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RTE chiefs warn Nazi to go cold turkey..


RTE bosses are demanding an Irish Nazi stops using the identity of kids' telly favourite Dustin the Turkey.

Last week, the Irish Sunday Mirror revealed how a neo-Nazi leader had hijacked the name and image of Tony Scannell , detective "Ted Roach" from TV cop show The Bill.

Cork-born actor Tony, 51, was shocked to find out a neo-Nazi was using his name and image on the internet to spread evil propaganda.

But after we exposed the Nazi for using Scannel's image the racist has now adopted Dustin the Turkey's picture in his postingson other hate-filled white supremacist sites.

RTE chiefs distanced Dustin from any racist activities.

An RTE spokesman said: "Dustin's image has been used on this site without permission. Neither Dustin nor RTE condones its use in this context."

The fascist has changed his photo on a white supremacist site this week.

But he is now using an image of Dustin the Turkey on another extremist website (which we don't name for legal reasons) to spread his racist propaganda.

The neo-Nazi has made more than 3,000 racially-charged comments on this site.

But his nasty neo-Nazi friends have banned him from the site because his views are too extreme.

They are also worried about the diapproving attention he is bringing to their racist rantings.

A neo-Nazi on the site said of last week's Irish Sunday Mirror Investigation: "His username should be deleted. He has thousands of posts under that name."

But the neo-Nazi activist still using the name and picture of Ted Roach continues to post information on the underground racist website, Stormfront.

The site is run by Don Black the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

He set up the site to ensure "White Survival".

"Ted Roach" recently called for all non-whites to be deported from Ireland.

He said: "If we want to retain our free way of life, we should send them back to their lands of origin."

He also claims Irish Jews are behind anti-Semitic attacks on a Jewish nursing home.


Kids TV favourite Dustin the Turkey; Last week's Irish Sunday Mirror
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 28, 2005
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