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 SEAL BEACH, Calif., April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Rockwell International Corp. (NYSE: ROK) announced it has committed more than $25 million in research and development this year to address the growing needs of the "smart highway" and "smart vehicle" marketplace.
 Rockwell is taking leading-edge technology from its diverse defense and commercial businesses to address the Intelligent Vehicle Highway System (IVHS) marketplace on an ongoing basis. Rockwell has been involved in research specifically directed toward IVHS for more than four years.
 At a media briefing yesterday at IVHS America's Fourth Annual Conference and Exposition in Atlanta, Kent M. Black, Rockwell executive vice president and chief operating officer, said, "We're combining our research and expertise in advanced electronics and systems integration with our experience in the automotive component industry to support the country's requirements for more efficient roads, cars and trucks."
 Specifically, Rockwell unveiled at the IVHS America event a traffic sensor to help measure traffic flow, an automatic vehicle location system to help monitor fleet location and information and an in-vehicle navigation/route-guidance system for passenger cars.
 "For us, IVHS has become another bridge between military technology and commercial application of that technology," Black said. "Few companies offer the breadth of applicable technologies, capabilities and market contacts as does Rockwell to address IVHS-related markets."
 For example, Black noted that Rockwell has more than 40 years of experience in technologies and products -- such as sensors, communications, navigation and control and systems integration -- that can be applied to smart highway systems.
 IVHS Architecture Development Program
 Rockwell and its team members are one of four teams that were selected by the Federal Highway Administration to define a nationwide IVHS open architecture, which will lay the framework for the nation's evolving IVHS structure. Rockwell's award is valued at $2.7 million.
 Advanced Technology Sensor to Offer Low-Cost Solution to Traffic Detection
 Rockwell unveiled its newly developed traffic sensor, dubbed TraffiCam, which uses machine vision technology to monitor vehicles in real time, supporting such vehicle detection capabilities as freeway surveillance, ramp-metering control, signalized intersection control and arterial monitoring applications.
 "Today, traffic monitoring is accomplished by wire loops buried in the pavement," said Black. "Installation and repair are expensive and tie up traffic. Our TraffiCam sensor is mounted on a post and replaces existing high-cost, high-maintenance loop detectors."
 GPS-Based FleetMaster Introduced to Automatic Vehicle Location Market
 At the IVHS America Annual Meeting and Exposition, Rockwell introduced its FleetMaster automatic vehicle location system, which is designed to operate with existing communication equipment and improve the overall efficiency of fleet operations.
 The FleetMaster automatic vehicle location system is a low-cost, turnkey approach that simplifies the multiple tasks involved in managing small or large mobile fleets which at the same time increases driver productivity, enhances the safety of the driver, vehicle and cargo and helps in emergency situations.
 The system consists of an in-vehicle Rockwell NavCell GPS unit and a base station consisting of a personal computer and peripheral components, which is located at a dispatch center. The NavCell GPS unit receives and processes signals from the Rockwell-built Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation of navigation satellites.
 In addition to vehicle location, the FleetMaster automatic vehicle location system provides a variety of other benefits, including an in- vehicle remote panic button for fast, accurate emergency response and a Rockwell-unique remote access capability.
 In-Vehicle Navigation/Route Guidance System
 Rockwell and Zexel USA Corp. have entered into an agreement whereby Rockwell will manufacture and supply to Zexel the hardware for in- vehicle navigation/route-guidance systems to be introduced into the market this year by Oldsmobile.
 The Rockwell/Zexel navigation/route guidance system will be the first one offered of its kind on a commercial basis as a dealer option on the Oldsmobile 88 LSS. The navigation/route guidance system provides turn-by-turn route guidance with voice prompting.
 "Since the system knows the location of the vehicle, the driver enters the destination, and the route guidance system generates the fastest route to get there," Black explained.
 "By using a couple of buttons, the route is calculated in a matter of seconds," he said. "A driver can enter an address, an intersection or other previously defined addresses."
 Zexel developed the software with Rockwell providing expertise in commercial electronics manufacturing, GPS technology as well as relationships with automobile original equipment manufacturers.
 Rockwell's ProSeries Mobile Satellite Communications Systems Featured
 A leader in the mobile satellite communications system business, Rockwell is supplying several truckload carriers with its state-of-the- art ProSeries communications systems. Last month, J.B. Hunt truckload carrier signed a contract with Rockwell to equip 1,000 trucks with Rockwell's Pro2000 Mobile Communications System.
 When Rockwell's TripMaster Data Max II on board computer is integrated with the communication system, automatic reporting of critical trip and vehicle information to truck fleet headquarters is possible. TripMaster is an on-board computer that processes and reports driver and vehicle information.
 Rockwell addresses a broad range of transportation electronics markets including: traffic management systems, automatic vehicle location systems, mobile satellite communications systems, automotive electronics, commercial avionics, automatic train control systems and in vehicle/route-guidance systems.
 Rockwell is a diversified, high-technology company holding leadership market positions in automotive components, automation, avionics, aerospace, defense electronics, telecommunications and graphics systems, with annual worldwide sales of $11 billion.
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