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Enterotoxigenic methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus contamination in salted fish from Gwadar Balochistan/ Contaminacao de Staphylococcus aureus resistente a meticilina enterotoxigenica em peixes salgados de Gwadar Balochistan. Rashid, N.; Shafee, M.; Iqbal, S.; Samad, A.; Khan, S.A.; Hasni, M.S.; Rehman, Z.U.; Ullah, S.; Rehm Jul 1, 2022 4220
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jun 29, 2022 26719
Bristol-Myers announces data on COVID-19 vaccine responses in Zeposia patients. Jun 24, 2022 281
South African biotech company to develop first African-owned Covid-19 vaccine. Jun 23, 2022 490
South African biotech company to develop first African-owned Covid-19 vaccine. Jun 23, 2022 502
President Kagame: BioNTech Ground-Breaking Is a Historic Milestone Towards Vaccine Equity. Jun 23, 2022 947
South African biotech company to develop first African-owned Covid-19 vaccine. Jun 23, 2022 489
After cracking COVID-19, BioNTech hunts vaccine for cancer. Jun 22, 2022 669
The Potential Diagnostic Value of Immune-Related Genes in Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy after Kidney Transplantation. Yang, Bin; Shi, Dike; Chen, Yahong; Zhu, Yi Jun 17, 2022 7218
A Novel Necroptosis-Related lncRNA Signature for Predicting Prognosis and Immune Response of Glioma. Wu, Zhikang; Liu, Meimei; Fu, Jinlong; Li, Jinwei; Qin, Lingyao; Wu, Liuying; Chen, Hongmou; Yan, Xi Report Jun 16, 2022 6457
Association of Equiliberative Nucleoside Transporter (ENT) with liver fibrosis stage in Hepatitis-C. Jun 16, 2022 2668
circ-RANGAP1/MicroRNA-542-3p/Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Interacting Protein Axis Modulates the Osteosarcoma Cell Progression. Sheng, Jundong; Liu, Jin; Du, Junwang; Wang, Yongping Jun 14, 2022 4459
Role of Epigenetics in Modulating Phenotypic Plasticity against Abiotic Stresses in Plants. Dar, Fayaz Ahmad; Mushtaq, Naveed Ul; Saleem, Seerat; Rehman, Reiaz Ul; Dar, Tanvir Ul Hassan; Hakee Jun 14, 2022 10324
LNCRNA XIST Inhibits miR-377-3p to Hinder Th17 Cell Differentiation through Upregulating ETS1. Yao, Chen; Li, Chao; Liu, Zhijia; Xiao, Li; Bai, Hongwei; Shi, Bingyi Jun 14, 2022 3232
AIM ImmunoTech announces Netherlands Patent Office issued patent on Ampligen. Jun 13, 2022 304
HIF-1a Regulated WTAP Overexpression Promoting the Warburg Effect of Ovarian Cancer by m6A-Dependent Manner. Lyu, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Yilin; Wang, Yuhan; Luo, Yonghong; Ding, Huafeng; Li, Peiling; Ni, Guantai Jun 12, 2022 9831
lncRNA SNHG15 as a ceRNA modulates Osteoclast Differentiation, Proliferation, and Metastasis by Sponging miR-381-3p/NEK2 Axis. Wang, YiFan; Zhu, GuanYin; Pei, Fang; Zhao, ZhiHe Jun 12, 2022 5156
Polymorphisms of the DHCR24 Gene are Associated with Carcass and Fat Deposition in Chinese Simmental Steers. Ziyi, Pan; Iqbal, Ambreen; Zhen, Gao; Juan, Liu; Xibi, Fang; Ping, Jiang; Zhihui, Zhao Report Jun 11, 2022 2808
Transcriptome Analysis in the Fat Body of Two Silkworm (Bombyx mori) Strains with Different Susceptibility to Fenvalerate. Zhao, Guo-dong; Qian, He-ying; Zhang, Yi-ling; Li, Gang; Tang, Jian; Xu, An-ying Report Jun 11, 2022 3714
Review Article - Wildlife as a Source of SARS-CoV-2 Evolution-A Review. Abbasi, Muhammad Altaf Arshad Mahmood; Amjad, Muhammad Shoaib; Naseer, Sadia; Umair, Muhammad Report Jun 11, 2022 1882
Exosomal Circular RNA hsa_circ_0046060 of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Ameliorates Glucose Metabolism and Insulin Resistance in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus via the miR-338-3p/G6PC2 Axis. Cao, Minkai; Bu, Chaozhi; Zhang, Jingjing; Ren, Yongwei; Zhou, Guanlun; Chen, Chao; Han, Guorong Jun 11, 2022 10217
Integrated Bioinformatics Identifies FREM1 as a Diagnostic Gene Signature for Heart Failure. Jiang, Chenyang; Jiang, Weidong Jun 11, 2022 4969
Developing a Multimodal Model for Detecting Higher-Grade Prostate Cancer Using Biomarkers and Risk Factors. Velmurugan, Palanivel; Mohanavel, Vinayagam; Shrestha, Anupama; Sivakumar, Subpiramaniyam; Oyouni, A Report Jun 10, 2022 9975
Treatment of Cancer Gene Changes in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by Big Data Analysis Platform-Based Dasatinib. Song, Linlin; Li, Qi; Shi, Hui; Zhang, Pengxia Jun 10, 2022 5837
FDA Clears Thermo Scientific EliA RNA Pol III and EliA Rib-P Tests for Use in US. Jun 9, 2022 228
Anti HCV activity and expression inhibition of HCC markers by protein extract from Iberis gibraltarica/ Atividade anti-HCV e inibicao da expressao de marcadores HCC por extrato de proteina de Iberis gibraltarica. Bilal, M.; Bashir, H.; Ameen, R.; Sumrin, A.; Hussain, M.; Manzoor, S. Jun 9, 2022 5481
US experts recommend Novavax Covid-19 vaccine. Jun 8, 2022 589
Covid vaccine technology 'could hold the key to pancreatic cancer cure'; Pancreatic cancer claims 10,000 lives in the UK each year and is the most deadly form of common cancer, with nine out of 10 patients dying within two years of diagnosis. By, David Clark Jun 8, 2022 370
The Emerging Roles of circSMARCA5 in Cancer. Qin, Haoyu; Wan, Renhua Jun 7, 2022 7045
The Value of m5C-Related lncRNAs in the Prognostic Assessment and Immunotherapy of Stomach Adenocarcinoma. He, Chenxi; Zhu, Xinying; Kong, Fanting; Zhang, Xiaochong; Chai, Xiukun; Zou, Chunyan; Zhao, Dongqia Report Jun 7, 2022 7374
Identification of Small Nucleolar RNA SNORD60 as a Potential Biomarker and Its Clinical Significance in Lung Adenocarcinoma. Zhou, Hongwei; Yao, Yibing; Li, Yan; Guo, Nannan; Zhang, Huanhuan; Wang, Zhikuan; Chen, Yingtai Report Jun 7, 2022 4544
What biotech innovation needs. Jun 6, 2022 967
The Application of circRNA-016901 in Improving the Diagnostic Accuracy of Osteoarthritis. Du, Mingchang; Fan, Shiwen; Liu, Ye; Hao, Yifan; Guo, Jie Report Jun 6, 2022 3551
C-myc/TSPEAR-AS2 Axis Facilitates Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis in a GLUT1-Dependent Glycolysis Manner. Xu, Jian; Li, Tao; Zhang, Yang; Qiu, Donghai; Chen, Nan; Chai, Xupeng; Li, Peng; Li, Jia Report Jun 3, 2022 5409
What biotech innovation needs. Jun 3, 2022 1027
Blockchain Technology: Africa's Socio-economic advancement tool. Jun 3, 2022 1027
Preclinical Results Published Based on Novel Conjugate Technology That Facilitates Delivery of Short Interfering RNA to the Central Nervous System and Other Extrahepatic Tissues. Jun 3, 2022 689
SARS-CoV-2 Induces Expression of Cytokine and MUC5AC/5B in Human Nasal Epithelial Cell through ACE 2 Receptor. Lee, Sangjae; Na, Hyung Gyun; Choi, Yoon Seok; Bae, Chang Hoon; Song, Si-Youn; Kim, Yong-Dae Report Jun 2, 2022 4921
Identification of Crucial lncRNAs for Luminal A Breast Cancer through RNA Sequencing. Jia, Xinjian; Lei, Hai; Jiang, Xuemei; Yi, Ying; Luo, Xue; Li, Junyan; Chen, Yu Jun 2, 2022 6179
MiR-186-5p Downregulates NAMPT and Functions as a Potential Therapeutic Target for Sepsis-Induced Coagulation Disorders. Shen, Hao; Xie, Keliang; Peng, Min; Wang, Xiaoye Jun 2, 2022 3444
Development and Validation of a Novel PPAR Signaling Pathway-Related Predictive Model to Predict Prognosis in Breast Cancer. Xu, Yingkun; Shu, Dan; Shen, Meiying; Wu, Qiulin; Peng, Yang; Liu, Li; Tang, Zhenrong Jun 2, 2022 8873
