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ROLEC Enclosures: Enclosure manufacturer offers a wide range of sizes and materials to protect sensitive electronic components from harsh environmental conditions.

Whether residing inside buildings or braving the conditions of outdoor life, electronic instrumentation with its delicate components needs protection. Electronic enclosures serve as the fortified strongholds to safeguard electronic systems, with companies like ROLEC Enclosures fulfilling that need to a global audience.

The company produces electronic enclosures to protect industrial electronics and control equipment, manufacturing their designs in diecast aluminum, ABS, polyester, and stainless steel, among others. ROLEC Enclosures also manufactures a range of suspension arm systems, command enclosures, and mobile handheld control enclosures, which are accompanied by accessories including mounting plates, cable glands, and more.

In such a competitive marketspace, how does the company set itself apart? According to President of ROLEC Enclosures Sean Bailey, it's their off-the-shelf solution and full customizing service.

"Our main strengths would be offering an off-the-shelf solution to a customer. We have lots of different sizes. We have hundreds of different sizes within our range, whether they're really small enclosures to fairly large enclosures. So when somebody has a need for an enclosure, we have something that will work for them, whether it's a specific size, material, or rating. Rather than them actually designing an enclosure for their needs, we have a range of products that are available off-the-shelf, and we also have the ability to customize those enclosures for them," Bailey says.

According to Bailey, customers can customize an array of features, including holes for different type of connectors; on/off switches; printing instructions, product information, or corporate logos; and a paint job that can fit the corporate color.

"The customer can make it look like something truly that comes from their products and something they designed themselves specifically, rather than something they pulled off the shelf. It's a two-pronged thing. Having a range of products they can easily select, and also being able to modify it to their requirements," Bailey adds.

When it comes to value-added features, sealing and materials are key components, especially if the enclosures are located outdoors.

"When it's outside, people need to seal them so water can't get in and damage the electronics," says Bailey. "The sealing is important, and the type of material too. A lot of products, if they're near the seas or waters, they need to be a stainless steel material rather than an aluminum, which can be affected by salt water. And also, we cover those enclosures with protective coatings as well. We offer different types of solutions depending on the environment."

Lighting and energy, power, automotive--ROLEC Enclosures contributes to a variety of different industries through supplying the enclosures that house the specific electronic instrumentation.

"Whether they're electronic Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or electronic automated vehicles, all products need to have a box or enclosure around it. We're probably more involved now in the autonomous vehicle situation because you have more intelligence in there, and that intelligence needs to be protected from an outside environment," Bailey explains.

The company's range of suspension arm systems will be a key focus moving forward, with Bailey saying, "One of the things that we specialize in is suspension arms systems. We just introduced a new range of HMIs, and we're focused on trying to reduce the price of those in the market because they're quite expensive bespoke systems for controlling big, heavy industrial equipment. We're trying to gain more market share in that by producing a very high quality product, but at a little bit more of a reasonable price."

"We pride ourselves on quality. Our passion is enclosures. Even though our products start off as a standard, off-the-shelf enclosure, we want to modify it and make it more bespoke for the customer's solution. That's something we take great pride in trying to offer complete solutions," Bailey adds.

By Jennifer DeLaOsa, associate editor
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Date:May 1, 2019
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