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Racist Note Stereotyping Asian Drivers Left on Parked Car in NSW Sparks Online Outrage.

A sorry note left on a car in Newtown, NSW has sparked outrage on social media for being "racist." An unknown driver smashed into a parked car and only left a voucher for Hungry Jack's as an apology.

Reddit user ilyank posted on the Web site a photo of the $6.25 voucher, which includes a note deemed racist for stereotyping Asian drivers.

Ilyank explained the post, "On Sunday we my friend and I returned to his car which was parked n Fowler St, backing onto Camperdown Park; to find the door would not open properly. When I exited the car to check for damage I immediately noticed the note placed under the windscreen wiper." (sic)

"I'm sorry I reversed into your car. I am Asian and I can't drive. Here's a Hungry Jack's voucher," the message on the back of the fast food voucher reads.

Two witnesses claimed that they saw the culprits writing down the note and thought that the culprits were doing the right thing by leaving their information for the owner. However, the note turned out to be just an apology note on a fast food joint voucher. The drivers of the other car were said to be in a "nice, fancy black car."

"But... but... they were not even Asian!" one of the witnesses told Reddit user ilyank, whose friend is the owner of the car damaged by the unknown drivers.

The damage on the car would cost the friend $625 in excess for repair.

Commenters on the photo condemned the "racist" driver, sharing their own experience with inconsiderate hit-and-run drivers. There are those who said that the witnesses to their own fender bender incidents also didn't write down details because they saw the perpetrators seemingly doing the right thing.

"This happened to me last year. Luckily I have zero trust for the general driving public and have front and rear dash cams in my car. Guy left after waiting to see if anyone saw him. Took the video to the police and they had a laugh. He got done with hit & run, and my excess was $0," one commenter shared his experience.

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Date:Sep 19, 2014
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