Therapeutic effects of tofacitinib on pristane-induced murine lupus. Lin, Jiayi; Zhang, Yaqin; Wang, Meihua; Zhang, Yang; Li, Pin; Cao, Yingping; Yang, Xuwei Jun 1, 2022 4932
LncRNA ADAMTS9-AS1 knockdown suppresses cell proliferation and migration in glioma through downregulating Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling pathway. Zhou, Chunhui; Zhao, Hulin; Wang, Shuiwei; Dong, Chao; Yang, Fan; Zhang, Jianning Report Jun 1, 2022 4907
Attributes of intestinal microbiota composition and their correlation with clinical primary non-response to anti-TNF-[alpha] agents in inflammatory bowel disease patients. Alatawi, Hanan; Mosli, Mahmoud; Saadah, Omar I.; Annese, Vito; Hindi, Rashad Al-; Alatawy, Marfat; A Report Jun 1, 2022 5394
Six RNA binding proteins (RBPs) related prognostic model predicts overall survival for clear cell renal cell carcinoma and is associated with immune infiltration. Xing, Qianwei; Luan, Jiaochen; Liu, Shouyong; Ma, Limin; Wang, Yi Report Jun 1, 2022 7905
Effects of Acute Dengue Infection on Sperm and Virus Clearance in Body Fluids of Men. Mons, Joffrey; Mahe-Poiron, Dominique; Mansuy, Jean-Michel; Lheureux, Helene; Nigon, Delphine; Moina Report Jun 1, 2022 5538
Evaluation of Effects of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus on the Vestibular System by Using the Video Head Impulse Test. Karaca, Servet; Kalcioglu, M. Tayyar; Sargin, Fatma; Topcu, Merve Torun; Uzun, Lokman; Tekin, Muhamm Report Jun 1, 2022 5443
Correlation of TNF-[alpha], IFN-[gamma] and TGF-[beta] Expression with In-vitro Fertilization Success Rates in Women with Recurrent Implantation Failure Undergoing Treatment with Intra-lipid Infusion. Harby, Islam Khaled Ali; Ahmed, Ola Ibrahim; Zaki, Wafaa K.; Faris, Mohammed Ahmed; El-Deen, Noha Na Jun 1, 2022 4544
Antioxidant glutathione inhibits inflammation in synovial fibroblasts via PTEN/PI3K/AKT pathway: An in vitro study. Hao, Wen Ting; Huang, Lu; Pan, Wei; Ren, Yi Le Report Jun 1, 2022 4704
A Review of Next Generation Sequencing Methods and its Applications in Laboratory Diagnosis. Bhaskaran, Srivalsa; Saikumar, Chithralekha Jun 1, 2022 5103
Genes in Pharyngitis and Rheumatic Fever. Sujhithra, A.; Jayanthi, S.; Chokkalingam, M.; Danisvijay, D. Jun 1, 2022 5059
Evaluation of a Quantitative Taqman Real-Time PCR Assay to Measure Proviral load from Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 individuals. Elumalai, Suguna; Saikumar, Chitralekha; Tilton, Florida; Krishnasamy, Lakshmi Jun 1, 2022 3152
Molecular Study to Detect Escherichia coli in Diarrheic Children and its Antibiotic Resistance. Makhrmash, Jasim Hussein; Qaddoori, Ban H.; AL-Aidy, S.R. Report Jun 1, 2022 4790
Comparison of Symptoms and Antibody Response Following Administration of Moderna or Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines. Kelliher, Michael T.; Levy, Joshua J.; Nerenz, Robert D.; Poore, Bradley; Johnston, Abigail A.; Roge Report Jun 1, 2022 6725
Detection of Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii in Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis Using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and Sanger Sequencing on Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissues. Tariq, Hamza; Menon, Preethi D.; Fan, Hongxin; Vadlamudi, Kumari V.; Pandeswara, Sri Lakshmi; Nazaru Report Jun 1, 2022 4765
Takeda and Moderna to transfer SpikevaxTM Japan marketing authorisation to Moderna. Jun 1, 2022 265
Takeda and Moderna to transfer SpikevaxTM Japan marketing authorisation to Moderna. Jun 1, 2022 264
Increasing the Sensitivity of Leishmania RNA Virus 2 (LRV2) Detection with a Modification in cDNA Synthesis/Leishmania RNA Virüs 2 (LRV2) Saptanmasinda cDNA Sentezindeki Bir Modifikasyon ile Hassasiyetin Artirilmasi. Nalçaci, Muhammed; Karakus, Mehmet; Özbel, Yusuf; Özbilgin, Ahmet; Töz, Seray Jun 1, 2022 3464
Impact of Thermal Pretreatment of Saliva on the RT-PCR Detection of SARS-CoV-2. Morais, Orlando Miguel; Azevedo Alves, Manuel Rui; Fernandes, Paulo Alexandre da Costa Jun 1, 2022 5257
Identifying long non-coding RNAs and characterizing their functional roles in swine mammary gland from colostrogenesis to lactogenesis. Shi, Lijun; Zhang, Longchao; Wang, Ligang; Liu, Xin; Gao, Hongmei; Hou, Xinhua; Zhao, Fuping; Yan, H Report Jun 1, 2022 5663
Glycine alleviated diquat-induced hepatic injury via inhibiting ferroptosis in weaned piglets. Hua, Hongwei; Xu, Xiao; Tian, Wei; Li, Pei; Zhu, Huiling; Wang, Wenjun; Liu, Yulan; Xiao, Kan Report Jun 1, 2022 5805
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 31, 2022 14620
Takeda to Transfer Marketing Authorization for Spikevax COVID-19 Vaccine in Japan to Moderna. May 31, 2022 463
Overview on Cryptosporidium bovis and Its Effect on Calves in Some Governorates in Egypt. Abdelaziz, Amer R.; Tahoun, Amin; El-Sharkawy, Hanem; Abd El-Salam, Moustafa M.; Alorabi, Mohammed; May 31, 2022 4698
CircSND1/miR-182-5p Axis Promotes Proliferative and Invasive Abilities of Thyroid Cancer via Binding Targeting MET. Wang, Dongliang; Zhang, Shuilong; Li, Dewei; Wang, Qiang; Xiao, Zhifu; Zhang, Yuhang May 30, 2022 6447
Classification of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer to Predict Prognosis of Patients Treated with Immunotherapy. Wang, Zhifeng; Li, Xiqing; Wang, Xiaoqing; Liu, Jie; Wang, Lingdian; Wei, Wei; Duan, Xiaoyu May 30, 2022 6734
Nestin Regulates Keap1-Nrf2-HO-1-Mediated Antioxidant Responses during Stress and Malignant Hematopoiesis. Lu, Chunjuan; Wei, Jin Report May 28, 2022 3888
Solute Carrier Family 35 Member F2 Regulates Cisplatin Resistance and Promotes Malignant Progression of Pancreatic Cancer by Regulating RNA Binding Motif Protein 14. Zhang, Shuxian; Li, Qingqing; Yuan, Huixiao; Ren, Ling; Liang, Xuyang; Li, Shouying; Lv, Shengxiang May 27, 2022 3186
Nanoemulsion and Encapsulation Strategy of Hydrophobic Oregano Essential Oil Increased Human Prostate Cancer Cell Death via Apoptosis by Attenuating Lipid Metabolism. Perumalsamy, Haribalan; Shanmugam, Rajeshkumar; Kim, Jun-Ran; Anandapadmanaban, Gokulanathan; Huq, M May 26, 2022 5944
Deoxyschizandrin Inhibits the Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Bladder Cancer Cells through ALOX5 Regulating PI3K-AKT Signaling Pathway. Chi, Baojin; Sun, Yao; Zhao, Jintao; Guo, Yugang May 25, 2022 4647
DCAF12 and HSPA1A May Serve as Potential Diagnostic Biomarkers for Myasthenia Gravis. Nong, Weidong; Huang, Fang; Mao, Fengping; Lao, Dayuan; Gong, Zhuowei; Huang, Wen Report May 24, 2022 6015
Maravai's TriLink BioTechnologies announces cooperative agreement with DoD. May 24, 2022 186
Differential Regulation of NK Cell Receptors in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Lee, Le Jie; Hassan, Norfarazieda; Idris, Siti Zuleha; Subbiah, Suresh Kumar; Seow, Heng Fong; Mohta May 23, 2022 9128
Comprehensive Pan-Cancer Analysis Reveals the Role of UHRF1-Mediated DNA Methylation and Immune Infiltration in Renal Cell Carcinoma. Pan, Xiao; Li, Caiqin; Cai, Yanqun; Wu, Susu May 23, 2022 7416
Association of Human Intestinal Microbiota with Lifestyle Activity, Adiposity, and Metabolic Profiles in Thai Children with Obesity. Visuthranukul, Chonnikant; Sriswasdi, Sira; Tepaamorndech, Surapun; Joyjinda, Yutthana; Saengpanit, May 20, 2022 9612
