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RTIME, VRT and SuperScape Offer Realtime, Multiuser, 3D World Creation With No Programming Through New "Paraworld".

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 1997--

RTIME, Inc. and Virtual Reality Technologies (VRT)

Announce Worldwide Licensing Agreement To Bring 3D,

Multiuser Applications to the Mass Market

RTIME, Inc. and Virtual Reality Technologies GmbH (VRT) today announced a worldwide licensing agreement whereby VRT will embed RTIME's market leading Interactive Networking Engine(TM) within its "Paraworld" multiuser plug-in for Superscape's Viscape 3D Browser.

Available October 25, Paraworld enables developers and enthusiasts to rapidly build and deliver realtime, multiuser, 3D worlds that run within the Viscape environment -- with no programming required.

Paraworld also dramatically simplifies the end-user experience, allowing Internet users with Viscape to transparently download the software and begin interacting in multiuser worlds within minutes.

With Paraworld, VRT has eliminated several barriers that have held back the rapid creation of multiuser worlds on the Internet. Rather than coding in C or C++, developers and enthusiasts can deliver rich 3D interactive environments using a simple scripting language, and enable a multiuser application in five easy steps.

End-users are no longer required to download multi-megabyte files or to restart their computers to participate in a multiuser environment. Paraworld offers a one-time, 125K download that enables immediate interaction. And through the power of the embedded RTIME Interactive Networking Engine(TM) that eliminates the performance problems on the Internet, multiple users from anywhere in the world can interact in realtime over the Internet.

"VRT has not only opened up the development of 3D, multiuser applications to a wider class of developers, but has made the end-user experience extremely simple and compelling," said Chip Overstreet, President and CEO of RTIME, Inc.

"By eliminating these barriers, VRT and RTIME are helping to transform the Web from a static environment into a rich, interactive experience for end-users, and helping enable a mass market application for collaborative, multiuser applications."

Cy-Berlin is First Commercial Implementation of Paraworld

The first commercial implementation of Paraworld is Cy-Berlin, a virtual, three-dimensional representation of Berlin. Sponsored by the Senate of Berlin and the European Economic Community (EEC), Cy-Berlin offers visitors the ability to enter and explore a virtual representation of one of the most storied, cultural cities in Europe, and to chat with people from all over the world.

The Brandenburg Gate is the first segment of the virtual city to be inhabited by multiple avatars that can maneuver and communicate in realtime over the Internet. Users located anywhere in the world can access Cy-Berlin at .

RTIME Interactive Networking Engine(TM)

The RTIME Interactive Networking Engine is a high performance, client/server networking engine that manages the flow of information between connected users spread across the Internet. Developers integrate RTIME's software into their multiuser environments to enable 2-2,000 players and spectators to participate in the same world at the same time. With RTIME, fast-action games are not limited to dedicated networks, thereby opening up access to over 50 million consumers located anywhere on the Internet.

RTIME's software successfully deals with the problems of high latency and low bandwidth that affect performance of multiuser applications on the Internet, through features that include: client frame-rate decoupling, Dynamic Motion Modeling, global timebase, and realtime, affinity-based data filtering. These features work together to provide the most efficient client/server data transfer possible.

RTIME's sophisticated networking software came out of its founders' experience designing and building the network engine for the $250 million, US Government project, SIMNET. In use since 1989, SIMNET simulates combat environments and was used to train US troops for the Persian Gulf War through interactive battle simulations. SIMNET allows over 600 soldiers to participate in a shared, realtime virtual environment.

Paraworld will be available on October 25 at . A development version of Paraworld, which includes the RTIME Interactive Networking Engine that supports five concurrent users, is offered to developers at no charge. The RTIME Server Engine(TM) runs on Windows(TM) 95 (development only), Windows NT, SGI and Solaris.

Paraworld is sold exclusively by Virtual Reality Technologies. The product is packaged and priced on a per-concurrent-user basis, starting at $195 per concurrent user. Volume purchase discounts are also available.


RTIME, Inc. is the leading provider of commercial networking software that supports realtime, interactive multiplayer games and multiuser applications over the Internet. RTIME is a privately held company located in Seattle, Washington and was founded in 1993.


Virtual Reality Technologies GmbH (VRT) develops and distributes high-tech systems and development environments, as well as simulation and training systems, for the Virtual Reality market and the Internet. VRT is a private company headquartered in Germany that offers comprehensive services around Virtual Reality technology to a wide range of customers. -0-

Note to Editors: RTIME Interactive Networking Engine is a trademark of RTIME, Inc. All other product or company names may be trademarks of their respective companies.


Chip Overstreet, 206/281-7990 Ext. 102


Virtual Reality Technologies

Frank Colmsee, +49 (0) 6071-9858-0


Price Public Relations

Julia Price/Tamsen Reinheimer, 650/373-1515
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 14, 1997
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