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RPM Careers Month is April! Share your #RPMmoments.

April is RPM Careers Month and you can find us at @rpmcareers on Instagram and RPM Ca reers on Facebook! Start posting your RPM-themed photos and videos today on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #RP-Mmoments--showcase your team members or a resident you helped.

In April, we'll feature select #RPMmoments posts on the RPM Careers Facebook and Instagram accounts to highlight the good work that you do. This is a unique opportunity to show industry newcomers real #RPMmoments through your eyes.

Throughout April, your team can join us in showing off residential property management careers and attracting talent to the industry by:

Participating in our 30-day challenge.

Building on last year's successful contest, we are bringing back the #RPMmoments challenge this year. Throughout April, RPM Careers will announce #RPMmoments challenges on our Instagram and Facebook pages-for instance, "Post your favorite view from your property!" Look for more details on the RPM Careers social media pages and visit to learn how to win prizes during the 30-day challenge and sign up to receive alerts and updates on the month's #RPMmoments challenges.


Spread the word about RPM Careers Month us ing our downloadable promotional materials, including 2019 RPM Careers Month logos and social media post content.

Get a head start on RPM Careers Month! Begin posting photos or videos of your #RP-Mmoments on Facebook or Instagram, and watch the RPM Careers social media pages and for more details in the weeks to come.

Please join NAA Education Institute in congratulating these individuals who received their designations in January 2019.

Theresa Adragna, CAM. NALP     The Walters Group
Jody Ambrose, CAM. CAPS, IROP  Winstead Capital
Ismael Basart, CAM
Megan Bordelon. CAM, NALP      1st Lake Properties
Carlos Castillo, CAM, CAPS     Austin Management Group
Fabiola Celado. CAM
Stuart Cline, CAM              Virginia Tech
Emily Cross, CAM               Nob Hill Apartments
Tracy Dorgan, CAM              Ridgewood Villa II Apts.
Sarah Drumheller, CAM-SH       Management Services Corp.
Jennifer Faulkner, CAM, CAPS   Horst Realty
Sandy Gudiel. CAM, NALP        Chestnut Hill Realty
Emily Hallett, CAM, CAPS       Berger Rental Communities
Denise Harley, CAM             West Woods Haven
Erica Harrington, HCCP, CAM    Herman & Kittle Properties
Sam Hathorn, CAM               Management Services Corp.
Yaniel Henriquez Tineo, CAM    Legow Management
Jeffrey Huang, CAM             WinnResidential
Natalie Johnson, CAM, CAPS     Gardner Tanenbaum Group
Jennifer Kubitz, CAM           Park 205 Apartments
Chelsey Lamore, CAM            Lakes of Columbia
Sheryl Lidge-Sculark, CAM      Palestine Commons
Nicole Loser, CAM, CAPS        Madison at Hershey Heights
Jose Lozano, CAM               Castlewood Apartments
Michael MacDonald, CAM         M&M Residential
Tara Mcintosh, CAM             The Champion Companies

Theresa Adragna, CAM. NALP     Barnegat          NJ
Jody Ambrose, CAM. CAPS, IROP  Fort Worth        TX
Ismael Basart, CAM             Jacksonville      FL
Megan Bordelon. CAM, NALP      River Ridge       LA
Carlos Castillo, CAM, CAPS     Houston           IX
Fabiola Celado. CAM            Pasadena          TX
Stuart Cline, CAM              Blacksburg        VA
Emily Cross, CAM               Antioch           TN
Tracy Dorgan, CAM              Jackson           MI
Sarah Drumheller, CAM-SH       Charlottesville   VA
Jennifer Faulkner, CAM, CAPS   Harrisburg        PA
Sandy Gudiel. CAM, NALP        Chestnut Hill     MA
Emily Hallett, CAM, CAPS       Southeastern      PA
Denise Harley, CAM             Pensacola         FL
Erica Harrington, HCCP, CAM    Indianapolis      IN
Sam Hathorn, CAM               Harrisonburg      VA
Yaniel Henriquez Tineo, CAM    Haddon Township   NJ
Jeffrey Huang, CAM             Boston            MA
Natalie Johnson, CAM, CAPS     Oklahoma City     OK
Jennifer Kubitz, CAM           Charlotte         NC
Chelsey Lamore, CAM            Columbia          IN
Sheryl Lidge-Sculark, CAM      Kansas City       Ml
Nicole Loser, CAM, CAPS        Annville          PA
Jose Lozano, CAM               Houston           TX
Michael MacDonald, CAM         Lexington         SC
Tara Mcintosh, CAM             Westerville       OH

