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 WOOSTER, Ohio, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Like the mail itself, many people take their mailboxes for granted. This attitude may work fine for a recently erected unit, but the elements, cars and rambunctious vandals can take a hearty toll on many boxes, and replacements are periodically needed.
 In addition, properly installed mailboxes ease the burden of mail carriers and make mail delivery that much smoother. There's no better time to change mailboxes than the fall, before the nasty weather hits.
 The United States Postal Service strongly urges residents to replace old, non-functioning mailboxes.
 Rubbermaid's line of Roughneck(TM) Mailboxes are designed to be tough, durable and exceptionally long lasting. They incorporate the benefits of plastic -- non-rusting and damage resistant -- that have made metal trash cans a thing of the past.
 An added convenience is ease of installation. Mailboxes can easily be mounted on posts or the Roughneck(TM) Mailbox Post and Mounting Kit makes installation easy -- no digging and no cement.
 Installation is easy -- drive the stake into the ground, the post slips over the top of the steel stake and is bolted in place. The mounting bracket bolts to the post.
 Rubbermaid's mailboxes simply snap into place on the bracket without the use of tools, cutting or drilling.
 In addition, the set-up complies with USPS requirements that help postal carriers avoid injury and damage to their vehicles.
 The Roughneck(TM) Mailboxes come in three sizes. The Small Mailbox measures 20-1/4 inches deep by 9-1/2 inches high by 8-1/4 inches wide. The Medium Mailbox is 21 inches deep by 9-1/2 inches high by 11-1/2 inches wide and the Large Mailbox is 21 inches deep by 10-3/4 inches high by 14 inches wide.
 All three come in black and white and the two large mailboxes also come in colonial blue. These two sizes will hold magazines flat and have a bright yellow flag that alerts homeowners when mail has arrived. A red flag can be turned up to tell the postal carrier to stop to pick up mail.
 The large easy-grip door handle on these models has a wide overhand area to help keep contents protected in inclement weather.
 All of the Roughneck(TM) Mailboxes and accessories are made to withstand high heat and sub-zero temperatures. Areas for house numbers, a postal requirement, are provided, as is SPI recycling information.
 Retail prices are $14.99 for the Small Mailbox, $24.99 for the Medium and $29.99 for the Large. The Mailbox Post and Mounting Kit is $38.99 and the Mounting Bracket is $9.99.
 Also available from Rubbermaid is a Roughneck(TM) Wall-Mounted unit (No. 7281) that's large, easy to install and made of high-impact, durable weather-resistant material.
 A slot in front provides a sheltered yet highly visible area for mail intended for postal carriers to pick up. The lid overlaps the base to help keep the elements out, and the slanted top will hold small packages and newspapers.
 The Roughneck(TM) Wall-Mounted Mailbox comes in black and has a smooth area designed for house numbers or a name.
 Expected retail price is $14.99.
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