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Science Digest. Legge, Michael Nov 1, 2020 1374
Remains 'kept as relics' in Bronze Age. ROD MINCHIN Press Association Sep 1, 2020 375
Midland skull discovery sparks Medieval cold case. Aug 13, 2020 192
Skull find dates from medieval times. ENDA MULLEN News Reporter Aug 10, 2020 308
MEDIEVAL COLD CASE; Gruesome discovery in village dates back 1,000 years. TOM HITCHENOR News Reporter Aug 9, 2020 203
First image of skull discovered in Warwickshire river as mystery is revealed; The results of radiocarbon dating of the partial human skull have been announced. By, Enda Mullen Aug 7, 2020 332
METHUSELAH: THE TREE THAT DEFIED TIME. Bolz, Diane M. Jun 22, 2020 655
Part of skull among river bones find. May 21, 2020 159
Pictish hillfort is 'one of largest ever found'. ROZLYN LITTLE May 15, 2020 433
'Stunning' discovery is unearthed; History: Pictish hill settlement found. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON May 15, 2020 387
'Mindblowing' discovery locates largest ever Pictish settlement where 4,000 people once lived; A spectacular hilltop in the North East has been revealed as the site of the largest known Pictish settlement following a "mindblowing" discovery by archaeologists. Alison Campsie May 14, 2020 1336
Forest cover changes over historical times in the area of Lake Jasien (northern Poland) recorded in slope sediments and archival maps--a case study. Majewski, Marek; Marszalek, Lukasz Case study Mar 1, 2020 4926
Freshwater Centenarians. Oct 1, 2019 463
Parasite DNA in Prehistoric Puma Feces. Aug 29, 2019 672
WAM Feature: Surviving through ages, date palms a bountiful symbol of Emirati heritage. Jul 30, 2019 557
An Archaeological Study of the Red House: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Book review May 1, 2019 135
Face of a Stone Age pooch. Apr 14, 2019 284
Neolithic dog gone but not furgotten. Apr 14, 2019 238
Magistrate orders suspension of excavation at Mannar grave. Mar 8, 2019 275
Report on Mannar grave reveals samples from years 1400-1650 AD. Mar 7, 2019 255
Mannar mass grave radiocarbon dating report handed over to court. Feb 20, 2019 155
Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region. Jan 31, 2019 217
Globalisation a prehistoric practice? Sep 19, 2018 538
4,000-year-old burial cairn found next to Neolithic passage tomb. Jul 19, 2018 260
New Technique To Map Human Migration History. Jun 18, 2018 571
Testing and Verifying Old Age Evidence: Lake Suigetsu Varves, Tree Rings, and Carbon-14. Davidson, Gregg; Wolgemuth, Ken Abstract Jun 1, 2018 324
1000-Year-Old Mummy Discovered In Peru. May 25, 2018 493
Late Quaternary Chorus Frog (Pseudacris) from the Channel Islands, California. Mead, Jim I.; Wilkins, Justin; Collins, Paul W. Report Apr 1, 2018 6865
A Mass Grave Of The Vikings? Feb 7, 2018 665
New radiocarbon ages on percussion-fractured and flaked proboscidean limb bones from Yukon, Canada. Holen, Steven R.; Harington, C. Richard; Holen, Kathleen A. Jun 1, 2017 7477
Judean Date Palm Methuselah. May 26, 2017 351
Methods for the Preparation of Pacific Spiny Dogfish, Squalus suckleyi, Fin Spines and Vertebrae and an Overview of Age Determination. Tribuzio, Cindy A.; Matta, Mary Elizabeth; Gburski, Christopher; Atkins, Nikki; Bubley, Walter Dec 22, 2016 7134
Old Timer Sharks. Parkinson, Jack Dec 22, 2016 197
