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Race for pounds 1,000 prize hots up; INDOOR SPORT.


BEDWORTH held the upper hands in the latest round of matches in the Geoff `Snowy' Evans Dominoes Fives tournament at Fife Street WMC as they provided three of the five qualifiers.

The trio of John Diesel A, Longie's Layabouts & Deano's Five all reached the last 16 and they will be joined in the grand finals by Caddy Nomads and Schoolboy Champions as the battle for the pounds 1,000 first prize begins to hot up.

The third Sunday of the 2005 Geoff 'Snowy' Evans Domino Fives Tournament takes place this coming Sunday lunch at Fife Street WMC with another 14 teams looking to progress to the finals on May 1.

Line-up: Bravehearts v Windmill B, Bermuda v Maz's Weekenders, Alfie's Five v Fife Street Nomads, Cabbage Cracks v Phil's Marauders, The Crew v The Dipsticks, Frag's Five v Wendy's Wonders, Wilf's Five v Fife Street Alkies.

l THE line-up for tonight's Worthington Nuneaton Friday Night Games League's Old game pairs championship is:

Coton Cons: A Horobin & J Harper, R Dohertry & T Power (Abbey Social); John Starkey & J Pritchard, Joe Starkey & W Petty, M Bodin & R Lomas, B Kean & S Peake (Bed Ex's); J Russell & J Wilson (Bentley Road); D Gibbs & W Millerchip, P Gibbon & S Suffolk, T Blurton & S Young (Bermuda); M Grimes & J Noble, M Breeds & B Clark (Boro Social); S Lawrence & A Jenkins, K Horton & R Glover, G Mander & P Bryant, B Williams & P Harris (Caddy);

B Collett & Y Knight, T Bickham & J Yeatman (Chapel End Libs); T Bennett & John Box, R Cox & Jane Box (Coton Libs); R Wright & T Windridge, R Rayson & Alf Howkins, J McHugh & J Bailey, S & W Starkey (Fife Street A); E White & J Dewis, J Carmichael & A Jones, K Baker & A Howkins (Fife Street B); S Green & C Adamson, Jimmy Mac & B Harvey (Green Bear); J & M Jefferies, G Scffham & A Whitehead, I & R Fry, E Hanks & K Laverick (RAC); R Morris & R Green, C Stringer & A Lewis (Stock AA); P & N Marston, A Percival & B Mullis (Windmill A); K Smith & R Howkins, T Shuttleworth & T Pallett, M Oliver & C Foltyn (Windmill B); A Lenton & P Kane, M Johnson & C Lenton, B Treadwell & T Daffern (The Works).

Fife Street WMC: A Gilbey & R Currall, R Stringer & G Goddard, G Simmons & P Griffiths (Abbey Social); Dean Olner & M Tustin, Dave Olner & R Kinder (Bed Exs); H Hadley & D Wilson, D & B Baxter, P Oldham & B Lloyd (Bentley Road); A Williams & M Day, J Wood & D Harris, M & K Millerchip (Bermuda); J Nelmes & A Hudson, D & J Thomas (Boro Social); B Smith & C White, R & B Stringer (Caddy); T & J Sidwell (Chapel End Libs); J & D Matts (Co- op); L & M Curtis, N Stanko & N McLaughlin, M Panter & N Harper, L Bennett & K Hall (Coton Libs); S & G Cockburn, J Kendall & D Starkey, D Alsop & F Waters, D & P Perry (Fife Street A); T Rolph & B Bliss, C & S Baker, C Rolph & T Grubb, G & M Baker; R & S Baker (Fife Street B); R & M Kirkland (Green Bear); R Scoffham & B Wales, T Bannister & E Cox, B Jephcote & S Cox, G Roper & R Bannister (RAC); G & L Rowe, G Thorpe & A Powis (Stock AA); B Randle & I Marston (Windmill A); B Taylor & D Hughes, M Ward & T Hughes, D Bee & R Bliss (Windmill B); B Marshall & D Woodward, D Moss & P Muir (The Works).


Division A: Bentley Road 10 (2) Saunders Hall 7 (1) (darts 4-3; o/g 1- 4; 5s&3s 5-0); Bermuda 6 (0) The Works 11 (3) (darts 2-5; o/g 2-3; 5s&3s 2-3); Chapel End Libs 13 (3) Abbey Social 4 (0) (darts 6-1; o/g 4-1; 5s&3s 3-2); RAC Sports 11 (3) Bedworth Ex's 6 (0) (darts 4-3; o/g 3-2; 5s&3s 4-1).

Division B: Chapel End Soc 4 (0) Fife Street B 13 (3) (darts 2-5; o/g 1-4; 5s&3s 1-4); Co-op Sports 9 (2) Boro Social 8 (1) (darts 4-3; o/g 2-3; 5s&3s 3-2); Fife Street A 12 (3) Windmill A 5 (0) (darts 4-3; o/g 4-1; 5s&3s 4-1); Green Bear 10 (2) Stockingford AA 7 (1) (darts 5-2; o/g 1-4; 5s&3s 4-1); Windmill B 10 (2) Stockingford S&S 7 (1) (darts 5-2; o/g 4-1; 5s&3s 1-4).

Maximum 180s - John Russell (Bentley Road); Carol Baker, Sam Howkins (Fife Street B); Darren Burdett (The Works).

Highest chip out - 121 Alan Ward (Bed Exs).

Top shot - Steve Barker (Bentley Road) 856 points.
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Title Annotation:Sport
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Date:Apr 22, 2005
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