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The asylum seekers fleeing their countries for safety in the UK Nbut only a EARLY 40,000 asylum seekers arrived in the UK in 2016, fraction are being allowed to stay.

. w New figures show that the top ten places people are fleeing from to the UK are overwhelmingly countries experiencing war, repression or domestic political chaos.

r, tic There children who the ast Leading the list last year were Iran, Pakistan and Iraq.

There were 4,837 applications submitted for asylum in the UK by Iranians, followed by 3,773 from Pakistanis, while Iraqis accounted for 3,734 cases.

There were also 3,115 applications people from Afghanistan, and Bangladesh saw 2,256 people apply for asylum.

from Afghan Ban pea Most people seeking asylum come from Asia and Africa, though Albanians from Europe - had eighth highest number of applications at 1,884. In total, 39,357 people applied for asylum in the UK, but only 9,944 had their applications approved.

t -eig num app were 3,290 travelled to UK alone The greatest proportion of those seeking refugee status are people aged between 25 and 29.

Some 9,824 children sought asylum the UK in 2016, and 3,290 of them were unaccompanied - meaning they travelled without an adult.

But just 1,396 - or 42% - of these unaccompanied children were granted some form of stay in the UK, including asylum, discretionary leave and humanitarian protection. A further 1,634 are still awaiting a decision.

It's up to the UK border agency to decide who gets given asylum.

If a person is granted asylum, they're given refugee status which lasts for five years.

After five years, refugees can apply Indefinite Leave to Remain. This is wing he a legal status allowing them to stay in the UK.

In 2002, the highest number of applications was recorded at 103,081 - and 10,992 people were granted asylum.

e Most fleeing from countries saw er of fugee That year, Iraq the greatest number people seeking refugee status, at 15,367 applications - which was likely due to the impending Iraq war.

By 2004, total applications had dropped by more than 50% to 40,623, and on the whole, numbers have continued to fall.

By 2012 there were 27,928 applications.

appliB apt But by 2015, applications climbed to 39,968, before dipping slightly to the 39,357 seen last year.

Meanwhile, the number of people being granted asylum the UK has risen steadily.

are war-torn n be in t fairly In 2004, 2,159 people were granted asylum.

By 2008 this had jumped to 4,782 people, and in 2012 there were 6,542 people given refugee status.

Figures for 2016 show that 8,419 people were given asylum, and Syrians had the most applications approved - for 1,757 people.

Most people are fleeing from war-torn countries in fairly

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:Dec 19, 2017
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