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ROCK MUSIC: I truly believe Bubbler Ranx with the best; Only Westlife stand in the way of Andre.

Byline: Chris BROWN

HE IS the unsung hero of 1996 pop music, the man who single-handedly made Mysterious Girl the success it was --and will beagain.

Not Peter Andre, he was only half of what made that song a glorious number two smash. I am talking about the mysterious Bubbler Ranx, who rapped throughout it.

He had such tremendous lines as: ``Well I've been sitting by the phone hoping you'd call. When time me hear your voiceI feel 10 feet tall.''

It was touching and grammatically inaccurate, a difficult double-header.

Let's not forget that he also used a ragga style rap to tie together Andre's calls that he wanted said mysterious girl to move her body close tohis.

This always confused me because even with Andre's trademark Aussie, tanned six-pack surely he should at least get to know the girl's name before making a move to ``Move your body close to mine, close to mine.''

As you can probably tell withAndre's hilarious appearance on I'm a Celebrity Get MeOut of Here and a more than surprising romance with a certain pneumatic glamour modelcalledJordan, he's in demand again.

Somuch so that Mysterious Girl,his biggest hit, has been re-released.

Only Westlife stand in the way of Andre reaching the top spot, with their new single Obvious. ``Mysterious Girl has been selling very strongly so far,'' saidGennaro Castaldo,of HMV.

``In some of our stores it is the best-seller,in others Westlife a reout in front.

But overallPeter is just ahead. It's great for him-a few weeks ago, who could have expected that Peter Andre would be within reach of a number one record?'' The single is also selling well in Woolworths, where head of entertainment Jim Batchelor said: ``Peter Andre's comeback got off to a flying start at the beginning of the week with Mysterious Girl outselling its rivals by two toone. ``If things carry on going the way they are,Peter will certainly be number one in the single charts on Sunday.''

Andre has signed to East West Records --home of The Darkness -and hopes to becomeamajor star again.

He was a pin-up in the 90s and topped the charts twice, withFlavaand I Feel You. But the hits dried up and he moved to Cyprus, where he has been helping his brother run a gym and dreaming of a return to the pop scene.

He has written 120 tracks including Insania, which he showcased in the jungle and intends to release as his next single.

Insania is already available in a variety of different ring tones which, I amguessing, a rebeing bought by slightly smug irony -filled students.

But let us leaveAndre for a minute and go back to the important man, namely Bubbler Ranx.

Where is he know? He only had one hit with Andre and then nothing. That was eight years ago.

The internet abounds with theories on where he is today, with the most common being he is ``in Sainsbury's,Lewisham-according to the news this morning''. That quote was posted on the internet earlier this month.

Unfortunately attempts by people to locate him there drew a blank as did attempts tolocatehit in Skegness at aButlins -another rumour doing the rounds.

I ask you all now -go out there and find me Bubbler. I want to see him again. If nothing else but because the remust be a royalty cheque coming his way.

If anyone can get him for me. I guarantee a rapturous reception. Well from me at least. Hemight get on Top Of The Pops as well.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 27, 2004
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