Dating and digging stratified archaeology in circumpolar North America: a view from Nunalleq, Southwestern Alaska. Ledger, Paul M.; Forbes, Veronique; Masson-MacLean, Edouard; Knecht, Richard A. Dec 1, 2016 9393
Shark takes aim at longevity record: radiocarbon dating suggests Greenland fish lived 392 years. Milius, Susan Sep 17, 2016 555
400-year-old Greenland Shark Longest-Living Vertebrate. Aug 12, 2016 267
Tailored Egyptian dress is the oldest ever found. Bower, Bruce Brief article Apr 2, 2016 198
Make no bones about it.. we've been here for 12,500 YEARS; Butchered bear bone found in cave rewrites Irish history. Mar 21, 2016 486
Make no bones about it.. we've been here for 12,500 YEARS; Butchered bear bone found in cave rewrites Irish history. Mar 21, 2016 484
Iceman has the world's oldest tattoos. Bower, Bruce Brief article Jan 23, 2016 176
Age validation of the North Atlantic stock of wreckfish (Polyprion americanus), based on bomb radiocarbon ([sup.14]C), and new estimates of life history parameters. Lytton, Adam R.; Ballenger, Joseph C.; Reichert, Marcel J.M.; Smart, Tracey I. Report Jan 1, 2016 8107
The ancient Quran found in Birmingham may have belonged to the first Caliph, Abu Bakr. Dec 23, 2015 270
New data on Jaani stone graves at Vao, Northern Estonia/Uusi andmeid Vao Jaani kivikalmetest. Laneman, Margot; Lang, Valter; Malve, Martin; Rannamae, Eve Report Dec 1, 2015 11334
Time warp. Brief article Sep 19, 2015 309
Skeleton of 1,000-yr-old man found under tree; Archaeologists study medieval bones after storms unearth injured remains. Sep 14, 2015 247
Carbon dating could soon mislead: flood of fossil fuel emissions may make method unreliable. Sumner, Thomas Aug 22, 2015 329
Oldest Pieces Of Quran Discovered. Aug 9, 2015 564
Quran fragments found in U.K. among oldest. Jul 23, 2015 499
World's oldest Koran found in Birmingham. Jul 23, 2015 411
Oldest fragments of Holy Quran found in UK. Jul 23, 2015 424
Oldest Koran fragments found in Birmingham University. Jul 22, 2015 192
Racing to save world's oldest mummies. Apr 1, 2015 449
Late Wisconsinan and Holocene development of the Grand Lake Meadows area and southern reaches of the Saint John River Valley, New Brunswick, Canada. Broster, B.E.; Dickinson, P.C. Report Jan 1, 2015 8199
Former city engineer at shroud of Turin conference: Skurka says 'radiocarbon dating is proof of Christ's resurrection!'. Hudson, Mike Conference news Sep 23, 2014 1200
Stability and storage of soil organic carbon in a heavy-textured Karst soil from south-eastern Australia. Hobley, Eleanor; Willgoose, Garry R.; Frisia, Silvia; Jacobsen, Geraldine Report Aug 1, 2014 6207
Ice-free interval corresponding to Marine Isotope Stages 4 and 3 at the Last Glacial Maximum position at Kileshino, Valdaj Upland, Russia/MIS 4-3 jaavabad intervallid viimase jaatumise maksimumlevikupiiril Kilesinos Valdai korgustikul Venemaal. Lasberg, Katrin; Kalm, Volli; Kihno, Kersti Report Jun 1, 2014 4887
Postglacial occurrence and decline of Betula nana L. (dwarf birch) in northeastern Poland/Betula nana L. (vaevakase) jaaajajargne levik Kirde-Poolas. Drzymulska, Danuta Report Jun 1, 2014 6163
Riding through the desert. Brief article Feb 28, 2014 146
Earthquake Behind Shroud of Turin Image? Feb 12, 2014 458
Radiocarbon dating of 'ancient' camel bones suggest error in Bible. Feb 6, 2014 226
Arctic temperature recorded as warmest in 44,000 years. Jan 22, 2014 253
White sharks 'can live for 70 years and longer'. Jan 9, 2014 210
