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Racks and shelves can hang anywhere on the backsplash band.

A 5-1/2-inch band of birch-faced Finnish plywood runs around the backsplash in Frances and Lonnie Snowden's remodeled kitchen in Oakland. On it, wooden racks and shelves can be hung in any number of positions.

The system, constructed by Osburn Design of San Francisco, is easy to build if you have a radial-arm or table saw. To hold the band off the wall, screw a 2 by 3 to the backsplash. Mount two strips of 3/4-inch square molding behind each 5-1/2-inch band of 3/4-inch-thick plywood; glue and screw strips 3/4 inch in from each edge so the space between them is 2-1/2 inch inches (the actual width of the 2 by 3). Slide this plate onto the 2 by 3 and screw down through top moulding strip to secure it.

Add-on racks are also made from 1/2- or 3/4-inch-thick Finnish plywood. The top hooks are 3/4-square strips of plywood sandwiched between a 1-1/2-inch back piece and the 5-1/2- to 6-1/4-2nch front plate of each rack; the three pieces of each hook are glued and screwed together from behind. The two 3/4-inch-thick end pieces of the towel rack--attached to a 13-inch-long back plate--are 5-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches, with outer corners rounded. A 15-inch long 1-inch dowel fits through 1-1/2-inch holes drilled in each end piece centered 3 inches out from the back plate.

The shelf and knife rack here are 3 inches deep; dimensions can vary. Knife slots are sawn before assembly. (Position rack on rail where there's no cabinet above.)
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Date:May 1, 1984
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