Alterations of the Gut Microbiome in Chinese Zhuang Ethnic Patients with Sepsis. Yu, Jieyang; Li, Hongping; Zhao, Jingjie; Huang, Yanhua; Liu, Chunlei; Yang, Pengfei; Lu, Dinggui May 20, 2022 4751
M2-Macrophage-Derived Exosomes Promote Meningioma Progression through TGF-ß Signaling Pathway. Fu, Xiao-Hong; Li, Jian-Ping; Li, Xue-Ying; Tan, Yan; Zhao, Min; Zhang, Shao-Fu; Wu, Xue-Dong May 20, 2022 7456
Identification of Three Prognosis-Related Differentially Expressed lncRNAs Driven by Copy Number Variation in Thyroid Cancer. Tian, Jinyi; Luo, Bin May 20, 2022 6416
Pathogenic Process-Associated Transcriptome Analysis of Stemphylium lycopersici from Tomato. Zhang, Dezhen; Chi, Wenjuan; Wang, Cuicui; Dai, Huijie; Li, Jintang; Li, Chunlei; Li, Fajun Report May 20, 2022 7677
Overall Structural Alteration of Gut Microbiota and Relationships with Risk Factors in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome Treated with Inulin Alone and with Other Agents: An Open-Label Pilot Study. Tian, Ruiping; Hong, Jiahui; Zhao, Jingjie; Zhou, Dengyuan; Liu, Yangchen; Jiao, Zhenshan; Song, Jia May 19, 2022 5921
Exosomes Derived from SW480-Resistant Colon Cancer Cells Are Promote Angiogenesis via BMP-2/Smad5 Signaling Pathway. Yang, Song; Yao, Lei; Wang, Xiaolong; Sun, Hao; Du, Chaogang; Song, Chengpeng; Fu, Jingyu May 19, 2022 5663
CircNRIP1 Exerts Oncogenic Functions in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma by Sponging miR-653-5p and Regulating PBX3 Expression. Fu, Lijun; Huo, Jia; Fitrat, Habibullah; Kong, Yujing; Zhang, Lingyu; Shang, Chaoyang; Li, Guoquan May 19, 2022 5626
Altamira Therapeutics to divest, spin off all legacy assets by year-end. May 18, 2022 258
Combination of Oxalobacter Formigenes and Veillonella Parvula in Gastrointestinal Microbiota Related to Bile-Acid Metabolism as a Biomarker for Hypertensive Nephropathy. Li, Xin; Wang, Li; Ma, Shaojun; Lin, Shaohui; Wang, Chunyan; Wang, Haiya May 17, 2022 7957
Moderna announces research findings at Science and Technology Day. May 17, 2022 921
LINC01426 Triggers Growth and Metastasis of Lung Adenocarcinoma as a Prognostic Indicator. Deng, Youjun; Cai, Songhua; Liu, Wenyi; Yang, Chenglin; Guo, Xiaotong Report May 17, 2022 3792
Data demonstrates efficacy for Moderna's bivalent booster. May 16, 2022 641
Overexpression of TP53INP2 Promotes Apoptosis in Clear Cell Renal Cell Cancer via Caspase-8/TRAF6 Signaling Pathway. Li, Xunjia; Hu, Daixing; Li, Ying; Luo, Yan; Liang, Bing; Yu, Kexiao; Xiong, Weijian May 14, 2022 10316
Hypoxia Promotes Glioma Stem Cell Proliferation by Enhancing the 14-3-3ß Expression via the PI[sub.3]K Pathway. Cao, Weidong; Zhou, Qiang; Wang, Hongwei; Rao, Wei; Cheng, Gang; Wang, Peng; Guo, Shengli May 14, 2022 7584
Development of a Risk Score Model for Osteosarcoma Based on DNA Methylation-Driven Differentially Expressed Genes. Kang, Yuxiang; Li, Guowang; Wang, Guohua; Huo, Zhenxin; Feng, Xiangling; Du, Lilong; Li, Yongjin May 13, 2022 4823
A N[sup.7]-Methylguanine-Related Gene Signature Applicable for the Prognosis and Microenvironment of Prostate Cancer. Mei, Wangli; Jia, Xuyang; Xin, Shiyong; Liu, Xiang; Jin, Liang; Sun, Xianchao; Zhang, Jia-Xin May 13, 2022 6296
Maquat, Safina Named to ReviR Therapeutics Scientific Advisory Board. May 13, 2022 360
A Substance P (SP)/Neurokinin-1 Receptor Axis Promotes Perineural Invasion of Pancreatic Cancer and Is Affected by lncRNA LOC389641. Ji, Tengfei; Ma, Keqiang; Wu, Hongsheng; Cao, Tiansheng May 12, 2022 6242
hsa_circ_0001955 Promotes Colorectal Cancer Progression by Regulating miR-583/FGF21 Axis. Gao, Xuefeng; Yin, Junfeng; Yao, Ying May 11, 2022 5522
Isolation and characterization of bacteria associated with silkworm gut under antibiotic-treated larval feeding/ Isolamento e caracterizacao de bacterias associadas ao trato intestinal do bicho-da-seda sob alimentacao larval tratada com antibioticos. Javaid, A.; Hussain, M.; Aftab, K.; Malika, M.F.; Umar, M.; Iqbal, T. May 11, 2022 4807
Tracing probiotic producing bacterial species from gut of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis), South-East-Asia/ Rastreando especies bacterianas produtoras de probioticos de intestino de bufalo (Bubalus bubalis), sudeste da Asia. Khalil, T.; Okla, M.K.; Qahtani, W.H. Al-; Ali, F.; Zahra, M.; Shakeela, Q.; Ahmed, S.; Akhtar, N.; May 11, 2022 6407
Up-regulation of GINS1 highlighted a good diagnostic and prognostic potential of survival in three different subtypes of human cancer/A regulacao positiva de GINS1 destacou um bom potencial diagnostico e prognostico de sobrevivencia em tres subtipos diferentes de cancer humano. Ahmad, M.; Hameed, Y.; Khan, M.; Usman. M.; Rehman, A.; Abid, U.; Asif, R.; Ahmed, H.; Hussain, M.S. May 11, 2022 6420
Genetic variations and phylogenetic relationship of genus Uromastyx from Punjab Pakistan/Variacoes geneticas e relacao filgenetica do genero Uromastyx de Punjab, Paquistao. Malik, S.; Rashid, M.; Javid, A.; Hussain, A.; Bukhari, S.M.; Suleman, S.; Noor, R.; Husaain, S.; Is May 11, 2022 4064
Invivo and invitro evaluation of antitumor effects of iron oxide and folate core shell-iron oxide nanoparticles/ Avaliacao in vivo e in vitro dos efeitos antitumorais de nanoparticulas de oxido de ferro e oxido de ferro com nucleo de folato. Shosha, N.N.H.; Elmasry, S.; Moawad, M.; Ismail, S.H.; Elsayed, M. May 11, 2022 10961
DNAJA1 Stabilizes EF1A1 to Promote Cell Proliferation and Metastasis of Liver Cancer Mediated by miR-205-5p. Yi, Lizhi; He, Shunhui; Cheng, Zhengyu; Chen, Xi; Ren, Xiaoli; Bai, Yang May 9, 2022 5847
HOTAIRM1 Maintained the Malignant Phenotype of tMSCs Transformed by GSCs via E2F7 by Binding to FUS. Liu, Liang; Zhou, Yanling; Dong, Xuchen; Li, Suwen; Cheng, Shan; Li, Haoran; Li, Yongdong May 9, 2022 6000
SNORD15B and SNORA5C: Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers for Colorectal Cancer. Shen, Liping; Lu, Wenqing; Huang, Yujv; He, Junyan; Wang, Qi; Zheng, Xiaofei; Wang, Zhidong Report May 9, 2022 4982
Inhibitory Effect of Lotus Leaf-Enriched Flavonoid Extract on the Growth of HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells through the Expression of PI3K-Related Molecules. Li, Chong; Zhou, Zhanming; Long, Xingyao; Pan, Yanni; Wang, Rui; Chen, Xiufeng; Zhao, Xin Report May 9, 2022 5866
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Glabralactone, a Coumarin Compound from Angelica sinensis, via Suppression of TRIF-Dependent IRF-3 Signaling and NF-? B Pathways. Choi, Tae Jun; Song, Jayoung; Park, Hyen Joo; Kang, Sam Sik; Lee, Sang Kook May 9, 2022 6311
Assessment of zinc solubilization potential of zinc-resistant Pseudomonas oleovorans strain ZSB13 isolated from contaminated soil/ Avaliacao do potencial de solubilizacao do zinco da cepa ZSB13 de Pseudomonas oleovorans resistente ao zinco isolada de solo contaminado. Rehman, H.F.; Ashraf, A.; Muzammil, S.; Siddique, M.H.; Ali, T. May 8, 2022 4751
Comparative study on the distribution and expression of Neuroglobin and Hypoxia-inducible factor-1[alpha] in the telencephalon of yak and cattle/ Estudo comparativo da distribuicao e expressao de fator-1[alpha] indutivel por neuroglobina e hipoxia no telencefalo de iaques e bovinos. Du, X.; Mi, X.; Liu, X.; Manolo, J.B. May 8, 2022 6623
