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Racing: Wee piggies entitled to feed at trough too.

FORMER Beeb racing pundit Julian Wilson has the kind of cut glass accent that would certainly turn a few heads in any miners' welfare club.

But don't be fooled by the Home Counties tones our Jules has served his time in the trenches, inluding a stint in Glasgow on the old Noon Record.

And despite the mantle of amiable upper-class twat he wears so well he's a shrewd cookie.

His ``10 against the field'' list last week railing against moves that threaten the fabric of racing as we know it was spot on.

Particularly his broadside against the explosion in fixtures and the attempts to devalue standards further by installing all weather tracks at Group 1 courses.

We're thumping the same tub here well aware both are cannonfodder for the bookies. But oh dear, Jules must have had his squire's hat on when he preached a fire and brimstone sermon against the evil of the exchanges.

He moaned that the little people that's you and me are ruining it for ``serious'' punters by wrecking the overnight prices with our piddling stakes.

Damned nerve, and none of us has even been near a public school.

Basically, Jules is miffed because he and a few owners' noses are out of joint now that the wee piggies want their snouts in the trough too.

His exact words were that `` small players on Betfair are ruining it forthose entitled to a decent bet.'' Big update Mr Wilson, we've been enfranchised for almost 100 years and are ``entitled'' to do as we please when plonking down our cash on a fancy.

Where I grew up, cap doffing to the master never caught on.

HAD a letter last week from a Glasgow punter who wanted to know why the national press does not carry results from the cartoon racing at Portman Park.

Probably for the same reason we don't publish who won the puggy jackpot at your local betting shop or the odds about your chances of a date with the new busty blondecashier. So my advice to our friend from Maryhill and all others who ``bet'' on this loony outlet is seek aversion therapy immediately.

Like finding two flies, training them to run up a wall, then inviting the neighbours in for a punt and taking this tomfoolery to its logical conclusion.

OFF to Ayr tomorrow for the unveiling of their grand design for Scotland's flagship course.

I've had a sneak peek at the amazing plans that include a cinema on site and they certainly look the biz. But I'll keep you posted if I survive the champagne lunch and a serious tilt at the rails.

What a mucky job some of us have to do!

GOT a racing query? Write to Joe Punter, One Central Quay, Glasgow G 3 8 DA or e-mail joepunter
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 7, 2003
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