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Radical medicine; cutting-edge natural therapies that treat the root causes of disease. (reprint, 2007).


Radical medicine; cutting-edge natural therapies that treat the root causes of disease. (reprint, 2007)

Williams, Louisa L.

Inner Traditions International


694 pages




Williams, who practices naturopathic medicine and teaches the principles of radical medicine, provides a guide for healthcare practitioners and patients with chronic illnesses that have not been treated successfully by allopathic medicine. The guide focuses on curing disease rather than treating symptoms and emphasizes that true healing can occur only by finding the cause of the problem. She argues that general guidelines of drinking water, exercising, and eating organic foods is not enough, due to the toxicities that exist today, and outlines four levels of disease to help physicians determine severity; how to use drainage to excrete toxins from the body; and the removal of toxic metals and chemicals from dental amalgam fillings, personal care, and other products, their effects, and treatments, with suggestions of safe products. She explains the importance of healthy nutrition and digestion, food allergies, and bowel toxicity; chronic disturbances in the body brought on by problems with teeth, tonsils, and scars, and therapies for them; the use of homeopathy; the problem with vaccinations, and alternatives to them; structural therapies for tooth, jaw, and skeleton dysfunction; and mental and emotional factors and psychospiritual healing. The book was originally published as Radical Medicine: Profound Intervention in a Profoundly Toxic Age (2007).

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