Detection of microorganisms with antibacterial activities from different industrial wastes and GC-MS analysis of crude microbial extract/ Deteccao de microrganismos com atividades antibacterianas de diferentes residuos industriais e analise por GC-MS do extrato microbiano bruto. Bano, S.A.; Naz, S.; Uzair, B.; Hussain, M.; Khan, M.M.; Bibi, H.; Habiba, U.; Nisa, S.; Israr, M. May 8, 2022 5851
Eugenol and its liposome-based nano carrier reduce anxiety by inhibiting glyoxylase-1 expression in mice/ Eugenol e seu nanocarreador a base de lipossoma reduzem a ansiedade ao inibir a expressao de glioxalase 1 em camundongos. Siyal, F.J.; Siddiqui, R.A.; Memon, Z.; Aslam, Z.; Nisar, U.; Imad, R.; Shah, M.R. May 8, 2022 4180
Expression analysis of transcription factors in sugarcane during cold stress/ Analise de expressao de fatores de transcricao em cana-de-acucar sob estresse por frio. Rehman, S.U.; Muhammad, K.; Novaes, E.; Que, Y.; Din, A.; Islam, M.; Porto, A.C.M.; Inamullah; Sajid May 8, 2022 6393
Genetic diversity and molecular characterization of Cucumber mosaic cucumovirus (CMV) subgroup II infecting Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) and Pea (Pisum sativum) in Pothwar region of Pakistan/Diversidade genetica e caracterizacao molecular do Cucumber mosaic cucumovirus (CMV) subgrupo II infectando espinafre (Spinacia oleracea) e ervilha (Pisum sativum) na regiao de Pothwar, Paquistao. Ahsan, M.; Ashfaq, M.; Riaz, H.; Khan, Z.; Hamza, M.Z.; Asada, Z. May 8, 2022 6540
Genetic similarities and phylogenetic analysis of Muntjac (Muntiacus spp.) by comparing the nucleotide sequence of 16S rRNA and cytochrome B genome/ Semelhancas geneticas e analise filogenetica de muntjac (Muntiacus spp.) comparando a sequencia de nucleotidos de rRNA 16S e genoma citocromo B. Khan, B.M.; Sabir, M.; Alyemeni, M.N.; Kaushik, P.; Saeed, M.; Raza, G.; Khan, K.A.; Habiba, U. May 8, 2022 3816
Gut dysbiosis, inflammation and type 2 diabetes in mice using synthetic gut microbiota from diabetic humans/ Disbiose intestinal, inflamacao e diabetes tipo 2 em camundongos usando microbiota intestinal sintetica de humanos diabeticos. Liaqat, I.; Ali, N.M.; Arshad, N.; Sajjad, S.; Rashid, F.; Hanif, U.; Ara, C.; Ulfat, M.; Andleeb, S Report May 8, 2022 9346
Identification by molecular techniques of halophilic bacteria producing important enzymes from pristine area in Campeche, Mexico/Identificacao por tecnicas moleculares de bacterias halofilicas que produzem enzimas importantes em area intocada de Campeche, Mexico. Can-Herrera, L.A.; Gutierrez-Canul, C.D.; Dzul-Cervantes, M.A.A.; Pacheco-Salazar, O.F.; Chi-Cortez, May 8, 2022 5276
Isolation and screening of chromium resistant bacteria from industrial waste for bioremediation purposes/ Isolamento e triagem de bacterias resistentes ao cromo de residuos industriais para fins de biorremediacao. Kalsoom; Batool, Afshan; Din, Ghufranud; Din, Salah Ud; Jamil, Johar; Hasan, Fariha; Khan, Samiullah May 8, 2022 4558
Molecular Epidemiology of Plasmodium species in Conflicted Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) Pakistan/ Epidemiologia molecular de especies de plasmodio em area tribal sob administracao federal em conflito do Paquistao. Nadeem, M.F.; Khattak, A.A.; Zeeshan, N.; Awan, U.A.; Alam, S.; Ahmed, W.; Gul, S.; Afroz, A.; Sughr May 8, 2022 5177
Molecular identification of genus Pipistrellus (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from Fata region, Pakistan/ Identificacao molecular do genero Pipistrellus (Mammalia: Chiroptera) da regiao de Fata, Paquistao. Idnan, M.; Javid, A.; Tayyab, M.; Hussain, A.; Mansoor, S.; Bukhari, S.M.; Irfan; Shahbaz, M.; Rehma May 8, 2022 3162
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The role of purslane in modulating diverse effects of high fat diet on biochemical, histological, and molecular parameters of rats' liver/ O papel da beldroega na modulacao de diversos efeitos da dieta rica em gordura nos parametros bioquimicos, histologicos e moleculares do figado de ratos. Mousa, A.M.; Taha, M.E.; ELdeighdye, Sh.M.; Kamal, A.M. May 8, 2022 5530
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KIF22 Promotes Development of Pancreatic Cancer by Regulating the MEK/ERK/P21 Signaling Axis. Zhang, Ruiyun; Ma, Li; Wei, Yucai; Wei, Kongkong; Song, Tianliang; Du, Zhixing; Feng, Zhijun Report May 6, 2022 4273
UVB-Induced Secretion of IL-1? Promotes Melanogenesis by Upregulating TYR/TRP-1 Expression In Vitro. Yang, Chun-Yan; Guo, Yanni; Wu, Wen-Juan; Man, Mao-Qiang; Tu, Ying; He, Li Report May 6, 2022 4977
Long-Term Environmental Enrichment Relieves Dysfunctional Cognition and Synaptic Protein Levels Induced by Prenatal Inflammation in Older CD-1 Mice. Zhang, Zhe-Zhe; Zeng, Li-Ping; Chen, Jing; Wu, Yong-Fang; Wang, Ya-Tao; Xia, Lan; Yang, Qi-Gang May 6, 2022 8638
Effectiveness of a COVID-19 Additional Primary or Booster Vaccine Dose in Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Nursing Home Residents During Widespread Circulation of the Omicron Variant--United States, February 14-March 27, 2022. Prasad, Namrata; Derado, Gordana; Nanduri, Srinivas Acharya; Reses, Hannah E.; Dubendris, Heather; W May 6, 2022 3061
CAPRIN1 Enhances Chemoresistance and Glycolysis in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma via Regulation of ZIC5. Zhang, Yubo; Zhang, Haizhong; Dong, Jinhui; Zhao, Pengxin; Hao, Fang; Han, Haixia; Bian, Yanrui May 5, 2022 6336
Overexpressed lncRNA LINC00893 Suppresses Progression of Colon Cancer by Binding with miR-146b-3p to Upregulate PRSS8. Zhu, Jing; Jiang, Chao; Hui, Hongxia; Sun, Yuan; Tao, Mingyue; Liu, Yangqing; Qian, Xiaoping May 5, 2022 7081
lncRNA-mRNA Expression Patterns in Invasive Pituitary Adenomas: A Microarray Analysis. Peng, Chao; Wang, Shuaikai; Yu, Jinxiu; Deng, Xiaoyi; Ye, Huiyu; Chen, Zhishan; Yao, Hongru; Cai, Ha Report May 5, 2022 6075
circZNF91 Promotes the Malignant Phenotype of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells by Targeting the miR-1283/WEE1 Axis. Li, Shaoting; Chen, Jing; Fan, Ying; Xu, Xiaoli; Xiong, Minjian; Qi, Yonglei; Wu, Wenlin; Zhao, Ying Report May 5, 2022 5303
Sign safety treaty prior to Moderna production, State told. May 5, 2022 428
Haya Therapeutics Receives Funding from Swiss Innovation Agency Supporting Research Collaborations for Long Non-Coding RNA Therapies. May 4, 2022 377
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 3, 2022 13997
The long-term outcomes and risk factors for precursor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia without specific fusion genes in Chinese children: Experiences from multiple centers. Zou, Pinli; Zhou, Min; Wen, Jinquan; Liao, Xin; Shen, Yali; Liu, Haiyan; Song, Lin; Xiao, Jianwen Report May 1, 2022 6443
The effect of COVID-19 vaccine on ovarian reserve. Soysal, Caganay; Yilmaz, Elif Report May 1, 2022 3480
Determination of Hepatitis E Virus in Sheep and Cattle by Serological and Molecular Methods DNA Sequences Analysis. Tonbak, Fadime; Atasever, Mustafa May 1, 2022 4442
Efficacy and Safety of Ombitasvir/Paritaprevir/ Ritonavir+Dasabuvir [+ or -] Ribavirin Combinations in Patients with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C and Inherited Bleeding Disorders. Sonsuz, Abdullah; Bozcan, Selma; Hatemi, Ibrahim; Ozdemir, Sebati; Canbakan, Billur; Yildirim, Suley May 1, 2022 4707
