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RSSL new test kit.

RSSL has further established its reputation as the pre-eminent laboratory in allergen analysis by validating a new test kit to detect the milk protein, casein, in highly processed foods.

This is hugely significant since many of the test kits on the market can not detect highly processed proteins, yet these proteins can still remain allergenic: for susceptible individuals. So it is important to have a reliable method that can detect highly processed proteins. Where this new ELISA test kit differs from the standard ELISA kits used for detecting milk allergens is that it involves a step to deliberately denature the proteins as part of the extraction process prior to analysis. The antibodies in this kit have been raised to detect these denatured proteins. Denaturation is a process that changes the shape and configuration of proteins when they are heated and stressed by fermentation, high pressure and other intensive treatments. The remainder of ELISA test kits on the market cannot detect these denatured proteins because their antibodies have been raised to intact proteins.

Notes Simon Flanagan, Food Safety Consultant at RSSL, "The whole area of allergen management is hugely complicated, both from the perspective of controlling ingredients and giving clear messages on labels," notes Simon. The training, consultancy and analytical support available from RSSL allows us to give a complete service to customers in order to regain control over their ingredient and allergen management issues."

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 2011
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