Alexander Morse, CAM         Kettler Management
Dean Niarchos, CAM, NALP     Mgmt. Services Corp.
Janeive Palesano, CAM, NALP
Tina Patterson, CAM
Colleen Patterson, CAM
Lutishia Pough, CAM
Ambyr Privett. CAM           MacDonald Property Mgmt.
Michelle Rautenberg, CAM     Regency Park
Kurt Reynolds, CAM           Sun Residential
Liza Rivera, CAM             Myan Management Group
Mary Sheir, CAM, NALP        High Associates LTD
Anna Short, CAM, CAPS        Greystone Property Mgmt.
Donna Smith, CAM             The Westover Companies
Katherine Smith, CAM, CAPS   Berger Rental Communities
Sarah Stewart, CAM           Mgmt. Services Corporation
Vee Thomas, CAM              Apartment Mgmt. Consultants
Kaitlyn Wells, CAM-SH        Cottage Landing

Alexander Morse, CAM         McLean           VA
Dean Niarchos, CAM, NALP     Charlottesville  VA
Janeive Palesano, CAM, NALP  Anchorage        AK
Tina Patterson, CAM          Florence         MS
Colleen Patterson, CAM       Federal Way      WA
Lutishia Pough, CAM          Marietta         GA
Ambyr Privett. CAM           Ingleside        TX
Michelle Rautenberg, CAM     Bellingham       WA
Kurt Reynolds, CAM           Louisville       KY
Liza Rivera, CAM             Corpus Christi   TX
Mary Sheir, CAM, NALP        Lancaster        PA
Anna Short, CAM, CAPS        St. Cloud        FL
Donna Smith, CAM             King of Prussia  PA
Katherine Smith, CAM, CAPS   Boalsburg        PA
Sarah Stewart, CAM           Charlottesville  VA
Vee Thomas, CAM              Lemon Grove      CA
Kaitlyn Wells, CAM-SH        Lafayette        LA


Norberto Alberto, CAM, CAMT  Phillips Real Estate Services
Demaine Broadie, CAMT
R. Garry Burrell, CAMT       First Communities
Juan Ceja, CAMT
Rafae Celaya, CAMT
Michael Cox, CAMT            Pegasus Residential
Malik Davis, CAMT
John Ehle, CAMT
Tony Ellersick, CAMT
Lose Enciso, CAMT
Kevin Haze, CAMT
Geddy Hess, CAMT
Salomon Jimenez, CAMT
Fredrick Johnson, CAMT
Wal Bichar Deng Kuek, CAMT   Riverdale
Glenn Leonen. CAMT
Chris Lincoln. CAMT          Greystar
Bryan Martinez. CAMT
Brad May, CAMT               Griffis/Blessing
Jack Nelson, CAMT
Crystal Okorie, CAMT
Joseph Pesina, CAMT          San Antonio Hsng. Authority
Randy Reagh, CAMT            TMC Property Management
Donald Sorg Jr, CAMT
Jeremy Stahlnecker, CAMT     Wedner Properties
Jeffrey Taylor, CAMT         Continental Realty Corp.
Metages Tizale, CAMT
John Wallace, CAMT           Plantation Club Apartments
Robert Walters, CAMT
Anakatrina Waltz, CAMT
Joseph Watson, CAMT

Norberto Alberto, CAM, CAMT  Seattle             WA
Demaine Broadie, CAMT        Washington          DC
R. Garry Burrell, CAMT       Columbia            SC
Juan Ceja, CAMT              Des Moines          WA
Rafae Celaya, CAMT           Tucson              AZ
Michael Cox, CAMT            Tallahassee         FL
Malik Davis, CAMT            Pikesville          MD
John Ehle, CAMT              Seattle             WA
Tony Ellersick, CAMT         Mountlake Terrace   WA
Lose Enciso, CAMT            Kent                WA
Kevin Haze, CAMT             Pleasanton          CA
Geddy Hess, CAMT             Tangent             OR
Salomon Jimenez, CAMT        Silver Spring       MD
Fredrick Johnson, CAMT       Clovis              NM
Wal Bichar Deng Kuek, CAMT   MD
Glenn Leonen. CAMT           Mill Creek          WA
Chris Lincoln. CAMT          Atlanta             GA
Bryan Martinez. CAMT         Gaithersburg        MD
Brad May, CAMT               Colorado Springs    CO
Jack Nelson, CAMT            Federalway          WA
Crystal Okorie, CAMT         Washington          DC
Joseph Pesina, CAMT          San Antonio         TX
Randy Reagh, CAMT            Tulsa               OK
Donald Sorg Jr, CAMT         Federal Way         WA
Jeremy Stahlnecker, CAMT     Burbank             CA
Jeffrey Taylor, CAMT         Baltimore           MD
Metages Tizale, CAMT         Silver Spring       MD
John Wallace, CAMT           Melbourne           FL
Robert Walters, CAMT         Albany              OR
Anakatrina Waltz, CAMT       Los Angeles         CA
Joseph Watson, CAMT          Renton              WA