The discolouration of human teeth from archaeological contexts: elemental analysis of a black tooth from a roman cranium recovered from the River Witham, Lincoln, UK. Brown, Emma L.; Dixon, Ronald A.; Birkett, Jason W. Jan 1, 2014 4729
Arctic Canada warmer than in the past 120,000 years. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 219
Radiocarbon and the chronologies of ancient Egypt. Book review Oct 1, 2013 122
Climate is culture. Sep 22, 2013 251
New timeline for ancient Egypt established. Chronology Sep 5, 2013 275
King Solomon era copper mines found in Israel. Sep 4, 2013 255
Bronze age cattle teeth and cremations from a monumental burial cairn in Selkakangas, Finland: new radiocarbon dates and isotopic analysis/Veised, keskkond ja rituaal: pronksiaegsed veisehambad selkakangase muistsest kalmevarest soomes. Blauer, Auli; Korkeakoski-Vaisanen, Kristiina; Arppe, Lauri; Kantanen, Juha Report Jun 1, 2013 8349
Carbon-14 dating links Mayan and European calendars. Apr 12, 2013 611
Date of Neandertal demise debated: improved radiocarbon method suggests older age for fossils. Wayman, Erin Mar 23, 2013 704
Science past: from the issue of March 9, 1963. Brief article Mar 9, 2013 119
Stone-cist grave at Kasekula, western Estonia, in the light of AMS dates of the human bones/Kasekula kivikirstkalme Laane-Eestis AMS-dateeringute valguses. Laneman, Margot Report Dec 1, 2012 11624
Work that puts our experts years ahead of the game; Japanese lake holds the key. Oct 23, 2012 510
Scientists set a date - 54,000 years ago; BOFFINS SEE INTO THE EARTH'S PAST WITH NEW CARBON TEST. Oct 19, 2012 662
New radiocarbon ages for the Lower Murray River, South Australia. Wilson, Christopher; Fallon, Stewart; Trevorrow, Tom Report Oct 1, 2012 3255
Oldest Rock Art Found In Australia Is 28,000 Years Old. Jun 19, 2012 461
Mystery 8th-century cosmic blast captured in cedar trees. Jun 5, 2012 438
New Zealand scientists help explain mysteries of lost southeast Asian culture. May 9, 2012 362
Bomb radiocarbon dating and estimated longevity of giant sea bass (Stereolepis gigas). Allen, Larry G.; Andrews, Allen H. Report Apr 1, 2012 5860
Bomb radiocarbon and tag-recapture dating of sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus). Andrews, Allen H.; Natanson, Lisa J.; Kerr, Lisa A.; Burgess, George H.; Cailliet, Gregor M. Report Oct 1, 2011 7452
Paleoclima de La Guajira, Colombia; segun los anillos de crecimiento de Capparis odoratissima (Capparidaceae). Ramirez, Jorge Andres; del Valle, Jorge Ignacio Report Sep 1, 2011 8992
Validation of age estimation in geoduck clams using the bomb radiocarbon signal. Vadopalas, Brent; Weidman, Chris; Cronin, Elyse K. Report Aug 1, 2011 4052
The sedimentary sequence from the Lake Kuzi outcrop, central Latvia: implications for late glacial stratigraphy/Kuzi jarve (Kesk-Latis) kaldalahedase paljandi setted: lisateave Hilis-Glatsiaali stratigraafiale. Koff, Tiiu; Terasmaa, Jaanus Report Jun 1, 2011 5682
Paleoeskimo demography and Holocene sea-level history, gulf of Boothia, Arctic Canada. Dyke, Arthur S.; Savelle, James M.; Johnson, Donald S. Report Jun 1, 2011 13305
Dr SCOTT'S SURGERY. Apr 4, 2011 447
Origin of 'nobody can read' Voynich manuscript pushed back further. Feb 12, 2011 375
Scientists produce first-ever, 100 times brighter rare colour of laser light. Dec 22, 2010 249
The top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2010. Dec 16, 2010 237
Kansas. Sep 29, 2010 342
Large CO2 release accelerates ice age melting. Aug 27, 2010 507
