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Radar systems analysis and design using MATLAB, 2d ed.


Radar systems analysis and design using MATLAB, 2d ed.

Mahafza, Bassem R.

Chapman & Hall/CRC


638 pages




Focusing on the hands-on approach, Mahafza concentrates on radar fundamentals, principles, and mathematical derivations while also giving readers significant experience in software which can be used for radar analysis and system design. He covers the fundamentals of radar, signal processing, continuous wave and pulsed radar, radar detection, radar waveforms, the matched filter and the radar ambiguity function, pulse compression, radar wave propagation, clutter and the moving target indicator, radar antennas, target tracking, synthesis aperture radar, and radar cross sections. He also provides a software program and function name list and exercises for each chapter. This edition includes material which reflects changes in technology and upgrades in the software.

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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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