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Radio is alive and well in Illinois.

Byline: William Geheren Huntley Community Radio

Will the Internet kill the FM radio? The answer is simply no.

Sure there are many options on the Internet -- Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Rhapsody, Slacker,, Grooveshark, MOG, to name a few. In fact, the radio market has never been stronger, even with all of the competition.

Back in 1981 when MTV was launched, The Buggles and many others predicted that "Video Killed the Radio Star." But, in fact, MTV just helped bring a face to the music and made people want it even more. Later, in 1999, Napster, a music sharing service, was launched, and although they did some things that were later determined to be illegal, it has opened the door for where we are today. In 2005, YouTube was born and now you can get any song, story or video on demand.

So how does the radio, specifically FM radio, which was introduced in June 1936, withstand all of the new technology that is seemingly endless and keeps growing every day?

The answer for the customer (the listeners) is a couple of things. FM radio is free, it is easy and it is local. In Illinois alone there are more than 500 AM/FM radio stations. Anywhere you go, you can pick up a local station to find out what is happening in that town or city.

The "localness" of radio stations aren't only limited to news, weather, sports, traffic and events. Commercials and public service announcements are localized, events that are going on in town are discussed and, many times, the hosts are from the area and understand the culture, the restaurants, stores, etc. in the area.

At Huntley Community Radio, our mission is "To Keep Huntley Informed and Connected." The mission was created before we received our FM license, so we didn't realize how far our reach would go. We can be heard on 101.5 FM in Huntley, Lake in the Hills, Lakewood, Hampshire, Gilberts, Pingree Grove, Carpentersville, parts of Crystal Lake, West and East Dundee and parts of Woodstock.

Also, with all of the technology and streaming sites, you can experience Huntley Community Radio outside of those areas by tuning in on

We have heard from people who listen on the phone, at work, in the car and at home. The one thing you know you will always get is an appreciation for the local area.

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Apr 12, 2016
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