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RMC Research and Education Foundation.

RMC Research and Education Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini and Charles Pankow Foundation Executive Director Anne Ellis are leading this month's "Women in the Industry" webinar, continuing dialog they initiated at "Women Building Amazing," a Command Alkon 2018 Elevate conference breakout session. Among topics they will discuss are challenges of being a woman on the job; applying for construction jobs; double standards and gender pay gap; and, how women and men complement each other in the workplace.

The Elevate session, notes Command Alkon Marketing Communications Specialist Karli Langer, demonstrated "that this conversation is important to our industry, and there is support from both women and men to break free from stereotypes and promote diversity in the construction workforce." At a Bureau of Labor Statistics-measured 9 percent, she adds, women's limited construction workforce representation has contributed to a struggle to recruit and retain female workers.

Separately, the Pankow Foundation's latest grant will help fund a project, "Foundation Mats with High Strength Steel Reinforcement," under principal investigator Jack Moehle, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Project findings stand to further validate the case for elevated rebar strength thresholds in American Concrete Institute and model building code language. The $230,000 grant will cover an investigation scheduled to run from January 2019-January 2021, and yield interim reports on test beams plus numerical modeling, followed by a final report assessing the use of Grades 80 and 100 reinforcing steel in seismic and non-seismic applications. Joining the Pankow Foundation as research allies are the ACI Foundation and Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Education and Research Foundation.

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Date:Apr 1, 2019
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