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Psychology and social science. Jan 1, 2002 4953
Reassessing Africana Womanism: continuity and change. Ntiri, Daphne W. Sep 22, 2001 3654
Africana Womanism in the Black Panther Party: a personal story. Jennings, Regina Sep 22, 2001 5057
Psychological Nigrescence Revisited: A Foreword. Parham, Thomas A. Jul 1, 2001 1065
Psychological Nigrescence Revisited: Introduction and Overview. Vandiver, Beverly J. Jul 1, 2001 3529
Cross's Nigrescence Model: From Theory to Scale to Theory. Vandiver, Beverly J.; Fhagen-Smith, Peony E.; Cokley, Kevin O.; Cross, William E. Jr.; Worrell, Fran Jul 1, 2001 11198
Nigrescence Theory: Current Status and Challenges for the Future. Worrell, Frank C.; Cross, William E. Jr.; Vandiver, Beverly J. Jul 1, 2001 5230
The Washington Post. Williams, Stephanie Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 124
Will the real father of Afrocentricity please stand. Adeleke, Tunde Mar 22, 2001 6319
Equiano's landscapes: viewpoints and vistas from the looking glass, the lens, and the kaleidoscope. Langley, April Mar 22, 2001 11761
Probing Our Differences. McHENRY, SUSAN Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 709
Waste and Whiteness: Zora Neale Hurston and the Politics of Eugenics. Jackson, Chuck Dec 22, 2000 14627
The Relationship Between Racial Identity Cluster Profiles and Psychological Distress Among African American College Students. Neville, Helen A.; Lilly, Roderick L. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 4909
Exploring the Relationships Between Racial/Cultural Identity and Ego Identity Among African Americans and Mexican Americans. Miville, Marie L.; Koonce, Danel; Darlington, Pat; Whitlock, Brian Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 6358
Feminism and the Subtext of Whiteness: Black Women's Experiences as a Site of Identity Formation and Contestation of Whiteness. YANCY, GEORGE Sep 22, 2000 8711
Embodying Cultural Memory in Paule Marshall's Praisesong for the Widow. Rogers, Susan Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 10685
VEGETARIANISM AND DREADLOCKS: The Politics OF "Consciousness" AND Cultural Identification. DUNNING, STEFANIE K. Dec 22, 1999 4385
SPEAKING OF PEOPLE. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 182
From No Man's Land to Mother-land: Emasculation and Nationalism in Richard Wright's Depression Era Urban Novels. Dawahare, Anthony Critical Essay Sep 22, 1999 9602
Saint's Progeny: Assotto Saint, Gay Black Poets, and Poetic Agency in the Field of the Queer Symbolic. Steward, Douglas Critical Essay Sep 22, 1999 6868
Symbolic Interactionism, African American Families, and the Transracial Adoption Controversy. Hollingsworth, Leslie Doty Sep 1, 1999 6290
The Color Line as a Confining and Restraining Paradigm: Keith Richburg and his Critiques Analyzed. ADELEKE, TUNDE Critical Essay Jun 22, 1999 9869
The Contentiousness of Their Character. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA J. Brief Article Jan 4, 1999 994
The African American as African. Asante, Molefi Kete Dec 22, 1998 4286
Postmodern Daze. SCOTT, DARYL MICHAEL Dec 14, 1998 1974
Beyond Color-Blindness. MARABLE, MANNING Dec 14, 1998 1878
Enacting difference: Marita Bonner's 'Purple Flower' and the ambiguities of race. Taylor, Merideth Sep 22, 1998 6764
Nella Larsen's 'Passing' and the fading subject. Sullivan, Neil Sep 22, 1998 8985
"Experiences with the white man" Black student narratives. Kelly, Jennifer Jun 22, 1998 9340
"African and Cherokee by Choice". Lovett, Laura L. Jan 1, 1998 12681
Big words, small divisions. Williams, Patricia J. Column Aug 25, 1997 1073
Black America and Tiger's dilemma; national leaders praise golfer's accomplishments and debate controversial "mixed race" issue. Cover Story Jul 1, 1997 5631
De jure, de facto, de media.... Williams, Patricia J. Column Jun 2, 1997 996
Rethinking black liberation: towards a new protest paradigm. Marable, Manning Apr 1, 1997 5183
Wood spirits: African American folk art roots. Detmers, William P. Feb 1, 1997 970
Cognitive testing of racial and ethnic questions for the CPS supplement. McKay, Ruth B.; de la Puente, Michael Cover Story Sep 1, 1996 3107
Racial identity and African Americans with disabilities: theoretical and practical considerations. Feist-Price, Sonja Apr 1, 1996 3942
From the Detroit riot to the Malcolm summit. Shabazz, Betty Nov 1, 1995 1019
Am I black, white or in between? Is there a plot to create a 'colored' buffer race in America? Norment, Lynn Aug 1, 1995 2002
Fire-casting an eternal de-fascination with death: writing about the South, and the responsible necessity of reading and knowing black South writing in the quest for Afrikan world salvation and restitution. Cheatwood, Kiarri T.-H. Jun 22, 1993 7525
Roots, fun and sun: Black heritage vacations; a growing number of cultural and historical attractions celebrate the African-American experience. May 1, 1991 1293
The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America. Reed, Adolph, Jr. Book Review Mar 4, 1991 5582
Do Black males need special schools? Whitaker, Charles Mar 1, 1991 1985
45 years in culture and creative writing; many talented new voices have emerged to comment on our complex turbulent times. Brooks, Gwendolyn Bibliography Nov 1, 1990 1172
We must honor our ancestors; their awesome strength and courage made Black American survival possible. Haley, Alex Nov 1, 1990 1101
'Trapped in the body of a White woman': Oregon teacher reveals pain of 'living Black and looking White.' Cross, Kathleen Oct 1, 1990 976
Why Blacks are returning to their southern roots; renowned author and poet finds peace and a new meaning in North Carolina. Angelou, Maya Apr 1, 1990 713
Who's Black and who's not: new ethnicity raises provocative questions about racial identity. Norment, Lynn Mar 1, 1990 1952
What's behind the Black rebellion in the Catholic Church? A charismatic priest and his Imani Temple spark sharp debate. Randolph, Laura B. Nov 1, 1989 1451
The legacy of Malcolm X: nearly 30 years after his death, the words of one of the most provocative orators of the Black nationalist movement strike a responsive chord. May 1, 1989 1604
The politics of exclusion: black students fight back. Ransby, Barbara Mar 26, 1988 1576

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