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RSPCA exotic animals warning.

MORE than 4,000 exotic pets including monkeys, bearded dragons and even a wallaby were rescued by animal officers in England and Wales last year.

The RSPCA issued a warning to carry out proper research after taking more than 15,000 calls on exotic animals in 2018.

Vet Stephanie Jayson, the RSPCA's senior scientific officer in exotics, said: "Exotic pets are completely reliant on their owners to meet their welfare needs.

"Some species can grow large, live a long time or require paperwork to be legally kept or sold.

"Many of the animals we're called to are found outside, where they can suffer in the cold."

The charity added in 2018 its officers investigated nearly 131,000 animal cruelty complaints.

Ms Jayson added: "We believe people may buy animals with little idea of how difficult they can be to keep and they are sometimes neglected when the novelty wears off and commitment hits home."

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Date:Apr 26, 2019
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