El manati caribeno Trichechus Manatus linnaeus, 1758, en los restos faunisticos del conchero de Puerto Chacho (3300 a.c.), Caribe colombiano. Alvarez-Leon, Ricardo; Maldonado-Pachon, Hernando Report Jul 1, 2010 9440
Radiocarbon dating helps to nail down chronology of Egyptian kings. Chronology Jun 18, 2010 454
Pharaonic dynasty dates determined. Jun 18, 2010 296
Radiocarbon and linguistic dates for occupation of the South Wellesley Islands, Northern Australia. Ulm, Sean; Evans, Nicholas; Rosendahl, Daniel; Memmott, Paul; Petchey, Fiona Report Apr 1, 2010 3471
New method could revolutionize radiocarbon dating of ancient treasures. Mar 25, 2010 416
New Method to Revolutionize Dating of Ancient Treasures. Mar 24, 2010 609
How the nuclear bomb can tell if wine vintages are fake or not. Mar 23, 2010 376
Heart cells can replenish themselves throughout life. Brief article Mar 22, 2010 279
Palaeoecological evidence of agricultural activity and human impact on the environment at the ancient settlement centre of Keava, Estonia/Muistsed loodusolud ja inimtegevuse moju looduskeskkonnale--paleookoloogiline andmestik Keava asustuskeskusest. Heinsalu, Atko; Veski, Siim Report Mar 1, 2010 5110
Archaeological 'time machine' might answer key questions in human evolution. Feb 12, 2010 230
Number of fat cells cannot be reduced. Jan 1, 2010 376
Paleoeskimo demography and sea-level history, Kent Peninsula and King William Island, central Northwest Passage, Arctic Canada. Dyke, Arthur S.; Savelle, James M. Report Dec 1, 2009 14494
Marine reservoir corrections for Moreton Bay, Australia. Ulm, Sean; Petchey, Fiona; Ross, Annie Oct 1, 2009 5792
Health firm's effort to calm radiation fear; Campaigners fear danger for residents from waste. Aug 21, 2009 509
Phytoliths as climate clues. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jun 20, 2009 199
Bricks, mortar and magnetism. Perkins, Sid Brief article Jun 20, 2009 189
Peking Man ups his age. Bower, Bruce Brief article Apr 11, 2009 162
Heart cells can develop into adulthood. Clinical report Apr 3, 2009 439
Hawaii's deep-sea coral may be world's oldest living marine organism. Mar 25, 2009 377
Burning wood, animal dung behind brown haze above Indian Ocean. Jan 23, 2009 285
A more precise radiocarbon age for an 8 m post-glacial sea-level stand at Cow Head, Newfoundland. Brookes, Ian A. Report Jan 1, 2009 1059
155 facing the axe as chemical work stops. Dec 18, 2008 484
Globe warming CO2 can be measured in wine's bouquet. Dec 3, 2008 427
The feasibility of bomb radiocarbon analysis to support an age-at-length relationship for red abalone, Haliotis rufescens Swainson in northern California. Leaf, Robert T.; Andrews, Allen H.; Cailliet, Gregor M.; Brown, Thomas A. Abstract Dec 1, 2008 5824
Age validation of Dover sole (Microstomus pacificus) by means of bomb radiocarbon. Kastelle, Craig R.; Anderl, Delsa M.; Kimura, Daniel K.; Johnston, Chris G. Report Oct 1, 2008 8507
Direct dating of pottery from its organic residues: new precision using compound-specific carbon isotopes. Berstan, R.; Stott, A.W.; Minnitt, S.; Ramsey, C. Bronk; Hedges, R.E.M.; Evershed, R.P. Report Sep 1, 2008 5020
A small salvage excavation in Windjana Gorge, Kimberley, Western Australia. O'Connor, Sue; Aplin, Ken; Collins, Sophie Report Jul 1, 2008 4676
Patterns of chronological variability in occupation on the coastal margin of Blue Mud Bay. Faulkner, Patrick Report Jul 1, 2008 5367
Section III: Earth & atmospheric sciences. Mar 22, 2008 2476
