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 ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Cancer scientists in the former Soviet Union have discovered a method for easily distinguishing between healthy and cancerous tissue during surgery. The discovery by a Russian medical researcher uses a non-toxic compound, which upon being absorbed by the patient's body, causes malignant and pre-cancerous tissue to fluoresce when exposed to a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. The cancer detection technique makes it possible for cancer surgeons to detect diseased tissue with great clarity and accuracy.
 The doctor's research, conducted at Moscow State University and used by oncologists there, is being patented and marketed in the United States by East/West Technology Partners, Ltd. of Arlington.
 Researchers in various countries have known for some time that the cells in cancerous tissue will absorb a variety of dyes and compounds, including radioactive dyes. Various means are then used to designate malignant tissue. The difficulty has been in finding drugs that produce sufficient contrast with healthy tissue and at the same time are safe, have few side effects, and are quickly expelled from the body following surgery.
 The Russian researcher has discovered a compound that is quickly absorbed by cancerous and pre-cancerous cells. The drug causes the diseased tissue to fluoresce when exposed to a certain wavelength of light and viewed through a special lens. The contrast between malignant tissue and healthy tissue is readily apparent giving the surgeon high confidence in the accuracy of the dissection. The drug has no side effects and is expelled by the body within a few days of surgery. The Russian compound is composed of substances already in common use and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
 The cancer detection system enables a surgeon removing a tumor to scan surrounding tissue, organs and glands to determine the extent and spread of the cancer. Using the Russian system, surgeons can be more accurate in their dissection, preserve normal tissue, without resorting to radical procedures just to make sure that they have safe margins. Surgeons who have used the technique have been able to reduce the number of frozen sections sent to pathology during surgery. The procedure is both cost effective and reduces surgical time.
 The formula of the drug, and the technique are currently being marketed outside of Russia by East/West Technology Partners, Ltd. made up of BDM International, Inc., of McLean, Va., INTEX Corporation of Washington, and a Russian joint stock company known as Technology Exhibition & Investment (TEI), Inc., in Moscow, the company was established to be a source for a wide variety of advanced technologies developed in the former Soviet Union. East/West Technology identifies, evaluates and assesses technologies that have application to business and industries in the West. The corporation acquires, licenses, patents and handles all title and technology transfer issues.
 The Russian partner is owned and staffed by prominent academicians, scientists and engineers in a wide variety of fields from hundreds of universities and institutes in the former Soviet Union. The company has received the endorsement of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Under the terms of the joint venture, Russian investors will share equally in the licensing revenues generated.
 In addition to marketing the technology for the diagnosis of pre- cancerous cells, East/West Technology will be marketing inventions and processes in many scientific and manufacturering disciplines including advanced materials, microelectronics, polymer chemistry, laser/optics, and advanced electronics packaging, new solar energy, advanced algorithms, advanced welding techniques, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and more. The corporation also has the ability to help U.S. corporations search for and locate new and complementary technology.
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 /CONTACT: Dr. Mark S. Taylor of East/West Technology Partners, Ltd., 703-351-6910/

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Date:Aug 17, 1993

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