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THIS column is a big fan of Jamie Spencer and he was at his finest when powering Boreas home in Thursday's Doncaster Cup.

Persian Punch had already seen off Darasim in a protracted duel up the long Donny straight and Spencer waited until the death before launching Boreas as he knew if he got into an eyeball-to-eyeball slugging match with The Punch he could well get outfought.

But Spencer hit Boreas six mighty cracks with whip, bringing the persuader down from well above shoulder height - which is against the rules. As he had already amassed 15 days of whip bans this season, he was automatically referred to the Disciplinary Committee at Portman Square where he is likely to get a ban of two weeks or so.

Spencer is no abuser of his mounts, but he can lose the plot in the heat of battle. He needs to follow the example of his good friend Tony McCoy who used to get in trouble for hitting horses and had the gumption to smarten up his act.

If AP could do it, so can Spencer. There is too much talent there to be wasted in needless tangles with the stewards.


WHIPPING BOY: Jamie Spencer faces a hefty ban after his win on Boreas
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2002
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