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Rachel on the telly: It's cops and bovver.

YOU expect to see a bit of jiggery-pokery in a police series but it's usually the villains who punch the cops or the cops who punch the robbers.

But in the first of a new series of Merseybeat, it was the cops who were giving each other a beating!

First, Inspector Oulton, played by John McCardle - still best remembered for his role as Billy Corkhill in Brookie - was whacked by a former colleague whom he refused to believe was bent. (That was after he'd been sent down for five years, whacked a few other officers as he made his escape and then trashed his ex-girlfriend's pub for some getaway money.) Then the two new recruits PCs Jackie Brown and Jodie Finn - played by ex-Hollyoaks star Joanna Taylor and Josie D'Arby - who were brought in I suspect to raise the totty-count in the otherwise largely unattractive cast, start tearing each other's hair out. Why? As the most attractive members of the cast isn't it obvious? The blonde one nicked the other one's boyfriend (surprise, surprise) for one night of passion and Jodie has a score to settle, even if it is her first day at the station.

Finally, and most disturbingly, someone attacked the nice-but-dull Supt Blake, played by Hadyn Gwynne. This time though the chief suspect wasn't a fellow cop but her rather dashingly handsome ex-husband Guy, who she had cautioned moments earlier for being a nuisance.

I've no doubt some viewers will have wanted Blake to get some sort of comeuppance for leaving her hubby and daughter to move house alone (something the workaholic mum is constantly made to feel guilty about) but not by getting the violent battering she received.

Just as the drama got going though, the credits rolled.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 30, 2002
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