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RSS bar codes pass a test.

A recent study conducted by Pinpoint Data on behalf of the Joint Industry Coupon Committee found that Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) bar codes on coupons do not take longer to scan at the point of sale than bar codes being used today. The test used a total of 30 coupons. Ten had the current GS1-128 bar codes and 20 had RSS codes. The transition in format is part of a global data synchronization initiative to enable retailers in the U.S. and Canada to scan symbols already in use outside of North America.


"Based on the results of the Phase 0 test, it does not appear that RSS bar codes show a significant impact on scan performance. Scanner type and equipment age appear to have a more notable effect on scan time," says Joan Wyndrum, vice president of North Plainfield, N.J.-based Pinpoint Data, L.L.C. Consequently, Wyndrum says the JICC will proceed with the finalization of the RSS Specification and begin the next steps in the implementation process.

"Once the RSS Specification is finalized and approved by the industry, then POS vendors can begin the process of creating code for their scanners," adds Jane Michels, president of J. Michels Consulting in Bloomington, Ind. Full test results can be found online at
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Author:Palazzo, Suzanne Vita
Publication:Grocery Headquarters
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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