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Radiosonde sets limited availability act now.


Meteorological measuring sets, AN/TMQ-41, NSN 6660-01-386-3906, and AN/ TMQ-41A, NSN 6660-01-468-3306, that have not had their processors upgraded use radiosonde set, RS80-67, NSN 6660-01-353-8793.

The bad news is, the manufacturer of these radiosonde sets has stopped making them. What's left on the supply shelves is what's left for you!

There's more bad news. You're in competition with the Marines for the sets that are left and the Marines are kicking butt!

So, if you have a meteorological measuring set, AN/TMQ-41 or -41A, that's required to sustain your mission to 2010 when the measuring set reaches its end of life date, you'd better anticipate the RS80-67 radiosonde sets you'll need and order them today! If you wait until you need the set, it will be too late! You'll have to go hat in hand to the Marines and beg for one. And no one wants to do that!

If you have a meteorological measuring set that has had the UPP-20 processor upgraded to the UPP-210A, you can use the newer RS92-KL, radiosonde set, NSN 6660-01-520-9069.
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Title Annotation:AN/TMQ-41/41A ...
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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