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If you've missed Rachel Caine's 'Weather Warden' titles in the past, it's not to late to begin with the new paperback Heat Stroke (0451459849, $6.99): while it's a follow-up to her prior Ill Wind, it requires no prior familiarity to prove instantly compelling. Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin was killed hunting down rogue Weather Wardens--and reincarnated into Djinnhood. Here she faces a new life with enhanced powers and the danger of being 'claimed' by a human manipulator. Her lessons as a Djinn lead to many frightening encounters--and eventual entrapment--as she feistily faces down dangers with a spirited character keeping Heat Stroke vivid. Judith Tarr's Rite Of Conquest (0451460022, $16.00) is historical fantasy at its best: for five hundred years the Saxons ruled England, but the old ways of magic are rising and William the Conquerer discovers his disregard for his own innate magical talents are keeping him from victory. It's up to a beautiful French noblewoman to train him --if he can resist her magic and love, in the process. Harry Turtledove's Days Of Infamy (0451213-076, $24.95) provides an excellent novel of alternate history: Turtledove's forte. The setting is an alternate Pearl Harbor--here an air invasion is followed by a land invasion, and the Hawaiian islands are captured by the Japanese. From the political implications of the islands' downfall to the Japanese intention of using Hawaii as a base to invade the mainland, Days Of Infamy enjoys a very realistic, captivating premise and high drama played out to the maximum.
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Title Annotation:Rite Of Conquest
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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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