Cellular and Molecular Mechanism of Cell Proliferation in Human Gastric Cancer Drug-Resistant Cells After Hyperthermia and Cisplatin: Role of mRNAs and Long-Non-coding RNAs. Zadeh, Firoozeh Abolhasani; AkbariRad, Mina; Lian, HuoJun; Wei, Ying; Yang, Jing; Feng, Xiaoke; Akha Report May 1, 2022 5615
COVID-19 Vaccines: Community Myths Vs Facts. Syed Waqar Abbas, Syeda Fatimah Zareen, Shazia Nisar, Aliya Farooq, Abdul Rasheed and Muhammad Umer Apr 30, 2022 2392
EFFECT ON GENE EXPRESSION PROFILE OF HNRNPK KNOCKDOWN IN MOUSE GC-1SPG CELLS. H. Xu, Q. Han, Y. Wang, N. Chen, X. Cheng, S. Yu, C. Li, P. Zhang and Y. Xu Apr 30, 2022 3788
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Severe Multisystem Inflammatory Symptoms in 2 Adults after Short Interval between COVID-19 and Subsequent Vaccination. Jenny-Avital, Elizabeth R.; Howe, Ruth A. Clinical report Apr 30, 2022 2261
Lack of Evidence for Crimean--Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus in Ticks Collected from Animals, Corsica, France. Cicculli, Vincent; Maitre, Apolline; Ayhan, Nazil; Mondoloni, Stevan; Paoli, Jean-Christophe; Vial, Report Apr 30, 2022 2183
Cross-Variant Neutralizing Serum Activity after SARS-CoV-2 Breakthrough Infections. Tober-Lau, Pinkus; Gruell, Henning; Vanshylla, Kanika; Koch, Willi M.; Hillus, David; Schommers, Phi Report Apr 30, 2022 1534
Effect of homoharringtonine on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Osteosarcoma Cells via LINC00857/miR-340. Liu Junli; Yang Tongfang; Wu Lisheng Report Apr 30, 2022 3727
Adaptive Mutations in Nuclear Export Protein and Non-Structural 1 Protein of Avian Influenza A h9N2 Virus Circulating in Punjab, Pakistan. Irshad, Rehman Shahzad Saba; Mehmood, Malik Saddique; Amin, Faisal Report Apr 30, 2022 3717
Characterization of CLCN5 and Expression Profile under Low-Salinity Stress in Takifugu rubripes. Ye, Lin; Jiang, Jie-Lan; Xu, Jia; Liu, Rui-Ting; Tian, Yin-Qiu; Zang, Qing-Qing; Cao, Jia-Yi; Mao, M Report Apr 30, 2022 4384
Upregulation of PNCK Promotes Metastasis and Angiogenesis via Activating NF-? B/VEGF Pathway in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Chen, Xiaochuan; Weng, Youliang; Li, Ying; Fu, Wankai; Huang, Zongwei; Pan, Yuhui; Hong, Wenquan Apr 30, 2022 6559
Characterization of Immunogenicity of Malignant Cells with Stemness in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma by Single-Cell RNA Sequencing. Bian, Jing; Fu, Jianyang; Wang, Xin; Lee, Jihye; Brar, Gagandeep; Escorcia, Freddy E.; Cam, Maggie Apr 29, 2022 8538
Lessons from COVAX could help vaccine equity. Apr 28, 2022 859
Moderna files for authorization of COVID-19 vaccine in young children. Apr 28, 2022 306
CureVac reports Q4 revenue EUR 41.2M vs. EUR 6M last year. Financial report Apr 28, 2022 171
LncRNA MBNL1-AS1 Represses Proliferation and Cancer Stem-Like Properties of Breast Cancer through MBNL1-AS1/ZFP36/CENPA Axis. Ding, Yu; Li, Yingjie; Duan, Yunqiang; Wang, Wan; Zheng, Wei; Cheng, Weilun; Qi, Yuan Apr 26, 2022 7705
Association of Low Expression of NUMB in Peripheral Blood with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Meng, Heyu; Li, Lihong; Ruan, Jianjun; Chen, Yanqiu; Yan, Zhaohan; Liu, Jinsha; Li, Xiangdong Apr 26, 2022 5323
Discovery of New Therapeutic Targets for Osteosarcoma Treatment Based on Immune-Related lncRNAs in the Tumor Microenvironment. Fu, Ribin; Hong, Xiaofang Report Apr 26, 2022 6432
Emerging Roles of FTO in Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Chang, Rui; Huang, Zeyi; Zhao, Size; Zou, Ju; Li, Yukun; Tan, Sijie Report Apr 26, 2022 9715
circ-0007707/miR-429/PDGFD Pathway Regulates the Progression of Gastric Cancer by Modulating the Immune-Gene Signature. Yang, Yang; Kang, Weibiao; Yuan, Yu; Duan, Chen; Chen, Wei; Yu, Changjun Apr 25, 2022 6845
PATZ1 Induces Apoptosis through PUMA in Glioblastoma. Tao, Xiang; Zhang, Ge; Liu, Junhui; Ji, Baowei; Xu, Haitao; Chen, Zhibiao Apr 25, 2022 5189
Gut Microbiome Characteristics in Mothers and Infants According to the Presence of Atopic Dermatitis. Sung, Myongsoon; Choi, Yujin; Park, Hyunjoon; Huh, Chul Sung Report Apr 23, 2022 5538
Essential m[sup.6]A Methylation Regulator HNRNPC Serves as a Targetable Biomarker for Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma. Wu, Jiajin; Wei, Yuang; Miao, Chenkui; Wang, Songbo; Wang, Xiaoyi; Wang, Zengjun Apr 23, 2022 9248
CircFOXM1 promotes the proliferation, migration, invasion, and glutaminolysis of glioblastoma by regulating the miR-577/E2F transcription factor 5 axis. Fan, Xuhui; Liu, Meng; Fei, Li; Huang, Zhihui; Yan, Yufeng Report Apr 23, 2022 6131
Role of the Long Intergenic Non-Protein-Coding RNA 1278/miR-185-5p/Cystatin SN Axis in Laryngeal Cancer Cells. Shen, Bin; Ding, Haibin; Ye, Yanyan; Luo, Baozhen Apr 21, 2022 4033
Construction and Validation of Angiogenesis-Related Prognostic Risk Signature to Facilitate Survival Prediction and Biomarker Excavation of Breast Cancer Patients. Xu, Yingkun; Peng, Yang; Shen, Meiying; Liu, Li; Lei, Jinwei; Gao, Shun; Wang, Yuan Apr 20, 2022 8493
Mechanism of RNA circHIPK3 Involved in Resistance of Lung Cancer Cells to Gefitinib. Zhao, Yi; Zhang, Caiming; Tang, Haibo; Wu, Xiaomin; Qi, Qiugan Report Apr 19, 2022 5364
Moderna says bivalent booster candidate neutralizing titers superior against VOC. Apr 19, 2022 363
High-Throughput Sequencing Reveals CXCR4 and IGF1 Behave Different Roles in Weightlessness Osteoporosis. Wang, Dong; Li, Weihang; Ding, Ziyi; Shi, Quan; Zhang, Shilei; Zhang, Zhuoru; Liu, Zhibin Apr 18, 2022 5668
Diet-Induced Obesity Promotes Liver Metastasis of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma via CX3CL1/CX3CR1 Axis. Sun, Yue; Zhang, Xiao-Xin; Huang, Shan; Pan, Hong; Gai, Yan-Zhi; Zhou, Yao-Qi; Zhu, Lei Apr 18, 2022 6611
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SPOP Inhibition of Endometrial Carcinoma and Its Clinicopathological Relationship. Zhu, Qing; Zhang, Guanghui; Tang, Mingyang; Zheng, Rumin; Gan, Huaiyong Apr 15, 2022 5821
Protective Effects of Feruloyl Oligosaccharides from Fermented Wheat Bran against Oxidative Stress in IPEC-J2 Cells In Vitro and in a Zebrafish Model In Vivo. Zhang, Jia; Chen, Qiuyan; Wang, Yuan; Wang, Ruxin; Wang, Ruifang; Hao, Xiran; Zheng, Yue Apr 14, 2022 5327
Gut Microbiota Variations between Henoch-Schonlein Purpura and Henoch-Schonlein Purpura Nephritis. Zhou, Fang; Shao, Qimin; Jia, Lihong; Cai, Chunyan Apr 14, 2022 3657
Oral S2-Ag85 DNA Vaccine Activated Intestinal Cell dsDNA and RNA Sensors to Promote the Presentation of Intestinal Antigen. Sheng, Dang; Xin, Sui; Dongxing, Wu; Shubo, Wen; Yang, Song; Zeliang, Chen; Jingbo, Zhai Apr 13, 2022 5202
ProQR Therapeutics to prioritize genetic eye diseases, RNA editing technology. Apr 13, 2022 209
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 12, 2022 13889
Altamira Therapeutics targets FDA IND in 2023 for PoC study of AM-401. Apr 12, 2022 198
Prediction of Prognosis and Recurrence of Bladder Cancer by ECM-Related Genes. Zhao, Hongfan; Chen, Zihao; Fang, Yunze; Su, Mingqiang; Xu, Yipeng; Wang, Zhifeng; Gyamfi, Michael A Apr 12, 2022 8722
Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals the Interaction of Injected ADSCs with Lung-Originated Cells in Mouse Pulmonary Fibrosis. Rahman, Mamatali; Wang, Zhao-Yan; Li, Jun-Xiang; Xu, Hao-Wei; Wang, Rui; Wu, Qiong Apr 11, 2022 6032