Michelle Besagno, CAS  PSF Mechanical               Tukwila        WA
Tom McDermott, CAS     Yardi Systems, Inc.          Santa Barbara  CA
Rudy Monzon, CAS       HD Supply Facilities Maint.  Kent           WA
Summer Muno, CAS       BG Multilamily               Oklahoma City  OK
Catherine Povec, CAS   Sherwin-Williams             Jacksonville   FL


Travis Gullickson, IROP  Liberty REI        Oak Ridge  NC
Frank Kalkattawi, IROP   Team House Buyers  Richmond   TX
Brian Shaffer, IROP      Hells              TX


Lenora Carter, NALP          Hallmark Properties
Rebecca Cochran, NALP        ATC Development
Laura Czupinski, NALP        The Haven
Kristen Ford, NALP           Winn Residential
Lindsey Fritz, NALP          Columbus Station at Town Cntr.
Ruth Gibbens, NALP           The Dolben Company
Courtney Gilliam, NALP       Northern View Student Living
Jodian Hamilton, NALP        WPM RE Management
Kim Lake, NALP               J. Alexander Management
Carolyn Larson, NALP         WPM Condo Management
Tatianna Lee, NALP
Danielle Moor, NALP          Kartchnet Property Mgmt.
Katy Murray, NALP            First Montgomery Group
Sherri Nores, NALP           1st Lake Properties
Erica Pope, NALP
Guadalupe Rodriguez, NALP    Land & Company
Elizabeth Rodriguez, NALP    T & C Management
Niah Sample, NALP            Bonaventure Realty Group
Christopher Schneider, NALP
Lynsey Smith, NALP           ATC Development
Lauren Stanley, NALP
Lindsey Stokes, NALP         Aldon Management Corp.
Kaisha Waddles, NALP         Olympus Property
Christi Wedel, NALP          Bell Partners
Janet Weidig, NALP           Fairfield Residential
Tymeisha Williams, NALP      Balfour Beatty Communities
Monica Zimbelman, NALP       The Beckham

Lenora Carter, NALP          Davis             CA
Rebecca Cochran, NALP        Augusta           GA
Laura Czupinski, NALP        Wyoming           MI
Kristen Ford, NALP           Hartford          CT
Lindsey Fritz, NALP          Virginia Beach    VA
Ruth Gibbens, NALP           Woburn            MA
Courtney Gilliam, NALP       Highland Heights  KY
Jodian Hamilton, NALP        Owings Mills      MD
Kim Lake, NALP               Hyattsville       MD
Carolyn Larson, NALP         Owings Mills      MD
Tatianna Lee, NALP           Richmond          VA
Danielle Moor, NALP          Logan             UT
Katy Murray, NALP            Haddon Township   NJ
Sherri Nores, NALP           Metairie          LA
Erica Pope, NALP             Grottoes          VA
Guadalupe Rodriguez, NALP    Wyoming           MI
Elizabeth Rodriguez, NALP    Albuquerque       NM
Niah Sample, NALP            Virginia Beach    VA
Christopher Schneider, NALP  Anchorage         AK
Lynsey Smith, NALP           Augusta           GA
Lauren Stanley, NALP         Overland Park     KS
Lindsey Stokes, NALP         Bethesda          MD
Kaisha Waddles, NALP         Fort Worth        TX
Christi Wedel, NALP          Greensboro        NC
Janet Weidig, NALP           Medina            OH
Tymeisha Williams, NALP      Groton            CT
Monica Zimbelman, NALP       Elkhorn           NE


Katy Bair, SHCM                Episcopal Retirement Homes
Christina Hampton, CPO, SHCM   Michaels Management
Nicole Morgan. SHCM            Washington Columbia II
John Pettigrew, SHCM           Ross Management Group
Danica Potts, SHCM             Century Villages at Cabrillo

Katy Bair, SHCM                Cincinnati  OH
Christina Hampton, CPO, SHCM   Trenton     NJ
Nicole Morgan. SHCM            Dorchester  MA
John Pettigrew, SHCM           Denver      CO
Danica Potts, SHCM             Long Beach  CA
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