HS4Air would see tunnels going through the Surrey Hills and a train line built alongside the M25. Aug 10, 2018 1185
HS4Air: Proposed high speed rail link would cut through Surrey to link Heathrow and Gatwick; The proposed HS4Air would see tunnels going through the Surrey Hills and a train line built alongside the M25. Aug 10, 2018 1009
Pair found guilty of hacking off man's ears during vicious attack in disused railway tunnel; The court heard how the man who orchestrated the attack sickeningly taunted him: "How's life with no ears?". Aug 4, 2018 792
Making Taylor Avenue safer. Jul 19, 2018 534
Glen Ellyn tunnel project on track to break ground in late August. Jul 19, 2018 546
Call to double down on reopening plan for disused railway tunnels. Jul 16, 2018 306
Brunel tunnel set for exciting future. Jul 16, 2018 500
twin tunnels is the way ahead. Jul 15, 2018 664
the ghosts that haunt shugborough rail tunnel. Jul 15, 2018 1348
Incredible pictures from inside the second disused rail tunnel in the Valleys that could be re-opened; There's even a makeshift church inside. Jul 15, 2018 842
Council chief reveals how he plans to fund reopening the Rhondda Tunnel; RCT leader Andrew Morgan revealed he's also looking at reopening a second railway tunnel, the Abernant Tunnel between Aberdare and Merthyr. Jul 7, 2018 1479
huge expanse of water DISCOVERED IN OLD TRAIN TUNNEL. Jul 5, 2018 394
Model rail fan Charles takes controls. Jul 5, 2018 193
Tunnel's new equipment 'is rusting'. Jul 3, 2018 480
Dubai's Route 2020 metro line notes construction progress. Jul 1, 2018 298
Tunnel-drilling of Dubai Metro's Route 2020 completed. Jun 30, 2018 257
Done: Tunnel drilling works for Dubai Route 2020. Jun 30, 2018 465
It's back to the future for train tunnel scheme. Jun 25, 2018 1015

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