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Radiometer measures holographic materials.

Ophir Photonics has applied the patented LD8900 Goniometric Radiometer to holographic materials measurement. With it's design, the meter can make x-y and 3D measurements without moving the detector or the source. This allows the far-field profiler to characterize and confirm the divergence of light passing through holographic materials, such as those used for computer display screens. The 3D capability of the instrument makes it possible to measure both radially symmetrical divergences or angularly different types, addressing a range of finished materials. The company's line of far-field profilers also includes the LD8900R. While the LD8900 has a range of Greater than 24 dB, the LD8900R has a dynamic range of Greater than 36 dB, providing greater detail in the "tails" of the far-field pattern. The LDR8900R also provides real-time measurements of Mode Field Diameter in single-mode optical fibers. The angular field of view is 144 with a resolution of 0.055. The LD8900 can be used to measure laser diodes at any stage in their manufacture, and to optimize gradient index lenses. Ophir Photonics Group photonics, 435-753 3729


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Title Annotation:Developments in OEM
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Feb 1, 2012
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