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RMed, Arco settle 'Fibersorb' suit: Arco sells Fibersorb business.

The ongoing legal battle between RMed International, Delta, CO, Arco Chemical, Newtown Square, PA, and National Felt, Easthampton, MA, that began back in September 1991 has finally been settled. Although the suit was scheduled to go to trial on three separate occasions in the past two years, the matter was officially settled out of court on May 19. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed; the original claim by RMed had been for $50 million.

RMed International, manufacturer of "Tushies" baby diapers, had sued Arco Chemical, manufacturers of "Fibersorb" superabsorbent fiber and National Felt, which produced diaper pads with the Fibersorb material, alleging that the two suppliers failed to disclose that the material could release a potent toxin when wet. RMed spent more than $1 million to develop and market the diaper and was forced to pull it off the market as a result of the Fibersorb problem. According to a recent article in Springfield (MA) Union News (May 20, 1993), National Felt was absolved of any liability under the settlement.

RMed plans to begin producing its Tushies and "Tendercare" diapers again, with the line expected onstream in the next six to eight months.

In a related story, Arco Chemical has sold the Fibersorb technology to Camelot Technologies, Leominster, MA. Camelot will resume the marketing and manufacturing of the superabsorbent polymer; it has also contracted for fiber manufacturing assets from DuPont, Wilmington, DE. The company will use DuPont technology to manufacture the superabsorbent fiber, although more specific details on the process were not available. In terms of basic technology, Camelot has stated that it will only fine tune the existing process; no major modifications are planned. The next generation of the fiber is expected in early 1994, although no location for the superabsorbent production has yet been set. Personal hygiene, industrial and medical fabric, cable wrap and specialty packaging applications are among the targeted applications.
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Title Annotation:RMed International, Arco Chemical, Fibersorb superabsorbent fiber
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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