Wharton's Jelly-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells with High Aurora Kinase A Expression Show Improved Proliferation, Migration, and Therapeutic Potential. Kim, Sun Jeong; Park, Sang Eon; Jeong, Jang Bin; Oh, Shin Ji; Choi, Alee; Kim, Yun Hee; Choi, Suk-jo Apr 11, 2022 8589
CircLATS2 Regulates miR-520a-3p/E2F7/p-VEGFR2 Signaling Pathway to Promote Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression and Angiogenesis. Wu, Yefeng; Yuan, Jianmao; Tu, Zhengbin; Chen, Huahua Apr 11, 2022 5283
Screening and Validation of Significant Genes with Poor Prognosis in Pathologic Stage-I Lung Adenocarcinoma. Deng, Yujie; Chen, Xiaohui; Huang, Chuanzhong; Song, Jun; Feng, Sisi; Chen, Xuzheng; Zhou, Ruixiang Apr 11, 2022 8755
CureVac and GlaxoSmithKline in pandemic preparedness contract with Germany. Apr 11, 2022 246
Thousands of new viruses discovered in the ocean. Apr 11, 2022 376
Increased B Cell-Activating Factor Expression Is Associated with Postoperative Recurrence of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps. Zhang, Fang; Xu, Zhenhang; He, Xi; Sun, Yi; Zhao, Chong; Zhang, Jianhui Apr 8, 2022 5341
SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant Infection in 10 Persons Within 90 Days of Previous SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant Infection--Four States, October 2021-January 2022. Roskosky, Mellisa; Borah, Brian F.; DeJonge, Peter M.; Donovan, Catherine V.; Blevins, Lynn Zanardi; Apr 8, 2022 2120
Everest Medicines signs memorandum of understanding to partner with China Resources Pharmaceutical. Apr 7, 2022 275
Everest Medicines signs memorandum of understanding to partner with China Resources Pharmaceutical. Apr 7, 2022 274
HDT Bio Demonstrates RNA Vaccines Matched to SARS-CoV2 Variants Protect Against Infection of Upper Airways, Important for Preventing Transmission. Apr 6, 2022 480
Transcriptome Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis of Ovarian Tissues from Pomacea canaliculata in Guangdong and Hunan. Liu, Jing; Li, Jian; Wang, Zhi; Yang, Hua Apr 6, 2022 4254
KAT6B May Be Applied as a Potential Therapeutic Target for Glioma. Liu, Yingzi; Duan, Xiaoyang; Zhang, Chunyan; Yuan, Jiangwei; Wen, Junpeng; Zheng, Cuihong; Shi, Jian Apr 6, 2022 4313
Expression Profiles of HOXC6 Predict the Survival of Glioblastoma Patients and Correlate with Cell Cycle. Li, Zhen-Hang; Ma, Yue; Zhou, Yan; Huang, Zhen-Hua Apr 6, 2022 6879
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 5, 2022 14748
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Apr 5, 2022 14922
Effect of FLOT2 Gene Expression on Invasion and Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer and Its Molecular Mechanism under Nanotechnology and RNA Interference. Zhong, Chonghan; Zheng, Fangfang; Ye, Shanping; Gao, Gengmei; He, Penghui; Liu, Dongning Report Apr 4, 2022 7248
Prediction of Survival Rate and Chemotherapy Effect by an Immune Score Model in Colorectal Cancer. Liu, Siyao; Wang, Zhengjian; Ntim, Michael; Han, Jingrun; Jiang, Xutao; Fang, Chuanfa; Xu, Caiming; Report Apr 4, 2022 7589
Identification of Key CircRNAs Related to Pulmonary Tuberculosis Based on Bioinformatics Analysis. Yuan, Qin; Wen, Zilu; Yang, Ke; Zhang, Shulin; Zhang, Ning; Song, Yanzheng; Chen, Fuxue Report Apr 4, 2022 6008
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Inhibit the Effects of Dexamethasone in Multiple Myeloma Cells. Deng, Mingyang; Yuan, Huan; Peng, Hongling; Liu, Sufang; Xiao, Xiang; Wang, Zhihua; Zhang, Guangsen Apr 4, 2022 5759
CircINTS4 Facilitates Chemoresistance of TNBC by Competitively Binding miR-129-5p/POM121 Axis. Tang, Qian; Zhou, Feidu; Yang, Chuanguang; Dai, Jue; Li, Jintao; He, Yanxian Apr 4, 2022 6270
Drugs and diseases. Dr M. Qudrat-e-Khuda Apr 4, 2022 325
Drugs and diseases. Dr M. Qudrat-e-Khuda-Karachi Apr 4, 2022 330
Therapeutic Effects of Edaravone on Azoospermia: Free Radical Scavenging and Autophagy Modulation in Testicular Tissue of Mice. Novin, Mahsa Ghaffari; Alvani, Mohammadamin Sabbagh; Balani, Mohammadreza Mafi; Aliaghaei, Abbas; Af Apr 1, 2022 5411
Vaccine-Associated Measles Encephalitis in Immunocompromised Child, California, USA. Costales, Cristina; Sahoo, Malaya K.; Huang, ChunHong; Guimaraes, Carolina V.; Born, Donald; Kushner Clinical report Apr 1, 2022 1323
New data on the morphology of the Mekong blind sole (Typhlachirus elongatus) indicating the need for a revision of the genus. Evseenko, Sergei A.; Bolshakov, Dmitry V.; Bolshakova, Yana Yu.; Kopylov-Guskov, Yuri O.; Gordeeva, Apr 1, 2022 7996
Association of Gallbladder Wall Thickening and Haematocrit Values with Severity in Patients of Dengue Fever. Singh, Sanjay; Saxena, G.N.; Singh, Davinder; Gupta, Deepak; Shoaib, Mohammed; Neelam Report Apr 1, 2022 2923
Durability of Antibody Response and Frequency of SARS-CoV-2 Infection 6 Months after COVID-19 Vaccination in Healthcare Workers. Laing, Eric D.; Weiss, Carol D.; Samuels, Emily C.; Coggins, SiAna A.; Wang, Wei; Wang, Richard; Vas Report Apr 1, 2022 2923
Recurrent SARS-CoV-2 RNA Detection after COVID-19 Illness Onset during Pregnancy. Griffin, Isabel; Woodworth, Kate R.; Galang, Romeo R.; Burkel, Veronica K.; Neelam, Varsha; Siebman, Report Apr 1, 2022 2286
Streptobacillus notomytis Bacteremia after Exposure to Rat Feces. Kawashima, Akira; Kutsuna, Satoshi; Shimomura, Akira; Sato, Lubna; Ando, Honami; Tanikawa, Tsutomu; Clinical report Apr 1, 2022 1409
HDT Bio Corp doses first healthy volunteer with COVID-19 RNA vaccine, HDT-301. Mar 30, 2022 207
HDT Bio Corp doses first healthy volunteer with COVID-19 RNA vaccine, HDT-301. Mar 30, 2022 206
CureVac, GSK start clinical development of CV2CoV COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Mar 30, 2022 285
Amelioration of Ovalbumin-Induced Allergic Asthma by Juglans regia via Downregulation of Inflammatory Cytokines and Upregulation of Aquaporin-1 and Aquaporin-5 in Mice. Sharif, Mariam; Anjum, Irfan; Shabbir, Arham; Khurram Syed, Shahzada; Mobeen, Iqra; Hassaan Shahid, Mar 30, 2022 5191
Brachybacterium epidermidis Sp. Nov., a Novel Bacterial Species Isolated from the Back of the Right Hand, in a 67-Year-Old Healthy Woman. Boxberger, Manon; Magnien, Sibylle; Antezack, Angéline; Rolland, Clara; Makoa, Marine; La-Scola, Ber Mar 29, 2022 4400
Immune Infiltrates of m5C RNA Methylation-Related LncRNAs in Uterine Corpus Endometrial Carcinoma. Gu, Wen-Xiu; Chen, Yan; Wang, Wei Mar 29, 2022 5817
HDT Bio Doses First Healthy Volunteer in US Phase 1 Trial of Next Generation COVID-19 Variant RNA Vaccine. Mar 29, 2022 465
Identification of lncRNAs and Their Regulatory Relationships with mRNAs in Response to Cryptococcus neoformans Infection of THP-1 Cells. Gao, Rui; Yao, Guotai; Wang, Xiaolie; Wang, Yilin; Lin, Wenting; Teng, Liang; Wang, Yan; Jin, Yi; Wa Report Mar 26, 2022 6268
Effects of miR-363 on the Biological Activities of Eutopic Endometrial Stromal Cells in Endometriosis. Nai, Manman; Zhang, Yingying; Li, Lei; Jin, Yuxi; Li, Yangge; Wang, Luwen; Ren, Chenchen Report Mar 26, 2022 6042
Moderna reports vaccine efficacy of 37.5% in 2 to under 6 years group in study. Mar 23, 2022 434
Transcode Therapeutics publishes article in journal Cancers. Mar 23, 2022 217
