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Rabarama Summer: The Artist Goes Back Again to Tuscany with Her Monumental Marble Sculptures.

Pisa, Italy, June 14, 2013 --( The "Volarearte" (Fly Art) initiative was the first official event organized by the Henraux Foundation which was formed in 2011, and includes Henraux S.p.A. in Querceta, a leader in the lapidary industry founded in 1821, the Province of Lucca, the Boroughs of Seravezza, Camaiore and Forte dei Marmi. A high culture initiative presenting to an international audience, arriving and departing daily from Pisa airport, a series of sculptures displayed every two years in accordance with a site-specific project and especially made in the art workshop of the Henraux company in Querceta. In collaboration with the Tuscan Airport company (SAT), and in line with the statutory mission aimed at enhancing and developing the long tradition of art and craft of Apuan-Versilia marble.

In 2013 the second edition of the "Volarearte" event will come to life, to see the artist Rabarama (represented worldwide by Vecchiato Art Galleries) as protagonist with a new project deployed in three different but closely and culturally linked locations: the city of Pisa, the city of Forte dei Marmi and the city of Lucca.

After the great success of "ANTICOnforme," the exhibition which saw her as the undisputed protagonist, in Florence in summer 2011, Rabarama returns to Tuscany, a region to which the artist is indelibly linked. Her return is marked through new works seeking to reopen the direct and immediate dialogue, that she always has with the art user, for which her art offers the possibility to compare, through body language and through the skin, burning and decidedly current issues such as: genetic mutations, the human ambiguity and identity of contemporary man, driven by a primal and visionary force, remote and timeless. Formal metamorphosis and the aspiration of absolute freedom are Rabarama's guidelines, she is considered by critics and most discerning collectors as a complete artist thanks to continuous official recognition in both the Italian and international market. Her production is rather eclectic and multi-faceted, diversifying in the use of materials. On the occasion of this collaboration with the Henraux Foundation, three previously unreleased monumental works will be exhibited in Altissimo white marble, which represent the latest metamorphosis of research now at the edge of metaphysics. In particular "Alis Grave Nil" stands out (Nothing is heavy to those who have wings), an objet d'art made of white marble inspired by flight and expressly designed in honour of the collaboration with "Volarearte."

On the 14th June, near Pisa airport, five sculptures will be exhibited at the opening ceremony, of which two in bronze and three in marble have been specially designed by the artist for the exhibition site of the airport entrance gardens and produced by Henraux S.p.A. in cooperation with Studio di Scultura “Massimo Galleni” di Pietrasanta. The marble works represent the productive qualities of the Mount Altissimo quarries, the mountain of Michelangelo, already cultivated by the Medici and known throughout the world for their arabesque marble and precious statues.

At the same time the famous coastline of the city of Forte dei Marmi will become a sort of open space exhibition (open air) set up in the gardens of the Hotel Augustus Lido and the Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi and seven of the most prestigious seaside resorts: Bagno Piero, Bagno Augustus, Bagno Annetta, Bagno Orsa Maggiore, Bagno La Fenice, Bagno Pennone and Bagno Gilda. The opening ceremony will be on the 21st June.

Following the summer season in Forte dei Marmi, the exhibition will move in autumn from the coast to the city of Lucca on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Papal Decree, embracing the walls and squares of the old town. Five hundred years ago Versilia tied its destiny to Florence. It was Pope Leo X, son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, who made this land a possession pertaining to the Medici family, to sow the seed of development growing from Michelangelo Buonarroti to the magnificent marble of Versilia, arriving at the tourist and cultural excellence of today. Five hundred years later Versilia celebrates its history and the Henraux Foundation develops a contemporary art project to unite the history, marble and technological innovation under all the activities brought together in 2013.

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Date:Jun 14, 2013
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