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Rabbit logic puzzle.

Each child in this puzzle owns a different type of rabbit. Use the clues to figure out each rabbit's name, and then figure out which type of rabbit each child owns. Good luck!


1. Kim's rabbit is named Domino, but it isn't a Mini Lop.

2. Sloan owns a Dutch rabbit, but its name isn't Biscuit. (Answers on page 41)

3. Freckles is an Angora rabbit, but Chris isn't the owner.

Illustrated by Harvey Hirsch


Rabbit Logic Puzzle page 16

Child     Rabbit's Name   Type of Rabbit

Chris     Biscuit         Mini Lop
Kim       Domino          Fuzzy Lop
Montana   Freckles        Angora
Sloan     Acorn           Dutch


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Author:Truesdell, Julie
Publication:Fun For Kidz
Date:Sep 1, 2012
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