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Radioactive legacy for UK; LETTERS.

Radioactive legacy for UK WE are hearing a lot lately about the problems with nuclear energy, China falling out with us, hundreds of years of storage problems for waste, difficulties with choosing a 'safe' design, and how to stop the plutonium by-products from falling into terrorist hands for nuclear weapon manufacture.

I am a practical person who recognises that we need nuclear energy to generate electricity, our modern life revolves around electricity and as much as we may wish it we cannot yet harness sufficient earth resources to meet that need.

I am not a nuclear scientist or an expert in this subject but I came across a book discussing THORIUM.

One ton of this fuel would generate as much energy as 3,400,000 tons of coal.

Thorium reactors destroy plutonium so decommissioning costs are a fraction of those from a uranium fuelled reactor.

As thorium fuel can be mixed with plutonium then over time we could destroy this dangerous byproduct and so relieve our children of the massive decommissioning debt accumulating with the uranium fuelled reactors' waste.

It is estimated that it costs the UK taxpayer PS80M (2013) a year to store our civil held plutonium.

This fuel can use modular relatively inexpensive, (PS250M), power plants of a known safe design that could be sited virtually anywhere as with conventional power stations, not in remote places where deaths from an accident would be reduced,.

China, Germany and India already have thorium fuelled nuclear projects and USA is funding a $1Bn research programme.

Why then is our Government pursuing this nightmare path using uranium as at Hinkley Point (pictured) when this alternative is available? I am sure that politics must enter into this. Some say it is because thorium does not produce the isotopes required to manufacture nuclear weapons, others that it is vested business interests in the status quo.

Whatever the reason it is time for our decision makers to look wider and to take account of the radioactive future we are leaving for our children.

George Williams St Asaph

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Sep 6, 2016
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