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Rabbi Slams Back at Jews For Jesus.


Outreach Judaism, a leading counter-missionary organization based in New York, has launched a new website,, offering a free, exhaustive library of information regarding Jews for Jesus' multimillion dollar worldwide missionary campaigns, including a point-by-point audio response to their plans to convert Jews to Christianity.

In the last year alone, Jews for Jesus engaged in a 65-city tour -- any city that has more than 25,000 Jews within it -- primarily targeting Jewish youth and the elderly for conversion. To combat this aggressive assault, Rabbi Tovia Singer, founder of Outreach Judaism, is now making available his 20-part tape series, "Let's get Biblical" free via mp3 download to anyone seeking answers to questions posed by Christian missionaries.

The tape series, which has been available until now for cost, has hit the missionary effort head-on. Singer has numerous letters from Messianic Jews who after hearing his series returned to authentic Judaism. Threatened by Singer's initiative, Jews for Jesus formulated a plan to mitigate the impact of Singer's audio series: the organization dedicated part of its website to answering points that Singer raises. Singer, in return, refutes their counter arguments on his Outreach Judaism site.

"Jews for Jesus has launched a deceptive campaign to convert the most susceptible segments of our community to their ranks," said Singer. "In their spiritual assault on Jewish communities in the US, Israel and Europe, Jews for Jesus deliberately blurs the distinctions between Judaism and Christianity in order to lure Jews who would otherwise resist a straightforward Christian message."

Jews for Jesus is expanding its efforts to convert survivors of the Holocaust. The testimonials of those who managed to survive the Holocaust, yet became ensnared by the Baptist missionary group are broadcast on the Jews for Jesus website.

The audio series is available for free mp3 download at

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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