Circular RNA TLK1 Exerts Oncogenic Functions in Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Acting as a ceRNA of miR-138-5p. Lu, Yan; Liu, Yao; Zhang, Ke; Jiang, Li Mar 22, 2022 3475
Impact of Vitamin C on Gene Expression Profile of Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines in the Male Partners of Couples with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss. Fesahat, Farzaneh; Norouzi, Efat; Seifati, Seyed Mohammad; Hamidian, Saeideh; Hosseini, Akram; Zare, Mar 22, 2022 4348
Ogt Demonstrated Conspicuous Clinical Significance in Cancers, from Pan-Cancer to Small-Cell Lung Cancer. Tang, Deng; Li, Guo-Sheng; Xu, Ruo-Xiang; Zhu, Si-Yi; Luo, Jing; Zheng, Jin-Hua; Liu, Jun Mar 21, 2022 7164
Prp19 Facilitated p21-Dependent Senescence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells. Yin, Jie; Zhang, Guang-Cong; Fang, Ying; Yu, Xiang-Nan; Liu, Tao-Tao; Dong, Ling; Shen, Xi-Zhong Mar 21, 2022 4275
Twist debuts synthetic RNA positive controls for Covid enclosed in capsules. Mar 21, 2022 180
hnRNPC Promotes Malignancy in Pancreatic Cancer through Stabilization of IQGAP3. Yang, Nannan; Liu, Lin; Liu, Xiaoyu; Chen, Yingjie; Lu, Jian; Wang, Zhongmin Report Mar 20, 2022 7198
The High Expression of Minichromosome Maintenance Complex Component 5 Is an Adverse Prognostic Factor in Lung Adenocarcinoma. Sun, Man; Wang, Tao; Zhu, Yonglin; Zhang, Yanmei; Zhu, Lichao; Li, Xiaoxiao Report Mar 20, 2022 6142
circSYPL1 Promotes the Proliferation and Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma via the Upregulation of EZH2 Expression by Competing with hsa-miR-506-3p. Lei, Da; Wang, Tao Mar 19, 2022 5638
Expression and Prognosis Value of the KLF Family Members in Colorectal Cancer. Huang, Zhongting; He, Haibin; Qiu, Feng; Qian, Hailong Mar 19, 2022 5644
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals files patent infringement lawsuits against Pfizer and Moderna over COVID-19 vaccines. Mar 18, 2022 198
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals files patent infringement lawsuits against Pfizer and Moderna over COVID-19 vaccines. Mar 18, 2022 199
Inflammatory Response-Related Long Non-Coding RNA Signature Predicts the Prognosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Li, Xinyu; Zhang, Shuqiao; Zhang, Shijun; Kuang, Weihong; Tang, Chunzhi Mar 17, 2022 5691
Identifying the Potential Role and Prognostic Value of the Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Pathway in Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma. Xin, Shiyong; Sun, Xianchao; Jin, Liang; Zhou, Zhen; Liu, Xiang; Li, Weiyi; Mei, Wangli Mar 17, 2022 11046
Exposure to a Pathological Condition May Be Required for the Cells to Secrete Exosomes Containing mtDNA Aberration. Vaidya, Manjusha; Sreerama, Sandeep; Gaviria, Mariana; Sugaya, Kiminobu Mar 17, 2022 6093
CALCRL Gene is a Suitable Prognostic Factor in AML/ETO[sup.+] AML Patients. Wang, Rongrong; Li, Miao; Bai, Yujia; Jiao, Yang; Qi, Xiaofei Mar 16, 2022 4141
The Diagnostic and Prognostic Values of HOXA Gene Family in Kidney Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Zong, Xiaofang; Fu, Juexiu; Wang, Ziyu; Wang, Qianying Mar 16, 2022 8156
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Secreted TGF-ß 1 Restores Treg/Th17 Skewing Induced by Lipopolysaccharide and Hypoxia Challenge via miR-155 Suppression. Xue, Ming; Zhang, Xiwen; Chen, Jianxiao; Liu, Feng; Xu, Jingyuan; Xie, Jianfeng; Yang, Yi Mar 12, 2022 8925
Overexpression of CISD1 Predicts Worse Survival in Hepatocarcinoma Patients. Lu, Tailiang; Li, Chenglong; Xiang, Cailing; Gong, Yongqiang; Peng, Wei; Chen, Chaowu Report Mar 11, 2022 6655
Moderna Signs MoU For $500m Drug Factory In Kenya. Mar 11, 2022 487
Different Airway Inflammatory Phenotypes Correlate with Specific Fungal and Bacterial Microbiota in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Yang, Rui; Zhang, Qiao; Ren, Zhidong; Li, Hong; Ma, Qianli Mar 11, 2022 6632
Multidimension Analysis of the Prognostic Value, Immune Regulatory Function, and ceRNA Network of LY6E in Individuals with Colorectal Cancer. Li, Ting; Liu, Weidong; Wang, Chun; Wang, Man; Hui, Wenjia; Lu, Jiajie; Gao, Feng Mar 11, 2022 6428
Identification and Genome Analysis of an Arsenic-Metabolizing Strain of Citrobacter youngae IITK SM2 in Middle Indo-Gangetic Plain Groundwater. Verma, Akshat; Murugan, Prem Anand; Chinnasamy, Hariharan Vedi; Singh, Abhas; Matheshwaran, Saravana Report Mar 10, 2022 11106
miR-1251-5p Overexpression Inhibits Proliferation, Migration, and Immune Escape in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma by Targeting NPTX2. Yue, Lin; Lin, Hualong; Yuan, Shaofei; Wu, Lili; Chen, Guangming; Wang, Jiaqi; Feng, Jieni Mar 10, 2022 4512
RNA-Binding Proteins and Alternative Splicing Genes Are Coregulated in Human Retinal Endothelial Cells Treated with High Glucose. Zhao, Hongran; Kong, Hui; Wang, Bozhao; Wu, Sihui; Chen, Tianran; Cui, Yan Mar 9, 2022 7265
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 9, 2022 23030
Circular RNA VANGL1 Facilitates Migration and Invasion of Papillary Thyroid Cancer by Modulating the miR-194/ZEB1/EMT Axis. Xiang, Yangfeng; Wang, Wendong; Gu, Jialei; Shang, Jinbiao Mar 8, 2022 3005
Statement on Ruto securing Moderna deal in US trip fake. Mar 8, 2022 292
Circular RNA RHOT1 Regulates miR-142-5p/CCND1 to Participate in Chondrocyte Autophagy and Proliferation in Osteoarthritis. Man, Gu; Yang, Haiwen; Shen, Kai; Zhang, Donghong; Zhang, Julin; Wu, Hao; Zhang, Hongyu Mar 8, 2022 5016
Effect of Different Polymerized Xylooligosaccharides on the Metabolic Pathway in Bifidobacterium adolescentis. Yao, Di; Wu, Mengna; Wang, Xiaoyu; Xu, Lei; Zheng, Xiqun Mar 7, 2022 6133
Downregulation of Circular RNA circPSD3 Promotes Metastasis by Modulating FBXW7 Expression in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Xie, Xuexia; Li, Haomin; Gao, Chongqing; Lai, Yiqi; Liang, Junjie; Chen, Zhiwei; Chen, Zheng Clinical report Mar 7, 2022 7611
Moderna to build Sh57bn Covid vaccine plant in Kenya. Mar 7, 2022 319
Moderna to set up vaccine plant in Kenya. Mar 7, 2022 576
Moderna to invest Sh57bn in vaccine plant in Kenya. Mar 7, 2022 584
Application of m[sup.6]A and TME in Predicting the Prognosis and Treatment of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Pei, Dongchen; Xu, Chaojie; Wang, Dong; Shi, Xiaoxue; Zhang, Yurui; Liu, Yi; Liu, Nan Mar 4, 2022 8816
Boosting COVID-19 vaccine production in Nigeria, others. Mar 3, 2022 663
Moving forward on goal to boost local pharmaceutical production, WHO establishes global biomanufacturing training hub in Republic of Korea. Mar 1, 2022 867
Identifying Inconclusive Data in the SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Diagnostic Using Nucleocapsid Phosphoprotein Gene as a Target. Klein, Raphael Contelli; Klein, Mary Hellen Fabres; Barbosa, Larissa Gomes; Knnup, Livia Vasconcelos Report Mar 1, 2022 4457
The Effects and Mechanisms of the Rapamycin-eluting Stent in Urethral Stricture Prevention in Rabbits. Zhang, Teng; Zhao, Wei; Ren, Tengzhou; Chen, Jie; Chen, Zhiwei; Wang, Yan; Cheng, Xiaoju; Wu, Jie; Y Report Mar 1, 2022 4149
Koronavirus Hastaligi-2019 Pandemisinde Ayirici Tanida Akilda Tutulmasi Gereken Hastalik: Kirim-Kongo Kanamali Atesi/Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Differential Diagnosis During the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pandemic. Tartar, Ayse Sagmak; Akbulut, Ayhan; Demirdag, Kutbeddin; Balin, Safak Ozer Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2022 2560