Residual radiocarbon in an old-earth scenario. Chaffey, Charles E. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2008 578
New dating finds oldest coral yet. Milius, Susan Brief article Mar 1, 2008 249
A radiocarbon sequence for Samoan prehistory and the Pulemelei mound. Wallin, Paul; Martinsson-Wallin, Helene; Clark, Geoffrey Report Oct 1, 2007 7887
The climate scoop is in penguin poop. Kaluzny, Kasia Sep 1, 2007 358
Residual radiocarbon in an old-Earth scenario. Rogland, Robert Report Sep 1, 2007 1779
Box Gully: new evidence for Aboriginal occupation of Australia south of the Murray River prior to the last glacial maximum. Richards, Thomas; Pavlides, Christina; Walshe, Keryn; Webber, Harry; Johnston, Rochelle Apr 1, 2007 8343
OJP, a terminal Pleistocene archaeological site from the Gulf Province lowlands, Papua New Guinea. David, Bruno; Fairbairn, Andrew; Aplin, Ken; Murepe, Lesley; Green, Michael; Stanisic, John; Weisler Apr 1, 2007 1957
Estratigrafia de los depositos costeros pleistocenos en el noroeste de Espana. Alonso, A.; Pages, J.L. Report Jan 1, 2007 9273
Radiocarbon dates for earth mounds on the Adelaide River, Northern Australia. Brockwell, Sally Oct 1, 2006 2728
Neandertal debate goes south. Sep 23, 2006 280
The eastern limit of Beringia: mammoth remains from Banks and Melville Islands, Northwest Territories. Harington, C.R. Dec 1, 2005 5530
Great river cycles carbon quickly. Perkins, Sid Brief Article Aug 6, 2005 167
The remarkable metrological history of radiocarbon dating [II]. Currie, Lloyd A. Mar 1, 2004 14017
European find gets Stone Age date. Brief Article Feb 14, 2004 179
Radiocarbon dating caribou antler and bone: are they different? Nelson, D.E.; Mohl, J. Sep 1, 2003 2701
Aberrant radiocarbon dates on an Inuit arrowhead. Nelson, D. Erle; McGhee, Robert Dec 1, 2002 2306
US and British scientists are still divided over the authenticity of a map which cites Norse explorers as the first to discover America. (News). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 115
Using radiocarbon dating and paleontological extraction techniques in the analysis of a human skull in an unusual context. Ubelaker, Douglas; Houck, Max M. Oct 1, 2002 1498
Redating human settlements down under. (Australia). Hellier, Chris Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 156
Measurements of the marine reservoir effect on radiocarbon ages in the eastern Bering Sea. Dummond, Don E.; Griffin, Dennis G. Mar 1, 2002 9150
Farmers took fast track in settling Europe. Bower, B. Brief Article Nov 17, 2001 385
Get a HALF-LIFE. Brief Article Oct 2, 2000 381
Soil indicators of pre-European seabird breeding in New Zealand at sites identified by predator deposits. Hawke, D. J.; Holdaway, R. N.; Causer, J. E.; Ogden, S. Jan 1, 1999 5821
Seeds of agriculture in the Americas. Bower, Bruce Brief Article May 24, 1997 187
Ancient penguin nests tell climate tale. Brief Article Jan 15, 1994 175
Carbon-14 dating. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 292
Frozen in time. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Apr 18, 1992 279
Coral corrects carbon dating problems. Monastersky, Richard Jun 9, 1990 704
New evidence ages modern Europeans. Bower, B. Dec 16, 1989 639
Shroud of Turin is fake, official confirms. Vaughan, Christopher Oct 8, 1988 508
Controversy builds as shroud tests near. Raloff, Janet Apr 16, 1988 586

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