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THE Royal Scots is the oldest infantry regiment of the Line in the British Army.

It was formed in 1633 when, under Royal Warrant from King Charles I, a body of Scottish troops was raised to serve in France.

And, by 1635, its commander Sir John Hepburn had an impressive force of more than 8,000 men.

The regiment was called back to Britain in 1661 to bridge the gap between the end of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army and the creation of a regular Army. And the regiment was to become a model for all others.

Since those early days, it has served in theatres of conflict all over the world, from Africa to the Napoleonic Wars.

More recently, the regiment has been sent into both World Wars, the 1991 Gulf War and Northern Ireland.

Its troops also fought in the latest conflict in Iraq, to topple Saddam Hussein.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 22, 2004
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