Synovial fluid niche promoted differentiation of dental follicle mesenchymal stem cells toward chondrogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis. Genc, Deniz; Kurkcu, Merve Sezer; Yigitturk, Gurkan; Gunaydin, Burcu; Elbe, Hulya; Aladag, Akin; Col Mar 1, 2022 7414
A case of myopericarditis following administration of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Morton, Zoey; Green, Danetta; Grisham, Matt Mar 1, 2022 2033
Fatal septic shock caused by Capnocytophaga canimorsus diagnosed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Bergon, Ludovic; Foissac, Maud; Riviere, Brigitte; Steinbach, Marie Isabelle; Catala, Bob; Khatibi, Clinical report Mar 1, 2022 2290
Prevalence, Genotypic Distribution and the Associated Risk Factors of Hepatitis C Infection in Pakistan Pediatric Patients. Numan, Muhammad; Jabbar, Mateen; Zafar, Aizza; Javed, Humera; Younas, Sonia; Abosalif, Khalid Omer A Mar 1, 2022 3760
Strategy to Configure Multi-epitope Recombinant Immunogens with Weightage on Proinflammatory Response using SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein (S-protein) and RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRp) as Model Targets. Barman, Nilesh; De, Arkajit; Paul, Joydeep; Haldar, Srijan; Bhattacharya, Arijit; Pal, Kuntal Mar 1, 2022 5289
Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria from Goat's Milk Potential Producer of Bacteriocin: Evidence from Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Veettil, Vajid Nettoor; Chitra, A. Vijaya Mar 1, 2022 5489
Effect of Bacteriocin (ALC102) of Enterococcus faecium GRD AA on Biofilm Forming Listeria monocytogenes MTCC 657. Krishna, Arya Radhakrishnan; Jayalekshmi, Swathy Krishna; Antony, Trisha Mary Pandipilly; Ramasamy, Report Mar 1, 2022 6327
Applicability of rpoB Gene for PCR-RFLP based Discrimination of Bifidobacterial Species Isolated from Human and Animal sources. Jena, Rajashree; Choudhury, Prasanta Kumar; Puniya, Anil Kumar; Tomar, Sudhir Kumar Mar 1, 2022 4561
In vitro Antibiosis of Chlorella vulgaris Extract against the Phytopathogen, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. Almalki, Mohammed A.; Khalifa, Ashraf Y.Z.; Alkhamis, Yousef A. Mar 1, 2022 3955
N-acyl Homoserine Lactone Mediated Quorum Sensing Exhibiting Plant Growth-promoting and Abiotic Stress Tolerant Bacteria Demonstrates Drought Stress Amelioration. Singh, Arpita; Chauhan, Puneet Singh Mar 1, 2022 8516
Comparative Silencing Effect of Different siRNA Fragments on Potato Virus X Coat Protein in Transient Transfection Assays. Khan, Anwar; Nosheen, Fareeha; Tabassum, Bushra; Adeyinka, Olawale Samuel; Shehzad, Khurram; Shahid, Report Feb 28, 2022 3616
Efficacy of Lipase-Producing, Wax-degrading Bacteria against the Solenopsis Mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley and the Striped Mealybug, Ferrisia virgata Cockerell (homoptera: Pseudococcidae) on Cotton. Arunkumar, Nagarathinam; Banu, Jainullabudeen Gulsar; Gopalakrishnan, Nagarajan; Prakash, Arkalgud H Report Feb 28, 2022 4274
Profiling of Apoptosis-Related Genes in Erythrocytes of Chickens Infected with Avian Influenza Virus (h9N2 Subtype). Qadir, Muhammad Farhan; Han Xin-Yu; Qiao, Meng-li; Cheng Qian-qian; Mangi, Raza Ali; Jahejo, Ali Raz Report Feb 28, 2022 4264
Effects of Uranium on the Antioxidant Responses of Chinese Oak Silkworm, Antheraea pernyi. Zhang Congfen; Liu Yingxiao; He Linfeng; Shi Fengjun; Yao Weitang; Luo Xuegang Report Feb 28, 2022 4465
Growth Arrest Specific Gene 6 Improved in vitro Maturation of Oocytes and the Development Potential of Porcine Embryo after Parthenogenetic Activation. Li Zhi-Peng; Shafique, Laiba; Rehman, Saif ur; Cui Kui-Qing; Lei, Xiao-Can; Lu Xing-Rong; Shi De-Shu Report Feb 28, 2022 4478
Maslinic Acid Protects against Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Retinopathy by Activating Nrf2 and Suppressing NF-? B. Alsabaani, Nasser A.; Osman, Osama M.; Dallak, Mohamed A.; Morsy, Mohamed D.; Al-Dhibi, Hassan A. Feb 28, 2022 9712
Biosynthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Produced by Phormidium ambiguum and Desertifilum tharense Cyanobacteria. Hanna, Amira L.; Hamouda, Hayam M.; Goda, Hanan A.; Sadik, Mahmoud W.; Moghanm, Farahat S.; Ghoneim, Feb 28, 2022 8604
T1AM Attenuates the Hypoxia/Reoxygenation-Induced Necroptosis of H9C2 Cardiomyocytes via RIPK1/RIPK3 Pathway. Wei, Bo; Zhao, Hanbing; Hu, Bailong; Dai, Lujun; Zhang, Guoning; Mo, Lili; Huang, Niwen Report Feb 28, 2022 3637
Recurrent SARS-CoV-2 RNA Detection after COVID-19 Illness Onset during Pregnancy. Feb 25, 2022 1453
World Health Organization Creating New COVID Global Training Center. Feb 24, 2022 309
PGM1 and ENO1 Promote the Malignant Progression of Bladder Cancer via Comprehensive Analysis of the m6A Signature and Tumor Immune Infiltration. Zhao, Jinglin; Huang, Shu; Tan, Dingji; Yang, Kaiqing; Chen, Mingyue; Jia, Xiongfei; Mao, Xiaoqin Feb 24, 2022 7632
WHO hints at Indonesia to be vaccine production hub: Thohir. Feb 24, 2022 482
Comprehensive Analysis of HOX Family Members as Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Markers for Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Jin, Zhipeng; Sun, Dongxu; Song, Mengying; Zhu, Wenjing; Liu, Huayuan; Wang, Jianping; Shi, Guangjun Feb 23, 2022 7352
World Health Organization Creating New COVID Global Training Center. Feb 23, 2022 309
World Health Organization Creating New COVID Global Training Center. Feb 23, 2022 307
World Health Organization Creating New COVID Global Training Center. Feb 23, 2022 309
COVID-19: WHO approves five more countries for vaccine production. Feb 23, 2022 592
A Simple Method to Detect SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater at Low Virus Concentration. Thongpradit, Supranee; Prasongtanakij, Somsak; Srisala, Supanart; Kumsang, Yothin; Chanprasertyothin Feb 22, 2022 5321
Covid booster effectiveness wanes after 4 months, CDC study shows. Feb 21, 2022 338
Vaccine hub will help fight Covid-19 pandemic in Africa. Feb 19, 2022 499
WHO Names Nigeria among Six African Countries to Receive Technology for Production of COVID-19 Vaccine. Feb 19, 2022 756
Covid-19: WHO Picks Nigeria, Others For Vaccine Production. Feb 19, 2022 1341
Big pharma tried to scuttle Africa bid to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines locally. Feb 19, 2022 1660
Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal Partner BioNTech to Produce Vaccines. Feb 18, 2022 516
President Cyril Ramaphosa: WHO Press Conference. Feb 18, 2022 684
Nigeria, 5 other African countries to begin COVID vaccine production. Feb 18, 2022 404
President Cyril Ramaphosa: WHO Press Conference. Feb 18, 2022 684
UN health body names 6 African nations set to receive COVID vaccine technology. Feb 18, 2022 606
COVID-19: Nigeria, five other African countries get WHO approval for vaccine production. Feb 18, 2022 1000
Nigeria, Egypt, 4 Other African Countries To Begin COVID Vaccine Production. Feb 18, 2022 413
Nigeria makes list of 6 countries to get technology to produce Covid-19 vaccines. Feb 18, 2022 610

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