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ROT IN HELL; Jail for vampires who sacrificed pal to Satan.

Byline: ALLAN HALL in Bochum

TWO devil-worshippers who butchered a friend and drank his blood were caged for a total of 28 years yesterday.

Former Skye hotel worker Manuela Ruda got 13 years for the ritual murder in her native Germany. Husband Daniel was sentenced to 15 years.

The warped couple defiantly kissed in the courtroom, chewed gum and laughed at their victim's mother.

Grieving Doris Hackert wept: "I came here each day to look into their eyes, to try to see some kind of sorrow or regret. I saw nothing."

The Rudas lured pal Frank Hackert, 33, to their flat for a drinking session, then killed him in front of an altar of skulls in the living room.

Car parts salesman Frank was hit with a hammer and slashed 66 times with a machete.

The couple carved a pentagram - an occult emblem - into his stomach with a scalpel, and collected and drank his blood.

They left Frank's body in the silk-lined coffin Manuela used as a bed.

In the industrial city of Bochum, judge Arno Kersting-Tombroke branded the couple "evil and remorseless".

He said they should start their sentences in a secure hospital, for therapy in case they repeat their crime.

The Rudas claim to be vampires who drank blood and sacrificed animals on visits to Britain.

Manuela, 23, lived in Skye at one time and worked at a hotel in Kyleakin.

She claimed to have stayed with the island's "leopard man", Tom Leppard, who lives in a cave and has spots tattooed all over his body.

Mr Leppard admits meeting Manuela but insists she never lived in his cave.

Manuela also told of running away to London when she was 16, meeting vampires, sleeping in graves and drinking blood men gave her in exchange for sex.

She met Daniel, 26, three years ago, after he placed a personal ad in a heavy metal newspaper. It read: "Prince of Darkness seeks vampire who hates everyone and everything."

The couple said they did not make love very often because their bond to the devil was greater than physical ties.

But they admitted having sex after Frank's murder because they were "charged by the aura of Satan".

Psychiatrists described the Rudas as self-obsessed social outcasts who truly believed in devil worship.

Frank's family demanded life sentences for both killers but they escaped because of their mental problems. They claimed they were not to blame for the murder because Satan told them to do it.

The Rudas pulled faces for reporters and poked fun at the proceedings throughout their month-long trial.

Satanism is a growing problem in Germany, with 6000 devil-worshippers in the deprived east.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 1, 2002
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