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RTG to expand, restructure.

Recovery Technologies Group Inc. (RTG), a leading tire recycler and crumb rubber producer, has announced the expansion of its crumb rubber production and tire collection activities in Canada and the U.S. Additionally, RTG has announced the closure of its Elliott, Maine, plant and restructuring of its Florida operations, resulting in the loss of 22 jobs.

"To accommodate our rapid expansion, we are making important shifts in the allocation of resources to further strengthen operations that are contributing to our profitability," RTG's Chief Executive Officer Marty Sergi says. "We are also eliminating operations that are burdensome to our bottom line and are likely to remain so."

In addition to adding ambient crumb rubber production capacity at its facilities in Saskatchewan, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, RTG has established new tire collection agreements in Prince Edward Island and Ontario, Canada, as well as expansion of its warehouse network with new facilities in Columbiana, Ohio, and Houston.
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Date:Dec 1, 2003
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