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RTE STAR'S SON 'ATTACKED HOUSE' Gardai quiz teenager after neighbour 's window smashed.


THE son of an RTE star has been questioned by gardai about a terrifying attack on the home of a single mother.

During the incident, a pal of the teenager is believed to have threatened to get a gun and shoot the woman.

The mother-of-two said she had identified one of the culprits as the son of the presenter and told gardai.

Officers who went to question the boy last week are believed to have been ordered off the property by the celebrity.

The attack on the house happened at around 4am last Sunday in Dublin.

The two youths are alleged to have smashed the window of a house with a metal pole.

The woman, who was at home with her young daughter, said she had felt terrified and was still frightened. She told a friend:

"I am really worried because the young man who was with the one I recognised said his father had a gun and he'd shoot us.

"They used an iron bar which was holding up a sign to smash in my front window.

"I was terrified. My daughter was terrified.

Lucky the two young men saw a friend, who has been staying here to guard me.

"They stopped and ran away. My friend chased them and caught up with the teenager, who was drunk, and took the iron bar off them. We phoned 999 twice.

"We contacted the local Garda station.

"We had to because I was afraid not so much of the presenter's son but of the other youth coming back with a gun."

Later on that morning, gardai told the family they had been to the RTE star's house and that his son had denied being out.

But later a Garda officer told the woman she had seen the teenager drinking with other youths in a laneway in the area that night, the alleged victim told a friend.

Gardai are believed to have called again to the presenter's home but were not allowed in.

A source said: "The presenter told the officers to get off his property.

"Now the gardai say they are going to arrest the young fella to find out who the other character with the gun is.

"This was an awful incident. The woman and her family here were terrified.

"In the middle of the night, two intoxicated men attacked the house.

"They smashed the front window in.

God knows what they would have done if they got into the house and at the family.

"These guys were drunk or whatever.

They were out of it. They were dangerous. They had the women screaming in terror.

"It was dreadful, especially frightening for the children.

"God love them, how can children cope with this type of terror?"

The RTE presenter has refused to comment on the case.

His son, who has not been charged in connection with the alleged incident, cannot be identified for legal reasons because he is a juvenile.


The youth cannot be identified
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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